Affiliate Disclosure believes in having 100% transparency and accountability in all its dealings. We believe in providing you links for products and services which we ourselves would use, and hence we have provided a disclosure statement so that you can understand our dealings in a better way.

New rules were added in the Disclosure Compliance in the year 2015 by the Federal Trade Commission which was meant to make the viewer or the audience know whether a piece of content was sponsored by a particular company. When it comes to an article or a blog, the reader must know where the blog is coming from and whether it is sponsored by someone or not.

Affiliate Links

Simply put, affiliate links are the external links of a particular product that are provided on a website. We at provided 100% genuine affiliate links for your ease of purchase. When you click on an affiliate link, you are redirected to the main website from where the link and the product have been taken. Hence, you will ultimately be buying the product directly from the seller without the presence of any middleman.

Another important point to note is that there is no change or increase in the price of the product whatsoever. You get the product at its listed price and no extra charges are levied. Hence, you can be sure of not paying more than what is meant for a particular item.

Amazon Affiliate Links

We at take our products from Amazon, and hence we use the amazon affiliate links. We are enrolled in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This program has been designed for websites and online marketplaces that aim to earn money mostly by advertising a particular product or service which has been listed on

For each sale of a product via an affiliate link, Amazon pays a certain sum of money to the Affiliate Marketer or the website on which the affiliate link was mentioned. Hence, this exercise supports our earnings without levying any extra charges on you.

A blogger or an affiliate marketer and write about a product or review it, and then put a link of the product which will take you to the place where the product was originally listed (in our case it is Amazon).

Once a person reading the blog clicks on the link and actually buys the product (and not just browses through it), the blogger is paid a small amount of money by Amazon. Besides this, even if you click on the link, browse through Amazon, and buy some other product, the blogger will get a small amount of money in the form of commission.

What Is A Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is the one where the blogger or the website owner gets the money directly from the company whose product the blogger is writing about. Companies usually pay bloggers to write reviews for a particular product or service for advertisement and brand awareness purposes and to drive sales. Again, since these links are not “pay per click”, you won’t be shedding any extra amount in buying the product.

In case a post is sponsored, the fact is mentioned at the beginning or at the end of the post.

How To Recognize An Amazon Affiliate Link?

An amazon affiliate link looks like this: (short URL) or….

Hence, you can easily identify it anywhere.

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