Best Headphones For Metal Detecting In 2021

Want best headphones for metal detecting? If yes, then here you have stopped on the right page. Today, we will review the best headphones for metal detecting in 2021.

After running a different type of durability and other tests on around 20 different models, we have made a list of top three products that come under the category of best headphones for metal detecting.

Our test was based on how many ratings the headphones get according to various features like comfort, durability, compatibility, extra features, and budget. Among all, we found Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow Headphone to be the best performing headphone for metal detecting and comes under our editor’s choice.

It has excellent sound quality, decent length, comfortable fit, and adjustable volume. For the best overall headphone for metal, detecting is Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL metal detector headphone. It produces clear sound even at low volumes, has a long cord, comfortable pad, and extremely durable.

Reviews Of Best Headphones For Metal Detecting.

Reviews Of Best Headphones For Metal Detecting

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Best Headphones For Metal Detecting - Comparison Table:


Check detailed reviews and comparison of best headphones for metal detecting in the section below:

#1. KOSS UR20- Best Cheap Headphones For Metal Detecting.

KOSS UR20- Best Cheap Headphones For Metal Detecting

KOSS UR20 Headphones for metal detecting has been highly praised by every hunter as it gives excellent performance at an affordable range. This set of headphones has treble clarity and profound bass benefits. Moreover, you are very well able to distinguish between the sound quality. As a result, you can know which metal you have detected in seconds.

Plus, the product also helps to keep the outside noise to a minimum. The product has an 8-foot-long cable which is a great advantage for most treasure hunters. It allows the detectorist to put it down to pinpoint, dig and grab the finding.

The product also contains a sling headband that is simple in design, works efficiently, and is pretty convenient. The design is very much helpful in conditions when you want to put one cup on and the other one on the side to listen to the surrounding sounds. For instance, the voice of bandits, wolves, or stalkers.

However, the only downfall that we found in the product is that it has no adjustable volume. But if you have a metal detector with volume control, then this issue won’t be a problem for you.

  • Maximum durability
  • Long 8-foot cord
  • Lightweight
  • Budgeted price
  • High performing
  • Sling headband
  • No volume control


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Highlighted Features
  • Frequency Response - 18Hz-24kHz and Impedance - 16 ohms
  • High fidelity stereophone utilizes neodymium rare earth magnet and 16 micron mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity
  • Flexible headband with sling allows for easy, single sided listening and maximum durability
  • Straight, single-entry, 8-foot cord for home and portable use
  • Includes 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch stereo plugs for home and portable use
  • Perfect for deejay use



Bottom line

Apart from the problem that it has no volume control, it is a great deal for many detectorists. The product offers maximum durability, has a long cable up to 8-foot, and comes at a budget price. Moreover, it also has a clear sound quality for accurate treasure distinction. Overall speaking, it is the best cheap  headphones for metal detecting.

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#2. Garrett Submersible Headphones- Best Waterproof Headphones For Metal Detecting.

Garrett Submersible Headphones-

If you are a professional underwater metal hunter and looking for specialized headphones in the market, this one is the perfect choice for you. It is a top-performing headphone with extreme compatibility.

This Garrett submersible headphones for metal detecting comes with the latest technology, making it a top choice for the one who loves technology. It is not only wireless but also supremely comfortable.

Moreover, you can submerse this headphone for up to 200 feet. The snug blue cups, which you can see on the headphones, keeps the water out, allowing you to hear the signal clearly. Furthermore, it also enables you to hear even the weakest and faint signals to identify the deep, lost treasure.

The headphone also offers a long coiled cord to make it very easy for you to handle it below the waves and hunt freely. However, the one drawback about the product is that it has no volume control function.

Additionally, the headphone is very well compatible with machines like Garrett AT Max, ATX, Sea Hunter Mark II, or AT Pro.

You do need to take tension about the headphone being wet because they are specifically designed to use underwater. So, you can submerge it both in fresh and saltwater.

  • Coiled cord
  • Depth up to 200 feet
  • Adjustable
  • Padded ear cups
  • Submersible
  • No Volume control


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Bottom line.

To sum up, it the best waterproof  headphones for metal detecting which you can submerge up to 200 feet. The performance does not get hampered underwater no matter the water is fresh or salty. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and lets you listen to even the faintest sound. Thus, letting you find the deeply lost treasure underwater.

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#3. Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphone- Best Bounty Hunter Headphones For Metal Detecting.

Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector headphone

Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL headphones for metal detecting is slightly expensive but offers plenty of features. The product is perfectly designed to produce a clear and loud sound. So you do not have to worry about missing any tone because it lets you hear even the faintest one.

Moreover, the leather band that covers your head is also padded for extra comfort. The earpiece is also padded and covers your ears completely to block out external noise.

Also, the headphone has a fair weight of only 12.8 ounces which is relatively light and comfortable for whole day usage. Plus, the product also has an individual volume control on both earpieces and produces genuine stereo sound. You also get a switch to change the mode to mono.

Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL headphones for metal detecting has a jack of ¼ inch and a 1/8-inch adapter for easy handling. And the cord is coiled, so you do not waste time untangling it. You can easily stretch it to maneuver freely in any part of the area.

The product comes under the top choice if you’re looking for a headphone with excellent sound, comfort, and easy-to-use features. It also offers its users sturdiness and reliability, making it the best bounty hunter metal detector headphones.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Block background noise
  • Full volume control
  • Expensive


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Highlighted Features
  • Compatible with Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors excluding Bounty Hunter Junior
  • Utilizes a 1/4-inch stereo plug
  • Headphones extend metal detector battery life
  • Padded for comfort



Bottom line.

On an overall basis, it is the best headphones for metal detecting that is lightweight, comfortable and has a clear sound. You can trust the durability of the product, but it is slightly costlier than other products. Moreover, the ear cup and the headband is perfectly padded for extra comfort, allowing you to use them for long hours. Thus if you can increase your budget a little, this product is worth buying.

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Buying Guide- How to choose Best Headphone for Metal Detecting?

Buying Guide- How to choose Best Headphone for Metal Detecting

Here are the factors and features that you should consider before buying any headphones for metal detecting. Explore all the factors one by one in the section below:


The foremost thing that you need to consider in your headphone is compatibility. In other words, the headphone you are buying should be compatible to your metal detector. However, in some cases, you can purchase a metal detector headphones adapter separately to use the headphone with the metal detector.

It is advisable to buy the headphone of the same brand as of the metal detector. For example, if you buy a Garrett metal detector’s headphones, go for Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow headphones. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best headphones for fisher metal detectors, you should go for KOSS UR20 headphones.


Another important thing that you need to look for is durability. Obviously, if you plan to buy a metal detector headphone, you don’t want to replace it in the near future. You want the headphone to last as long as your metal detector does.

For the reason, the first thing to check is the cord of the headphones. Look whether it is flimsy or pull out. It is always advisable to buy a headphone that features a 90-degree plug as it reduces the stress and can handle hard pulling.

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Also, make sure the headphone is made of a high-quality cushion to avoid breakage into bits and pieces when used for a long time.


If you are a professional metal detector and usually go for metal hunting for a continuous long hour, then you need a headphone metal detector that is extremely comfortable. This is because you need to wear it continuously for 2 to 3 hours in the field. And for that detector need to be aiding and comfortable to the ears.

Some model feels comfortable while you wear it while others are very discomforting when worn for a long time. So make sure the padding on the headphone is of good quality and tight.

And if the main thing that you are looking for in your headphone is comfortable and lightweight, then go for Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL metal detector headphone.

Added features.

The recent launch headphones are coming with extra added features like Bluetooth, which allows you to use the headphone without any wire. When using standard headphones, you generally face the problem of time lagging.

In other words, there is a difference in time between hearing response and the location of the target, which is very annoying to many professional hunters. So if you want to buy the best wireless headphone for metal detecting, then go for Deteknix W3 Wire-free headphones.

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It is a well-known fact the more you pay, the more feature you will get in your metal detecting headphones. So if you are a learner, then go for a budgeted headphone with basic features. But as you grow your skills, you will need multi-feature headphones with good sound quality and extra added specifications. However, the best cheap metal detector headphone you will get is KOSS UR20.

Final Words.

Our editor’s pick is Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones, the best headphones for metal detecting with volume control. It is the best set of headphones you can have at a reasonable price with clear sound, adjustable volume, good quality pad, and decent length. It also provides an excellent fit to people with a large head.

We have got Bounty Hunter HEAD-PH headphones for metal detecting at the runner-up position, which is perfect for professional level hunting. It is lightweight, incredibly adjustable, provides full volume control, and block disturbing background noises, which is very annoying for many hunters.

For the budget-friendly option, you can choose KOSS UR20 headphones for metal detecting. It is the best affordable option you can get with uncompromised performance. It offers its user the benefit of long cable, external noise cancellation feature, extended cable, and lightweight. Thus a high demanding product among various metal detectorists. Thanks for reading this post on To explore more such products stay tuned with us.