Best Teeth Whitening Kits | Buying Guide

Want to buy the best teeth whitening kit? Here are the top 9 teeth whitener kit tested reviews with pros, cons, and buying guide. Read on this review and buying guide till the end to find the safe, effective, and best value teeth whitening kit.

We have explored dozens of teeth whitening products, researched all the facts, and done a lot of other things before coming up with the best teeth whitening kit reviews post. So, read the reviews and teeth whitening kit buying guide to buy the right one today with us.

A Quick Intro To Teeth Whitener Kits And Their Need!!

Best Teeth Whitening Kits Buying Guide

The discoloration of the enamel of the teeth is a common condition that arises in millions of people. People who take proper care of their dental hygiene also face the discoloration condition of the enamel due to various factors. Moreover, the basic cause of enamel discoloration is the aging of the teeth.

For smokers, the age of the teeth deteriorates at a faster pace. The weakened teeth become vulnerable to stains from drinks or food easily. Apart from the dental hygiene factors, tooth discoloration also puts an adverse impact on self-confidence and destroys the smile of a person completely.

To help the people come out of such a situation, teeth whitening ideology was proposed to the people to bring back the lost shine of their teeth. There are several different teeth whitening remedies to help serve the purpose. Earlier the only process was to visit a dentist and pay a fee every time you want to get your teeth whitened. But now there are several best teeth whitening kits made available by the top brands that help you get white and bright teeth right at the comfort of your own house.

Top 9 Best Teeth Whitening Kits Reviews

#9. Opalescence Go 15% Teeth Whitening Trays 

Opalescence Go 15% Teeth Whitening Trays 

Opalescence is one of the top-selling brands that has to offer a mint-flavored 10-piece pack of teeth whitening trays. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to use. You just need to place the tray inside your mouth and let it function accordingly.
Not only that, but the presence of Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate reduces the cause of sensitivity in your teeth and gums. Moreover, it also strengthens the enamels and fights the tooth decaying conditions.

The availability of hydrogen peroxide in an ample quantity states whether it is the best teeth whitening kit or not. In this case, the product consists of hydrogen peroxide in the legit quantity that plays a major role in whitening your teeth.
All these products come with an expiry date. So, make sure you check the description and highlights properly before finalizing your purchase.

  • It is very pleasant and reliable to use without any hassle.
  • This whitening kit also helps cure bleeding gum cases for users.
  • Dentists also recommend this product.
  • This product can be used even with the braces on.
  • Does not stick to teeth efficiently at extremely high or low temperatures.
  • It takes time to show positive results.
  • Instructions available are slightly complex.

#8. Opalescence GO Teeth Whitening Trays Toothpaste Kit

Opalescence GO Teeth Whitening Trays Toothpaste Kit

Opalescence has multiple products that are capable of being listed on the top 9 best-selling products. This product is also considered as one of the best-LED teeth whitening kits that also has a complementary toothpaste available with it by Opalescence.

If you intend to get a bright smile with white teeth, then Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening Trays along with the toothpaste is the must select product for you. The hydrogen peroxide content is around 15% that ensures efficient cleaning of the teeth.
This pack of teeth whitening kits consists of 10 uppers as well as lower prefilled trays. As per the suggestion by the dentists, people need to wear it for at least 20 minutes to get the best results from it.

Moreover, the toothpaste available with this pack is of cool mint flavour that helps you keep the teeth surface clean on brushing regularly and also strengthens the gums.

  • Deals perfectly with sensitivity conditions of the teeth.
  • Dental professionals recommend using this product.
  • It has 15% of Hydrogen Peroxide contents.
  • The price is comparatively lower than other products.
  • Biting too hard will cause pain in gums.
  • It has complex usability.
  • It takes time for the mould to stick to the teeth.

#7. Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

The Zero Glow products are considered the best-LED teeth whitening kit. This product includes three syringes filled with teeth whitening gels. Each of the syringes consists of 3ml of the gel. Along with that, you will also get an LED light cleaning device and moldable trays for biting.

With the use of this product, you need not move out of your house anymore, as you can get the pure white cleaning of your teeth right inside your home premises.

The process of getting your teeth whitened with the use of this Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Kit is considered to be the best due to its reliability and convenience of use.

You just need to keep the tray in your mouth along with the gel in it and give it the LED light illumination through the device provided, and the cleaning process begins instantly. These kits are destined to remove all types of robust stains from the teeth, including stains of smoking, coffee, or tea.

  • It has a faster cleaning process.
  • It is a successful home remedy to save dentist expenses.
  • This product removes tough stains off the teeth.
  • The trays are very much comfortable on teeth.
  • Pressing it too hard between teeth might hurt the gums.
  • The price is slightly higher for this product.
  • The tray does not fit perfectly to all mouths.

#6. Viebeauti Teeth Whitening Kit 5X LED Light

Viebeauti Teeth Whitening Kit 5X LED Light

Viebeauti offers the best at-home teeth whitening kit with an LED light integration technique. This product is considered one of the best amongst this range because of the presence of 5 LEDs that works effectively in breaking down the robust stains.

As per the product information, there are four syringes of teeth whitening gel available with the pack, and does not need much effort in using them. The dentists have graded this product to have around 35% of the Carbamide Polymer in the whitener gel. This proves the efficacy of this product is giving you white teeth in no time.

But as per the expert suggestions, you need to spare thirty minutes time from your busy day to commence with three rounds of 10 minutes each to get the lost bright smile back.

Not only teeth whitening, but it also strengthens the enamel and eradicates the cause of sensitivity in the teeth and the gums. Now, you do not have to think before eating hot or cold food items anymore. Get cleaner teeth with no sensitivity in the roots with the best teeth whitening kit by Viebeauti.

  • The tray size fits all mouths.
  • FDA approves it.
  • Best for sensitive gums and teeth.
  • It has high quality LED.
  • It hurts the gums as a result of usage.
  • The instructions are a bit too complex.
  • The improper placing of the trays might scratch the gums.

#5. Crest 3D White Brilliance + Whitening Two-step Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Brilliance + Whitening Two-step Toothpaste

The Crest 3D White Brilliance is a kind of polishing treatment for the teeth. It cleans 99% of the stains off the teeth within four weeks of continuous use. This product consists of two toothpaste solutions that are used together to get productive results as per the expectations.

Use the first toothpaste solution to clean your mouth thoroughly and freshen your mouth. The second toothpaste solution consists of a whitening gel that brings back a bright smile. In short, the two-step teeth whitening solution consists of cleansing toothpaste along with a whitening solution or finisher.

Though it is different from other such kits but is also effective on high scales due to which it has bagged the sixth number on the list of top 10 best teeth whitening kits. One-minute brushing with either toothpaste is enough to bring back your lost smile. The 2-minute cleaning process makes it more convenient for users to implement this cleaning solution.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides deep cleansing of the teeth and gums.
  • It is a 2-minute daily brushing process to attain white teeth.
  • It freshens the mouth and kills bad smells causing bacteria.
  • A tingling feel is observed.
  • Might cause slight irritation to the gums.
  • It gives rise to dry mouth at times.

#4. Viebeauti Teeth Whitening Kit

Viebeauti Teeth Whitening Kit

The teeth whitening solutions are evolving with time to make them more reliable and convenient for people to use. Viebeauti is therefore evolving its products and is now providing the same efficient teeth whitening through a whitening pen.

This pack of Viebeauti Teeth Whitening pens consists of 2 pieces, and each can be used more than 20 times. Moreover, these teeth whitening pens are easy to carry around during travel and are very easy to use. They are capable of removing several robust stains off the teeth, including stains of smoking, tobacco, and others.

This product demands you to use it only for one minute daily to get super-fast whitening results. The dentists claim that on consecutive usage you will find up to 8 shades brighter teeth.

In addition to that, it also cures your sensitivity issues in the gums and also strengthens the enamel. It is the best at-home teeth whitening kit that is not at all expensive and does not include any harmful chemical content in it.

  • It is very safe as well as gentle for regular use.
  • The price is quite affordable for all buyers.
  • It has a durable twist mechanism for covering each tooth.
  • It is easy to carry during travel.
  • Slight irritation might be experienced.
  • Pressing it hard might cause pain in the gums.
  • The taste of these pens is not appreciated.

#3. Cali White Teeth Whitener Kit

Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit

Cali White is offering a gluten-free and certified tooth whitening kit to help the users get rid of the robust stains off their teeth. You will be able to notice up to 8 shades of brighter teeth within seven days of regular use of this kit.

This pack consists of whitening gel syringes, an LED cleaning device,s and teeth trays. Moreover, this product consists of 35% of Carbamide Peroxide Formula that provides the explicit whitening effect. Not only that, but it also consists of low sensitivity serum that helps the users to come out of their teeth or gum sensitivity conditions.

Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit is one of the best-LED teeth whitening kits that is powerful and efficient in serving its purpose. The company claims that this product quality surpasses the efficiency of the whitening strips, toothpaste, and pens. The custom trays fit perfectly to the upper and lower bites.

  • It is free from Gluten contents.
  • It is purely vegan and is Non-GMO.
  • It comes with a case for storing the LED whitening kit.
  • This product is approved by dentists.
  • Inappropriate placement hurts the teeth.
  • Over usage of the whitening solution might cause gum irritation.
  • The price is slightly higher.

#2. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips 20 Treatments +

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips 20 Treatments +

Crest 3D White Professional Effects is yet another top-notch product that consists of 20 whitening strips for treating yellow and discolored teeth. Crest 3D white guarantees to remove stains that are even more than 14 years old to give a bright and attractive smile.

Like all Crest 3D products, this teeth whitening kit also has Advanced Seal Technology to help the strips settle down properly on the jaws and allows you to drink water or talk comfortably during those 30 minutes of the cleaning process.

These White strips are recommended by the dentists as well as they believe that the ingredients used in the making of this product include the right amount of Peroxide contents that make it an ideal whitening solution.

Moreover, the company assures that you will experience whiter teeth in just three days of use. This is a 20 days treatment and is one of the best on this list in terms of quality.

  • It removes year-long stains on the teeth.
  • It is comparatively faster than other solutions.
  • The effect lasts for a long time for more than a year.
  • It allows you to comfortably drink water even with the strips on.
  • Slightly higher price but worth the features.
  • Unclear instructions on the box.
  • It does not sit perfectly on the wet teeth.

#1. Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

The Auraglow Teeth Whitening kit bags the first position in the list of the best whitening solutions. This product introduces an accelerator LED light that increases the pace of the teeth whitening process. In addition to that, the LED lights available in this kit have additional five bulbs for accelerated power.

Moreover, this teeth whitening kit by Auraglow comes with a timer beeper to help you stay aware of the session. There are two 5ml syringes that consist of a carbamide peroxide solution with a 35% concentration. This whitening gel is free from gluten contents and does not give rise to any kind of teeth sensitivity conditions.

You do not need to boil or mould the tray before using it as it is designed to fit in all sized mouths with comfort. It is efficient enough to remove wine, soda, smoking, and other such tough stains from the surface of the teeth.

  • See whitening results right after the first treatment.
  • It is safe for enamels.
  • It does not give pain or sensitivity issues.
  • It helps you get rid of plaque.
  • Burning Gum scenarios for some cases.
  • Using overtime can form ridges on teeth.
  • It causes drooling.

Teeth Whitener Kit Buying Guide

Teeth Whitener Kit Buying Guide

Follow this article till the end to get an idea to choose the best teeth whitening kit amongst all the top options offered to you by different brands. 

What Are Teeth Whitening Kit?

The main focus of recommending teeth whitening kits is to help people get a home remedy to take care of some aspects of their dental condition. Moreover, it will boost their self-confidence as they will be able to carry an attractive smile with them. The best teeth whitening kit can only be rated by its performance and its effective outcomes. 

For that, you need to know the perfect functioning mechanism of the teeth whiteners kits and their attributes. Most of the brands are putting emphasis on making the best teeth whitening kit above all by focusing on some important dental aspects. With the help of dental experts, the top brands study the efficiency of Enamel in maintaining the teeth’ color. 

Therefore, almost all teeth whitening kits available over the online or offline platforms are embedded with contents of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These two contents are approved by the medical experts to be implemented on the whitening kits to offer a safe whitening output. 

Why Should You Buy Teeth Whitener Kits?

The teeth whitening kits are remedies that will help you save time and money on your teeth whitening needs. Most of the brands claiming to offer the best at-home teeth whitening kit make sure that they are 100% safe from any kind of chemical use. For better rewarding benefits, you can take the help of your dentists to get a prescription for a particular set of teeth whitening kits that is possibly the best according to their knowledge. These kits put a strain on removing the robust upper layer of stain on the teeth to remove the discoloration effects and bring back the lost shine. 

The peroxide level is the key element that decides whether the teeth whitening kit is effective in giving bright white teeth or not. The top brands offering the best teeth whitening kit are making sure of maintaining a recommended level of peroxide in it to offer efficient teeth whitening without causing any adverse side effects. 

Moreover, the most efficient thing about buying the best teeth whitening kit is that you get faster results over dental practices. The whitening strips or toothpaste are considerably a faster remedy than others, and the whitening effects also last longer. With the right guidelines from the dentists and by following the instructions available with the teeth whitening kit, you can eventually make the results more effective and long-lasting. 

What Are The Benefits?

Here are some of the benefits that you will avail yourself on buying the best at-home teeth whitening kit from the top brands to help you come up with an attractive smile.

Better Appearance

Healthy teeth do not signify white teeth. For some instances, the teeth are not immune to damage due to the stains of different food or drinks. With time, these stains deteriorate the integrity of the teeth and start enamel discoloration. By using one of all the best (normal or LED) teeth whitening kits, you can ensure an enhanced appearance at the comfort of your house without the need of going to dentists with an appointment.

Saves Expenses

The second most important benefit of availing the teeth whitening kits is to avail relaxation on the money spent for availing white teeth. In comparison with the dental whitening practices, the teeth whitening kit offers almost the same results at a lesser price. Moreover, the results obtained from the teeth whitening kit are faster and also last for a longer time than usual measures. 

Builds Self Confidence

A smile represents a lot of your inner personality while you are at work or on a date. You need to carry your smile in the best attractive manner to help mark a positive impression all the time. By using the teeth whitening kit, you can make sure that your self-confidence stays up always without putting you in a situation to hide your smile. Moreover, in the work environment, a bright white smile indicates your efforts towards your appearance and personality. It puts a great impact on work life. 

Convenience of use

The teeth whitening kits are very convenient to use as they have ready-made trays to fit in custom mouth sizes along with treatment solutions. There are basic instructions stated with the teeth whitening kits that one needs to follow to execute the process without raising the risk of causing any side effects.

What Are The Side Effects Of These Kits?

Here are some of the side effects that you might experience while using a teeth whitening kit inappropriately:

Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity is one of the most common side effects of using the teeth whitening kit. The solutions used for whitening your teeth deteriorate the condition of sensitivity, and it increases with every session of treatment. The dentists recommend making use of solutions that consist of fluoride gel and potassium nitrate to help get rid of such sensitivity situations on implementing teeth whitening practices.

Gum Irritation

Gum irritation is also one of the common side effects when you make use of excessive treatment solutions for getting your teeth whitened. The trays need to be filled with the only adequate amount of solution to serve the purpose. Excessive use of it will put an adverse effect on the gums, and gingival irritation might trouble you. There are certain medications that will help you get rid of such irritations.


The inappropriate setting of the teeth whitening trays or putting more force for adhering it to the teeth can cause serious toothache in the process. Therefore, make sure you follow the instructions and apply adequate force to avoid painful situations. You can take help from dentists to guide you with the right process of placing the trays. 

How To Buy The Right Teeth Whitener Kit And What Factors to Consider? 

There are several online platforms that are dealing with the best teeth whitening kit to help the customers avail whiter teeth with fewer efforts at-home convenience. The top brands are also putting up attractive offers and reasonable rates to help put less strain on the pockets of the buyers. The brands that are offering teeth whitening kits get their products approved by medical experts to ensure the buyers about their quality. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before you decide on buying the best-LED teeth whitening kit amongst all other top products:

Dental Safety

Make sure that the products you buy are tested and approved by medical experts to help you come up with efficient results. The certification from the medical institutes ensures safety aspects without the risk of any side effects due to the use of these products. The top brands do attain certification from the FDA and other medical authorities to ensure the safety aspects of their teeth whitening kits.

Active Ingredients

Without the presence of active ingredients, you might face discomfort in your gums. Therefore, most teeth whitening kits make use of hydrogen peroxide that is clinically approved for the process of teeth whitening. Therefore, the presence of this active ingredient is very much essential in cleaning the stains off the surface of the teeth and will also prevent dental discoloration. Mostly all brands make use of these active ingredients, but still, you must make sure to be aware of the ingredients used in the product that you are buying.

Mouth Tray

Go for the teeth whitening kit that comes with custom mouth trays that fit perfectly on different mouth sizes. The mouth kits that do not fit well cause pain in the gums and might cause adverse effects in the teeth whitening process. Therefore, make sure you buy the teeth whitening kit from the brands that offer custom mouth trays to fit in comfortably.


Pricing is yet another factor that everyone must consider before they place their order online. Compare the top brands and check their prices along with their features and product quantity. Do not compromise on availing the product with less price tag by leaving the one that is more efficient in its features and results. You can go for a better product at a slightly higher price than the one that is less on features.


There are different types of teeth whitening kits available over the online platforms. Make sure you buy the one that is convenient for use without causing any hassles.

How Do You Use Teeth Whitening Kit And What’s The Teeth Whitening Procedure?

With the teeth whitening kit, you will get few syringes with the carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide solution. You need to inject it into the mouth trays available with the kit. After you fill the trays with the solution, you need to place it on your upper and lower jaws. Make sure you have brushed and flossed properly right before using the teeth whitening kit. 

You need to wear these tooth whitening trays for around one hour daily and continue it for at least a week or two. Keep in mind that you do not have to smoke, eat or drink anything while wearing these trays. Even after removing the trays, wait for around 30 minutes to have your food or drinks. Follow this procedure for up to one or two weeks and keep track of the results to see your bright smile back in form again.

Best Teeth Whitener Kits:  Frequently Asked Questions

Do teeth whiteners really work?

The teeth whiteners really do work as the presence of hydrogen peroxide is clinically proven to be the best ingredient that helps in removing the robust stains off the surface of the teeth.

Are home teeth whitening kits safe?

The home teeth whitening kits are completely safe as they are approved by medical experts and also comes with instruction manuals to help guide the people for better use. 

What do dentists use to whiten teeth?

The dentists make use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide for teeth whitening practices. Therefore, these ingredients are now used in the teeth whitening kits of all brands as well.

Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, of course, the yellow teeth can become white with the right kind of implementation of the best at-home teeth whitening kit. 

Do teeth whitening kits ruin your teeth?

No, it does not ruin your teeth or gums, but inappropriate usage without following the instructions might give rise to certain mild side effects. These side effects can be cured using appropriate medications.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening kits last?

As per the practical reviews, the effects of teeth whitening kits last for up to 3 years with proper maintenance of the teeth.

How much does it cost to have teeth whitened at the dentist?

It will cost you around $650 for getting your teeth whitened at the dentist. This price might go up depending upon the product the dentists use on your teeth.

Do home teeth whitening kits damaged teeth?

The home teeth whitening kits are clinically approved and have the certification of medical experts that ensures the safety factors of using the home whitening kits.

What is the safest teeth whitening method?

Using the home teeth whitening kits is one of the safest measures for getting clean and white teeth back. With appropriate use, there are no such harmful side effects of using these teeth whitening methods.

What happens if you swallow teeth whitening gel?

There is no such adverse effect or harm if you consume the teeth whitening gel by mistake during the cleaning process. 

Wrap Up

Here the list ends for the best teeth whitening kit. We hope you can buy the best whitening teeth kit to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading this post on To explore more products do follow us and stay tuned.