Best Shotgun Choke Tube Cleaner

It is mandatory for every hunter using the shotguns to use the chokes for proper shots with even and consistent pattern density. Even though the chokes help knock off the target with ease, one of the major problems the hunters face is cleaning these accessories. No matter how excellent the build is, chokes are meant to get clogged at one point in time due to the pellet residues, junks, or smog. Since you practically can’t hunt with a blocked choke barrel, it is essential to clean it. Here, we have reviewed three best shotgun choke tube cleaners of the best shotgun choke tube cleaner that are currently available in the market quickly.

Our Top 3 Best Shotgun Choke Tube Cleaners.

Best Shotgun Choke Tube Cleaners

You can read the detailed review of top 3 best shotgun choke tube cleaners in the section below.

#1. Shooter’s Choice SHTGN Choke Tube CLNR 12OZ Aerosol Choke Tube Cleaner.

Shooting the waterfowl birds with a stuck choke is not a solution. For this reason, having the choke, a cleaner is essential for every hunter using a shotgun with a choke tube. Since many hunters have expressed their concerns about a cleaning solution or spray’s effectiveness, Shooter’s Choice has taken it upon themselves to create one of the best cleaning solutions.

Protects against three main problems:

One of the significant problems that the choke tubes suffer from is rusting. Due to prolonged exposure to heat, moisture, and oxygen, the material can form rust over time. This is the best shotgun choke tube cleaner to prevent the formation of rust. Apart from this, the cleaning solution also helps in preventing excessive corrosion and pitting.

Easy to use cleaning solution:
It’s an aerosol spray, which is why you wouldn’t have any problem cleaning the choke tube. All you need to do is direct the muzzle in a proper direction such that it can clear the knurls, ports, and the entire length of the barrel.

Assures enhanced shot pattern:

With this choke tube cleaner, you will be able to fire the pellets in a way where the shot patterns will be even and consistent. This will ensure the perfect shot, no matter how difficult and stubborn the prey is.

  • It’s safe to use, and hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about contamination.
  • The shot patterns will be evened, which will ensure perfect kills.
  • With this spray, you can prevent corrosion, and hence the rusting process.
  • Choke’s longevity will be increased, thereby helping you to save money.
  • It’s straightforward to use, and hence, you wouldn’t have any problem protecting your choke.
  • It needs to be used after the everyday shoot, which can be a hectic job for many hunters.
  • It’s not within an affordable range, making it difficult for budgeted hunters to get the spray.

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#2. Slip2000 Choke Tube Cleaner Jar, 15-Ounce.

When you are using the shotgun choke, high chances are there that will show signs of corrosion and rust formation at some point in time. The continuous pellet shooting can also cause the bore and the pit to get clogged due to residue deposition. For this reason, you need to use this gun oil from Slip, which has become quite popular in the hunting market.

Helps to clean the automated gas pistons:

Even though automatic chokes are more efficient than the manual ones, they tend to get stuck quickly. It is the gas piston that needs occasional cleaning, and this is the best shotgun choke tube cleaner that you can get in the market for the same.

Removes the wad fouling from the bore:

When there is increased friction inside the barrel or when the barrel diameter is much less than the pellets’ diameter, you will face difficulty in the shooting. This will lead to the wad fouling, where you will find some black colored residues forming on the interiors. This can be prevented by using this particular shotgun choke cleaning solution.

Highly flexible for busy hunters:

It is more of a cleaning cream than a liquid. Hence, all you need to do is take a rug or cotton, dip it into the cleaner and use the same to wipe and scrub the choke. Due to this reason, the Slip 2000 choke tube cleaner is known to be a versatile solution.

  • You can prevent the accumulation of both carbon and plastic wad fouling inside the choke.
  • There will be no problem in shooting the pellets smoothly since the cleaner will prevent rust formation.
  • Since the cleaning agent smoothens out the inner surface, the friction can be reduced considerably.
  • This is an affordable solution, thus best for every hunter.
  • You don’t need a muzzle or a spray tube, thereby using it as per convenience.
  • Scrubbing should be done correctly as it has higher density and can form lumps if not wiped clean from the choke’s body.
  • It does not save the choke from pitting, which can cause problems in shooting later.

#3. Carlson’s Choke Tube Lube Choke Tube Cleaner.

Carlson is one of the most famous names in the hunting world. Hence, it’s quite expected that this particular company will establish the choke tubes’ best cleaning agent. This choke tube cleaning lube will help you ensure that the box’s lifetime is increased such that you won’t have to buy another piece any time sooner in the future.

Excellent cleaner for all type of chokes:

Carlson has made sure that you can use this cleaning solution for different types of choke tubes. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Winchester choke or a Carlson choke. This lube will help you to clean any line.

Enable the hunter to fire heavy shots quickly:

The lube is genuinely useful as a bore solvent, and hence, it will help remove all residues and rust particles from both outside and inside the barrel. Since the cleaning solution will make the insides smoother, you won’t have any problem firing the steel shots or the heavier pellets.

Easy application of the lube:

All you need to do with this lube is take the solution on a rag and gently wipe it on the choke tube’s outside surface. As for the insides, press the box so that the cleaning lube can reach the barrel’s inside and the threads. You can use a rag or a brush to clean the interiors.

  • With this choke tube cleaner, you will be able to reduce the bore’s friction, thereby ensuring perfect kills.
  • The pattern density of all choke tubes can be enhanced, and hence your hunting will also improve.
  • This solution’s application is straightforward, be it the outside of the barrel or the inside of the bore.
  • It’s compact and small in size. Hence you can carry it in your pants or one corner of the backpack.
  • This is compatible with all choke tubes, reducing your efforts to buy different choke solutions.
  • Since the lube is oily, you need to wipe it off repeatedly after the cleaning is complete.
  • It cannot remove hard residue deposition in case of carbon wad fouling.

Final verdict.

This article discussed the top three cleaning agents for your shotgun choke you will find in the market. However, not all have the same level of efficiency. For this reason, we have marked Shooter’s Choice cleaning agent to be the best shotgun choke tube cleaner. This is an aerosol spray, and hence, it’s water-based.

You won’t have to repeatedly wipe the solution from the choke’s surface to clean it thoroughly. Also, this particular solution will help you in preventing rust, corrosion, and again pitting. With such benefits, it will be best if you do not make any delay and immediately get this solution to hunting comfortably with a clean choke tube for your shotgun.

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