Best Vacuum Cleaner For Under $200

Are you in search of the best vacuum cleaner for under $200? I know it can be a “little” bit frustrating trying to find a vacuum suitable for your needs at a great price.

Going through the never-ending reviews of different vacuum cleaners without a breakthrough is a whole lot frustrating and not “little”. Hopefully, you have not gone through that stress before finding this guide.

Trust me, this review covers everything from the best-bagged canister to the best upright vacuum with bags, to best-corded stick, and the one best for pets.

Want to know which vacuum is best for you? Don’t skip a bit, you can’t afford to have your room unclean, neat freak or not.

Reviews Of Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200.

Reviews Of Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200

#1. Eureka 3670M Mighty Mite Canister Cleaner- The Best-Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

Eureka 3670M Mighty Mite Canister Cleaner- The Best-Bagged Canister

It is your best bet when you need an elegant new compact canister that will make cleaning the bare floor of your house easy.

Like you, I always find cleaning my house back-breaking until I started using this canister which is so easy to carry and control.

The best part? You can use this vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt in your car.

This lightweight canister will give you value for your money. You don’t need to worry about getting tired after cleaning your house because the vacuum weighs less than 9 pounds. What more do you want?

Highlighted Features
  • Dust bag capacity is up to 2.5 liters. Lightweight & Lifetable Conveniently: The lightweight vacuum cleaner at less than 9 lbs. allows you to carry it around the whole house.
  • Whole Home Cleaning: The lightweight vacuum cleaner at less than 9 lbs. allows you to carry it around the entire house.
  • Powerful Cleaning: The 10-amp motor provides continuous, powerful suction for deep cleanings.
  • Messy-free Dust Bag Replacement: With the replaceable the dust bag, collect dust and pet hair easily
  • Clean More than Carpet: With 2 extension wands and 2 specialty attachments, this vacuum can easily dust furniture, reach high ceilings, get under car seats and in crevices and corners where traditional upright vacuums can’t reach.
  • Picks large and small dirt
  • Get rid of pet hair
  • Comes with five dirtbags
  • Weigh less than 9 pound
  • Easy to empty the dust.
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Has 1-year warranty
  • It is plastic build


  • Whole-House Cleaning due to its extra-long cord you can clean a whole room, long hallway, or set of stairs without unplugging.
  • Lightweight and Convenient this vacuum can be carried around the house because it weighs less than 9 pounds. The blower port blows away debris and dust from garages, covered porches, or other outdoor spaces.
  • High Filtration Dust Bag with this pet odors get eliminated and allergy-causing pet dander gets captured.
  • Convenient Cord Storage to prevent tangles

What Reviewers Say:

  • A very versatile vacuum, according to some users. It is used for general cleaning of all sorts, cement floors, dust under furniture, couches, rugs, and quick pick up of dry spills in the kitchen.
  • The suction quality of the vacuum cleaner exceeds some users’ expectations. However, some users note that they can’t use this vacuum in the early morning for fear of waking neighbors due to the vac noise.
  • Some owners who have kitties in their house find this vacuum cleaner very reliable to clean cat litter from hardwood floors and tile.
  • Best for bare floor, hardwood floor, car, pet hair.
  • Not suitable for high pile carpet, low pile carpet.

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#2. Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner- The Best-Corded Stick.

Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum- The Best-Corded Stick.

Do you find cleaning your ceiling difficult? With this vacuum, you can easily convert it into a handheld for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

This canister also offers you fingertip controls that allow you to easily switch from carpet to hard floor cleaning. Awesome? Definitely!

When using this canister you have absolute control, you can easily maneuver around furniture and tight corners with its extra tools. And the feeling that comes with getting rid of dirt in our home with ease makes this canister worth every cent.

Highlighted Features
  • SHARK ROCKET PET CORDED STICK VACUUM: Ultra-powerful, corded cleaning on carpets and hard floors.
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Powerful pet hair pickup attachments like the pet-multi tool make cleaning pet hair a breeze.
  • SWIVEL STEERING: For excellent control and a low-profile design for under-furniture reach.
  • CONVERTS TO A HAND VACUUM: With the touch of a button, this stick vacuum cleaner transforms into a lightweight, portable handheld vacuum to take your cleaning above the floor, to tackle stubborn pet hair, and to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Easily hang the handheld vacuum from the hook on the bottom of the wand.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT VERSATILITY: At under 9 lbs. this ultra-lightweight corded stick vacuum converts to a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.
  • EASY-EMPTY DUST CUP: Gets you back to cleaning in seconds.
  • CREVICE TOOL: Great for cleaning tight spaces, between couch cushions, and in hard-to-reach areas.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Shark Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum, Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, & Precision Duster.
  • Impressive on a bare floor
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Clean high areas easily
  • Easy-Empty Dust Cup
  • Reliable power that doesn’t fade.
  • Easy to store
  • None

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile and ultra-light that allows you to easily convert to hand vac for upholstery, floor-to-ceiling, and stairs cleaning.
  • Powerful Deep Cleaning carpets and with the powerful suction switch that eliminates dirt on a bare floor.
  • Powerful Pet Hair Pick up on all surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Swivel Steering on the floor, easy control around furniture, and its maneuverability in corners are top-notch.
  • Under-Furniture Reach design to get rid of pet hair and dust under our furniture with ease.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Reviews show that those who are into the housekeeping business love this vacuum for its excellent suction.
  • According to some pet owners this vacuum has no trouble picking all the shedding of their dogs. But some users note their displeasure with the small dirt container, which means quicker emptying.
  • Best for laminate, bare floor, ceiling, window blind, pet hair.
  • Not suitable for high pile carpet.

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#3. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner-  The Best Upright Vacuum With Bags.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner-  The Best Upright Vacuum With Bags

This versatile upright vacuum cleaner is commercial-grade which makes it easy to have your business environment clean within the shortest time.

You can easily clean chairs, desks, baseboards, cabinets, fits under most furniture and clothes racks. With no manual height adjustment, you can easily use it on all surfaces like wood, tile, laminate, and carpet.

Don’t let the bulky look of this vacuum scare you. It’s lightweight, weighing about 9 pounds with 12 wide area coverage which makes cleaning quick and easy.

Interesting fact? It has the exclusive Microsweep feature that allows you to switch from carpet to bare floors with no adjustments.

  • High-speed vacuuming
  • Wide cleaning range
  • Easily reach under furniture
  • 630-cubic-inch bag to reduce allergens
  • Top-fill design for powerful suction
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Rarely get damaged
  • Outstanding designed brush roll
  • A bit loud
  • The handle is quite weak

Features and Benefits:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT the Helping Hand handle makes this vacuum easy for you to use and it only weighs 9 pounds.
  • ON/OFF SWITCH this amazing feature is integrated into the handle letting you have the on/off switch at a fingertip.
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN with bumpers to protect baseboards and walls the vacuum is designed to tackle hard-to-reach under furniture and beds.
  • LONG CORD without any worry of unplugging and replugging you can move from room to room with the 35 ft. cord.
  • XL VACUUM BAGS you don’t need to replace the vacuum bag often. The vacuum bag can collect more dust, dirt, and debris.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Other than its loudness, reviews show that this vacuum transitions well from carpet to hard floors – and does a great job cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Some users rave about the good customer service for providing a replacement for their vacuums. Also, they realized that their initial generalized negative opinion about the vacuum model was misleading because their replacements do an amazing job.
  • Best for low pile carpet, high pile carpet, tile, laminate, wood.
  • Not suitable for pet hair, bare floor.

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#4. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner- Best For Pets.

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner

Do you love your pet and hate the shedding? With multi-purpose pet tools, this upright vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you to clean the most stubborn pet hair and dirt on your stairs, furniture, as well as hard-to-reach places.

Many pet owners like you rely on this vacuum to effortlessly steers and clean with its strong suction on every floor type. The vacuum versatility to tackle various surfaces such as hard floors and carpets makes it the best among upright vacuum cleaners.

Do you want more from a vacuum cleaner? With an excellent HEPA media filtration, that can securely capture and contain up to 99% of all dust and allergens. Also, its filter can decrease and eliminate odor for better air quality.

Highlighted Features
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Multi-purpose pet tools tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt on furniture, stairs and hard to reach areas.Wattage : 1320 watts
  • SEALED ALLERGEN WITH HEPA MEDIA FILTRATION: Captures and contains 99% of particles with a filter to prevent them from re-entering the air
  • POWERFUL CLEANING ON ALL FLOORS: Simply steer around furniture and into tight spaces on carpet and hard floors using the onoff brush roll to leave no mess behind
  • XL DIRT CUP: A large easy empty dirt cup means less trips to the trash for a more convenient clean
  • RUNS LIKE NEW 3X LONGER: The enhanced MAXLife System delivers longer lasting suction to maintain peak performance without regular filter maintenance
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Pet Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Brush, & Built-in headlights
  • Large and easy-to-empty dust cup.
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy transition between cleaning surfaces.
  • Clean above-floor areas.
  • Advanced action brush roll
  • Headlights to see dark corners.
  • The vacuum is quite heavy

Features and Benefits:

  • PERFECT FOR PETS with its multi-purpose pet tools which enable you to get rid of pet hair and dirt on stairs, furniture, and hard-to-reach corners.
  • SEALED ALLERGEN WITH HEPA MEDIA FILTRATION Captures and prevents 99% of allergens and dust with an odor minimizing filter to curb them from re-entering the air.
  • XL DIRT CUP allows you to clean more conveniently with fewer trips to the trash to empty the dirt cup.
  • RUNS LIKE NEW 3X LONGER without regular filter maintenance you get long-lasting powerful suction.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The ability of this vacuum to pick up pet hairs amazed some users. The powerful suction gets rid of all the “fur tumbleweeds” and dirt.
  • Some users cite the issue of wand tangles, but they get over this by handling the cord with tender care.
  • Best for pet hair, rug, hardwood floors.
  • Not suitable for stairs, high pile carpet, low pile carpet.

Final Words.

So, here the list ends for best vacuum cleaner under $200. The above vacuum cleaners gives you an excellent cleaning with new and unique technologies. It not only makes the cleaning process easier but you can enjoy the cleaning with its different modes.

Thanks for reading this post on reviewedbestcom. To explore more such products do follow us and stay tuned for the latest information.