Best Printers For Home And Small Offices

People do not usually spare a thought about choosing the right printer for them and then find themselves regretting when it gets stuck while printing something urgent. Having a good printer at home and in small offices has proven to be quite helpful for urgent situations.

After going through countless printing machines in the market, we have listed the seven best printers in 2021. They are chosen based on their special features that fulfil specific domestic and commercial requirements. Apart from the best printing machines with low cost-per-print, we have also added a detailed buying guide. The guide is aimed to help you choose the right printer according to how often you will use it and what requirements you have.

Top 7 Best Printers In 2021.

Best Printers For Home And Small Offices

#1. HP ENVY 6055 All-in-One Printer (Best For Versatility).
#2. Lexmark MB2236adw Multifunction Laser Printer (Best For Fast Printing).
#3. Canon TS3322 Wireless All in One Printer (Best For High-Quality Printing).
#4. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer.
#5. Brother Wireless MFC-J491DW Printer.
#6. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer.
#7. Xerox B210DNI Monochrome Laser Printer.

#1. HP ENVY 6055 All-in-One Printer (Best For Versatility).

HP ENVY 6055 All-in-One Printer

If you are looking for a printer that can do multiple functions hassle-free, this is the product for you. Best known for its versatility, HP ENVY supports scanning, copying and automatic two-sided printing. In addition, this printer is quite easy to install, unlike some complicated ones that take forever to figure out. Finally, a noteworthy fact about this model is that 20% of it is made from recycled plastic, encouraging us to tackle the overflow of plastic waste in our world.

Coming to the features of this printing machine, it has wireless connectivity, which allows printing via smartphones and computers, provided they have the HP Smart application downloaded. The HP All-In-One printer is compatible with plain as well as glossy paper and supports borderless printing too. Apart from its seamless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it also comes with a USB port for PC connection. This model is best for domestic usage and in small offices.

Key Features

● Has an input capacity of 100 pages
● Supports borderless printing of photos and documents
● Automated two-sided printing
● Supports most paper sizes, including A5, A6, B5 and more
● Additional USB port for computer connection

#2. Lexmark MB2236adw Multifunction Laser Printer (Best For Fast Printing).

Lexmark MB2236adw Multifunction Laser Printer

This Lexmark laser printer is one of the fastest printing machines at its price. It can print 36 pages every minute in simplex mode, while in duplex mode, it has a speed of 18 ipm. The product can be considered one of the most efficient entry-level monochrome printers that also supports scanning, copying and faxing. This printer can hold 251 sheets with a recommended print volume of 2,500 pages per month. The 50-sheet manual Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder or DADF makes it easier two scans both sides of pages without turning them.

This printing machine has a control panel on its side with a number pad and navigation arrow keys, allowing you to execute basic tasks such as making copies and cloud scanning. You can also do these tasks from the website that comes with its firmware. It supports Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity. This Lexmark printer is ideal for monochrome printing in home offices or shared among small groups of workers.

Key Features

● Equipped with 50-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder
● The printing speed of 36 monochrome pages per minute and 18 images per minute
● Has a capacity of 251 sheets at a time
● Can print via Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet
● Comes with an attached control panel

#3. Canon TS3322 Wireless All in One Printer (Best For High-Quality Printing).

Canon TS3322 Wireless All in One Printer

For people who will mostly be printing photos on plain or glossy paper, the Canon TS3322 is one of the best options for them. This printer provides high-quality prints with accurate colors and precision at an affordable price. Being an all in one printing machine, it also supports scanning and copying.

On top of that, it comes with a separate rear paper tray where you can load your plain or glossy paper. It provides a smooth connection over Wi-Fi which requires a simple setup that can be completed in just a few minutes over any smartphone or computer. It also allows you to print pictures and documents from your smartphone, provided it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The Canon TS3322 is ideal for use at homes.

Key Features

● Has a maximum printing speed of 7.7 images per minute
● Compatible with plain paper, glossy photo paper, magnetic photo paper, re-stickable photo paper
● Can print from laptops, tablets, as well as smartphones

#4. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer

If you require a printer for your home which is fast, affordable and has cartridges that will last for a long time, then you must consider the Epson ET-2720. Unfortunately, printing machines that have cartridges suitable only for single-use are both wasteful and expensive. Epson has found an innovative solution to deal with this through their convenient refillable ink tanks.

Apart from having a high printing capacity which can last up to 2 years, the EcoFit ink tanks can be refilled once they are empty, removing the need to buy complete new cartridges. The ink tanks let you print a maximum of 4,500 pages in monochrome and 7,500 pages in colour ink. Thus, not only can you save a lot on your replacement ink and lower your overall cost per print, but you also reduce the number of cartridges that end up in landfills.

Epson uses its unique Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology to provide high-quality prints, sharp texts and impeccable colour photos and graphics. It also comes with a built-in flatbed scanner and copier for high-resolution scans. Furthermore, with the help of the Epson Smart Panel App, you can easily print from smartphones, tablets, and other such smart devices. Moreover, you can experience intuitive hands-free printing, which is voice-activated.

Key Features

● Comes with refillable ink tanks
● Without refilling, one monochrome ink tak caen print 4,500 pages while the colour one can print 7,500 pages
● Wireless connection via Epson Smart Panel App
● Supports hands-free, voice-activated printing

#5. Brother Wireless MFC-J491DW Printer.

Brother Wireless MFC-J491DW Printer

The Brother printer is one of the best budget printer reinforced with several flagship features that are generally not found at this price. It comes with a 1.8″ colour display screen that helps you to navigate through the menu and simplify the workflow easily. Moreover, it helps you to connect with popular cloud apps and scan and store them directly.

This printer can connect via both wireless and local USB ports to a PC or Mac. It can also print through smartphones with applications like Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, Brother iPrint & Scan, and Mopria. It can also work via Wi-Fi Direct. Additionally, it comes with a paper tray with a capacity of 100 pages. It is equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder to enable Automatic 2-sided printing and scanning. The MFC-J491DW lets you print on multiple papers, including cardstock and photo paper and supports letter and legal sizes.

Key Features

● 1.8″ colour display screen
● Connect via both wireless and USB port
● Can print on plain paper, card stock, envelopes, photo paper
● Paper tray has a capacity of 100 pages
● Automatic printing and scanning of both sides of paper via ADF or Automatic Document Feeder

#6. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer.

MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

This is the ultimate label printing machine for all the small businesses and home-based companies for your orders. The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer makes printing labels for your deliveries and shipments convenient and hassle-free. This label printer has a print speed of 150 mm/s and does not utilize any ink or toner to print. To prevent itself from overheating, the printer takes a break for five minutes after continuously printing 700 labels. The printed labels from this model work with all major shipping and sales platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, FedEx, Shopify, Ordoro, ShipStation, Shipwire, Shipworks, ShippingEasy, Stockx, Shippo, Endicia Dazzle, Xps ship and many more.

Inserting the label into the printer is quite easy. You have to hold it near the opening tray, and it will automatically catch the label and feed it into the printing machine. This printing machine supports labels of sizes from 1.57″ to 4.3″ wide, which are ideal for shipping and warehouse tags. Also, it automatically detects the size and characteristics of the customized sticker and prints it accurately.

Key Features

● Prints 700 labels continuously then automatically pause for five minutes to prevent overheating
● Supports labels of sizes from 1.57″ to 4.3″ wide
● Ink and toner-free printing
● 150mm/s high print speed
● Works with all major shipping and sales companies

#7. Xerox B210DNI Monochrome Laser Printer.

Xerox B210DNI Monochrome Laser Printer

The Xerox B210DNI Printer is ideal for home offices and small work teams looking for a budget-friendly printing machine that prints without getting stuck every other minute. It is lightweight with an LED interface and makes much less noise while printing. This printer can print up to 31 ppm. This printing machine also has a potential monthly print volume or duty cycle of 4000 pages.

It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and can be connected to 5 devices at a time. You can print wirelessly from your smartphones, laptops and desktops via AirPrint, Mopria and Android support. It also works without a router or setup through Wi-Fi Direct. This printing machine has numerous features that actively saves power, such as Green World Alliance, N-up Printing and N-up Copying, EPEAT and Toner Saver. In addition, it comes with genuine Xerox toner that helps preserve quality, efficiency and performance.

Key Features

● Has a memory of 256 MB
● Paper tray has a capacity of 250 pages
● Has a print speed of 31 ppm
● It can be connected with five devices at a time

Best Printers Buying Guide

Best Printers Buying Guide

With the sheer number of printers available in the market right now, it can be not easy to choose the right one that suits your working style and specific requirements. Therefore, here is a detailed buying guide covering all essential features of a printing machine that will help you select the suitable one for your work.

What Factors Should You Consider While Purchasing The Best Printer?

Inkjet vs Laser Printer

Whether you buy an inkjet or a laser printer, it completely depends on two things: the type of printing you need and how often you will use it. Inkjet printing machines work with ink cartridges that apply wet ink to the paper and rapidly dries it. On the other hand, laser printers use toner, ink dust that reacts with the paper to print quickly. If you mostly print monochrome documents, then a laser printer will be the right choice for you as the cost per print is quite low, and their cartridges can sometimes last for as many as 20,000 pages; however, if you want a printer for your home that will print in both colour and monochrome, go for the inkjet ones.

All In One Printer

All-in-One printers or multifunction printing machines are the ones that can scan and fax along with printing. They come in both inkjet and laser varieties. For domestic usage and small offices, buying an All in One printer makes much more sense than buying two standalone units of a printing machine and a scanner. Moreover, they save desk space as well.

Pages Per Minute

PPM or pages per minute refers to how fast a printer can print. The PPMs are different for monochrome prints and colour prints. Usually, most printing machines have an average of fifteen to twenty pages per minute while printing black and white pages and ten to fifteen pages per minute while printing colour ones. The higher the PPM of a printer, the faster it will finish printing your documents and pictures. However, if you buy solely for your home use, the PPM does not matter unless you have to print something urgently or in bulk.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the approximate volume of pages that a printer can print in a month. You must ensure that the number of pages you print every month is quite below this number to prevent your printing machine from sustaining excessive wear and tear. If you are going to buy a printer for your home office or a small group of workers, ensure that the monthly duty cycle of it is much higher than the average number of pages you have to print.


Wi-Fi connectivity and other wireless connectivity options have now become the norm for printers in this era. The most common printing machines are USB ports connected to external devices and Ethernet ports that act as a wired connection to the internet. Other modes of connection of common printing machines with other devices include Wi-Fi, Cloud Printing and Wi-Fi Direct. In addition, many printers with WiFI connectivity allow multiple devices to be connected to it at once, making them perfect for small offices.

Cost of Ink Cartridges

Many consumers overlook the cost of ink cartridges of a company before buying their printing machines. The cost of these cartridges is what determines how high or low your cost per print will be. Many printers like Epson’s allow you to refill their cartridges instead of buying new ones, which reduces the cost significantly. Another way of cutting costs in this area is to subscribe to a continued supply of ink cartridges.


An important feature that comes in handy while scanning is duplexing. Duplexing with the help of ADF enables automatic scanning or printing of both sides of the page without having to turn it. It is quite an interesting feature that is becoming increasingly popular in most all-in-one printers.

Final Words

The increasing competition between manufacturing companies has led to the rise of new printing machines that are not only packed with flagship features but are also available at surprisingly low costs. This has further daunted the process of selecting the ideal printer. Choosing one with the help of our buying guide will give you a product that is suited to your printing habits and preferences. Be it for homework or important documents or even for printing memorable pictures, an ideal printing machine will make the experience more convenient and fast for you.

Best Printer FAQ

Q. Which printer is cheaper, inkjet or laser?

Inkjet printing machines are much cheaper than laser ones. The ink cartridges of inkjet ones are cheaper too than the toners of laser ones.

Q. Are there any disadvantages to ink tank printing machines?

Ink tank printers are quite cost-effective and reduce waste with their refillable feature. However, they must be used regularly as the ink in the tanks and tubes often dry up and cause clogging issues.

Q. Can you refill ink cartridges yourself?

It is usually not recommended to refill ink cartridges without professional help. Moreover, some printing machines might not even recognize cartridges unless they are a new and own company.