Best Power Strips With Surge Protectors – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best power strips? Here are the top 10 best extension surge protector strips tested reviews with pros, cons, and buying guide. Read on this post to buy the best power strip for all your related purposes.

If this is the first time you are going to buy a power strip, we have added the best power strip buying guide to help you out. You can find the power strip buying guide right below the power strip reviews section.

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Before jumping to the best power strip reviews, let’s get a quick introduction and know what power strips are.

 What Is A Power Strip or Extension Cord?

What Is A Power Strip or Extension Cord

The Power strips are also known as extension cords. Mostly all of the brands have now launched some of the best power strips to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. Moreover, Power strips are an extension cord that allows the users to connect multiple devices or appliances to a single hub that has a long cord length to reach to sockets that are placed at heights. 

For a scientific definition, the best power strip with USB charging is a considerably electrical device that works effectively in increasing the capacity of the wall socket to accommodate the connection of several devices. The cord length varies from one foot to up to 30 feet to help it reach out to any corner of the house. The outlets available on the power strips vary from 2 to even 12 in numbers.  

That’s all with the basics. Let’s now start exploring the 10 best power strips tested reviews with pros, cons, and power strip buying guide.

Top 7 Best Power Strip Extension Cords Reviews 

#7. Kensington Multi Plug Outlet

Kensington Multi Plug Outlet

Kensington Power Strips are another popular six-outlet product that has the best power strip surge protector of up to 540 Joules. Not only that, but the connecting cord is 15 feet that make it possible for the users to put it almost anywhere without the need to pick up the power strips with them for finding feasible spots. The 6-outlet design allows you to put in 6 adapters or plugs at once without any spacing or power output issues. Moreover, the Kensington Power strips are certified with CSA & UL that proves the efficiency and quality output of the product.

The brand offers a product warranty for a limited time to attend to any technical faults that can be repaired and will also help you replace the products if required. There is an LED indicator that indicates the surge protection aspect of the product. When the LED indicator says green, that means all the connected devices are protected. It has a premium style and comes with a black body to blend or match your particular appliances.

  • Excellent length of the cord.
  • Overload protection.
  • Overcurrent protection.
  • It trips at the time of the power surge.
  • Best for home and office use.
  • Space is less to accommodate more numbers of bigger plugs.
  • It gives rise to flickering issues.
  • Not appropriate for heavy appliances.

#6. Amazonbasics Extension Cord

Amazonbasics Extension Cord

The next one is the Amazonbasics power strip that comes with 12 outlets making it one of the best deals in the lot. Amongst all the list of best power strips, this one is in higher demand. It comes with two variants with the only difference of the cord length. The Amazonbasics power strip comes with 8 foot and 10-foot cords to suit the respective needs of the customers. Moreover, it is equipped with the best power strip surge protector that helps it sustain the overloads and trip the power supply to the devices to protect their circuits.

Being one of the best smart power strips, it is adequate for connecting heavy appliances such as TVs, data lines, computers, and others and also protects them from power surges. Not only that, but the LED indication gives insight into the grounding of the appliances along with the surge indication. The Amazonbasics Power strips have put exclusive consideration for protection against spikes or surges. Therefore, they have introduced a 15amp circuit breaker that is resettable.

  • It is adequate for heavier appliances.
  • This product ensures fire protection.
  • The backside of the body has a keyhole for wall mounting.
  • Available in two cord length variants, 8 and 10 feet.
  • Outlets are spaced properly.
  • It is slightly overpriced.
  • The green LED is highly illuminating.
  • The CB fails to work at times.

#5. Tp-Link Surge Protector

Tp-Link best Power Strip

The Tp-Link Powerstrip is a 6-outlet & 3 USB ports extension power cord that is considered the best smart power strip. This product is on high demand due to its ability to support Alexa Echo along with Google Home devices as well. People who are using modern-day appliances want a supportive extension cord to withstand the power loads of multiple devices in a single power strip. Combine it with an Alexa device and make use of it without any hassle of damaging the circuit during any kind of power surge or overload.

This brand is certified by the ETL that works as a powerful shield for sensitive appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, and other such appliances. It is essential as if the devices incorporate damage due to the power surges; then, there is less chance that it can be repaired. This product can connect with the smart application of Kasa to monitor the energy consumption by the devices connected to the power strips by Tp-Link.

  • It is one of the best power strips with a USB charging feature.
  • Smart controlling feature from anywhere.
  • Automatically turns off high-power-consuming devices.
  • It operates on a 2.4 GHz wireless network.
  • It is a smart Wi-Fi power strip.
  • Firmware blocks third party remote controlling.
  • It is slightly heavier in weight.
  • It experiences an overheating situation

#4. Apc Multi Plug Outlet

Apc Multi Plug Outlet

The Apc Power strip is considered to be one of the best surge protection devices that can protect all your connected appliances from short circuits or other damage. In addition to that, this product is available in two options. One comes with an eight outlet, and the other comes with a 12-outlet power strip. You can go to either one. There is another variant that is also considered as the best power strip with a USB port in it to support your USB charging without the need for adapters. The best thing about this product is its power strip surge protector of up to 2160 Joules.

You can say, it is one of the best power strips that is trending on a high scale on various online stores due to its efficacy. If you do not want USB-oriented power strips, then go for the only outlets variant. It is equipped with a 90-degree plug along with a 6-foot cord for extending the power outlets to use it almost anywhere around the house.

  • It comes with a brand warranty.
  • It offers safe protection from spikes and lightning.
  • It has power and surge indicators.
  • Best for home or office electronic appliances.
  • APC certified surge protection.
  • The app does not perform well, as claimed.
  • Comparatively shorter cord length.
  • There are few glitches in the performance

#3. Tripp Lite Extension Cord

Tripp Lite Extension Cord

The Tripp Lite comes with eight power outlets to help the customers make use of multiple devices at once. This device is uniform spacing amongst the outlets to accommodate multiple plugs or adapters at a single time. Moreover, this product is available in different variants with respect to color and types. Some of them are Black & TEL/Coax, Light Gray, Black & NET, and others. This product comes with a cord length of 25 feet that makes it feasible for reaching out to almost all the power sockets in your house or office.

The Tripp is considered to be the best power strips brand that is adequate for almost all electronic devices from power surges or spikes. It is meant for heavy appliances such as printers, scanners, phones, fax machines, and others without causing them any damage due to dangerous spikes or surges. You need to go through some of the best power strips reviews, to know more about this product before buying it.

  • Highest prevention aspects for electronics.
  • LEDs to confirm grounding and indicate surge protection.
  • It comes with a brand warranty.
  • Reach out to distant outlets with a 25-foot cord.
  • 1440 Joules of surge protection.
  • Lack of childproofing.
  • Not applicable to all types of plugs.
  • The size is too big to carry around.

#2. Belkin Surge Protector

Belkin Surge Protector

Belkin is known to be one of the best power strips brands that have made an enormous impression amongst the customers due to their product efficiency. It is a 12-outlet extension cord that comes in 2 different color variants, black and white. In addition to that, this product gives surge protection up to 3940 Joules, which is extremely commendable. Therefore, Belkin’s smart power strip bags the third number on the list as it is highly demanding amongst the customers. It is also available in an 8-outlet variant that you can opt for as per your needs and requirements.

For using the Belkin Power Strips, it is advised to read the description and the manual properly. It supports heavy appliances as well, such as all office equipment, home theatres, computers, air conditioners, and others. The high-power strip surge protector enables ample protection to all appliances. It is one hub solution for all your kitchen appliances as well.

  • Best for home and office electronics.
  • It has an 8 ft cord to reach distant outlets.
  • It is highly durable.
  • Adequate spacing for connecting multiple devices.
  • It consists of power filtration.
  • It is slightly overpriced.
  • No wall is hanging grooves.
  • These products are not children proofed.

#1. Tripp Lite Extension Cord

Tripp Lite Extension Cord

Tripp product is specifically considered as one of the top-selling power strips that comes in various options. It is available in 1, 3, 6, 7, and 12 outlet designs. The best part about this power strip is that it protects all types of heavy and small appliances that are used on a regular basis at offices or homes. The outlets are right-angled to enhance the cord management ability of the product.

It has a 4-foot cord length that helps the users connect it to the sockets placed at a distant height. Not only that, but it also comes with a keyhole at the backside of the power strip body to mount it on the wall for a fixed use on select appliances of your home or office. This product is stated as the top-selling power strip amongst all of its competitor brands and products.

  • It comes with a brand warranty.
  • The surge protection of this product is certified with UL standards.
  • It has a noise-filtering feature for quite an operation.
  • Circuit breaker to auto cut devices during overload situations.
  • It has LED indicators.
  • The cord length is too small.
  • It is slightly overpriced.
  • This product is not child-proofed.

Best Power Strip Extension Cords Buying Guide

Best Power Strip Extension Cords Buying Guide

The best power strip with USB chargers, along with all the safety implementations, is one of the most popularly used equipment in all houses. It is mostly used to connect several appliances of a room to a single hub. Though there are many safety guidelines assurances given to you by the brand, you must still consider cross-checking all the attributes before going ahead with the purchase. 

While you are connecting your precious and expensive appliances to the power strips, you need to make sure that there are surge protectors installed on the strips. Surge protectors are meant for handling the extra power surges that occur due to lightning or heavy current flow. It helps in automatically tripping the power strip without hampering the connected devices or appliances. 

There are many things that one needs to consider before buying the power strips of any brand. To avoid certain security accidents that can eventually burn down your house or threaten your life, you need to be very precise and knowledgeable while buying one. Before buying you need to go through some of the best power strips reviews made by other users so that you will know about some of the essential factors of this product. It will eventually help you decide on buying it for your daily home or office use. 

Why Should You Buy The Power Strip Surge Protector?

There are many product names from different brands available in the list of best power strips but you need to do some research and go through some of the best power strips reviews. Reviews will certainly help to decide the best one for you. 

Connecting all this to different wall sockets will keep them all engaged at a single time, making it difficult for the other members of the office to use. Therefore, a power strip is used by an individual to connect it to a single wall socket and connect all the essential devices onto it for the smooth commencement of individual works. 

Similarly, for homes and especially kitchens, several appliances need to be connected at a single time such as exhaust fans, grinders, mixers, electric stoves, and whatnot. Therefore, people prefer using power strips to get rid of the hassle of finding wall sockets or removing a connected appliance whenever they need to use a different device or appliance. 

It is a troublesome task to remove and connect devices multiple times from and to a single wall socket. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of these power strips that will help you to simplify your work. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Power Strips?

Here are some of the benefits of using the power strips that proves its efficacy of simplifying the house and office works:

  • The power strips, along with surge protectors, protect all the connected devices from lightning surges or spikes due to natural or weather disruptions.
  • Some of the best smart power strips come with LED lights to indicate that the surge protection is enabled along with the power indication. 
  • The long extension cords available with the power strips make it feasible to reach out to almost all wall sockets in the house or office. 
  • Most of the best power strip surge protectors also help to protect all your devices from high voltage. 
  • These smart power strips also detect if the connected device is in standby mode or working mode. If the device is not in use, then the smart power strips will turn it off to save energy.
  • Some of the best power strips with USB charging ports require no adapter and also support fast charging of the devices. 

These are some of the practical benefits that prove the efficacy of the power strips and make it one of the essential products required for simplifying the office and home works. 

How To Buy Surge Protector Power Strips And What To Consider?

For buying the perfect product, first, you need to go through the best power strips reviews and other certain aspects that indicate their effectiveness. The power strips of top brands are easily available over online e-commerce sites at the lowest prices. You just need to select your desired brand and the product and place your order. But before that, you need to consider a few things that will help you choose the product from the list of best power strips that will last longer and give you productive results as per your requirements. Some of those considerable things are:

  • Consider the electrical rating that will be mentioned in the description that will give you an idea about the electricity absorbing ability of the strips. It will help you decide if the power strip is perfect for the use of the appliances as per your requirements.
  • Check for some of the unique features available, such as circuit breakers, surge protectors, USB ports, and others. 
  • Check for the number of outlets in the power strips as per your requirements as the count might vary from 2 to 12 and even more. 
  • Power strips of top brands must come with a brand warranty to attend to the product in case of any technical malfunction. 
  • The certification of top standards also matters to prove the efficacy of the best smart power strip.
  • Note the materials used for the manufacturing of the power strip body to get an idea about its durability factor.

These are a few of the things that you must consider before going ahead and selecting it for your household or office requirements. 

How Do You Use Multi-Plug Power Strip Outlet?

There are several different ways in which the power strips can be used to serve their purpose. Here are some of the perfect ways to make use of the power strips to get productive outputs and increase the life of the product:

  • If you are traveling to a distant place and you have less time to charge all your electronics, you can use these power strips to get it all done at once. 
  • The best power strip surge protector is designed explicitly to perform seamlessly and also helps to protect all your devices from overvoltage. 
  • A whole computer setup, especially desktops, might require a different set of outlets to fixing the printers, UPS, CPU, and other electronics associated with it. 
  • Additional lights around your house during the festivals or events require some extra outlets, and a power strip can help you with it. But make sure you keep it away from water.

These are just a few of the popular uses of the best power strip with a USB charger. There are many other uses of the best smart power strip in offices, as well as homes that simplify a lot of complex works. 

Safety Guidelines For Using The Best Smart Power Strip

All the Power Strips are equipped with surge protectors and circuit breakers to withstand spikes or overload situations and protect the connected devices. But still, there are certain safety tips that you must follow while using power strips:

  • Avoid using the power strips along with the high-capacity appliances such as heaters, heavy-ton air conditioners, and others. There is a high chance it will overload the power strip and cause damage. 
  • Avoid connecting two power strips to a single socket instead connect an extension cord to the existing power strip to increase the number of outlets.
  • For heavy appliances, you must consult an expert to check the watt figures of the power strips that you are buying. 
  • Check for the certification and the brand value before making a purchase.

These are just a few of the aspects that one needs to look after while making use of power strips. Surge protectors and circuit breakers usually get damaged after serving their purpose. So, to maintain the safety of the power strip, you need to change the circuit breakers as well as the surge protectors to help the device sustain adversities to protect the connected appliances on it. 

Power Strip Surge Protectors: Frequently Asked Questions

Power Strip Surge Protectors Frequently Asked Question

Is a surge protector the same as a power strip?

No. The best power strip with a USB charger comes with surge protectors. Power strips add extra outlets, whereas surge protectors prevent surges or spikes from damaging the connected devices. 

Are power strips safe?

Yes, these are safe as they are certified with recognized standards and are equipped with circuit breakers to break the circuit when overloaded.

Can you plug two power strips into the same outlet?

No, two power strips are recommended not to be plugged in the same outlet instead to add more outlets, an extension strip can be connected to another power strip that is fixed on to the wall socket.

What should not be plugged into a power strip?

The appliances that require high current flow, such as big air conditioners, heaters, and others, must not be connected to the power strips.

Are power strips safer than extension cords?

Yes, eventually, it is safer than extension cords due to the inclusion of safety factors such as surge protectors, circuit breakers, and smart functionalities.

Can power strips be used permanently?

Yes, they can be used permanently as most of the computer setups at home or office make use of it permanently by connecting all the devices onto it and fixing it onto the walls. 

Should a TV be plugged into a power strip?

A TV can be easily plugged onto the power strips along with the set-top box and the adapters without any fear of damage.

Are smart power strips worth it?

These are slightly expensive, but they are worth the price as they will save your energy bills by cutting the current flow to the connected devices that are on standby mode.

How do I choose a surge protective device?

Check for the surge protection rating as well as reviews that will give you an idea of whether the product can handle heavy surges to protect larger appliances or not. Buy the power strips according to your needs and requirements.

How long do power strips last?

There is no definite time cycle to determine the lifetime of the power strips as it completely depends upon usability. But one must definitely replace the surge protectors every two years to ensure their functionality to add more life to the power strip.

How do you test a power surge?

There are LED indications on most of the power strips that will give an indication that the power surge protectors are working perfectly.

Do surge protectors save electricity?

The sole purpose of the surge protectors is to protect the devices from additional surges or spikes. But it also conserves some amount of vampire power that is consumed by the devices, usually even when the outlet is turned off. 

Can I plug an AC into a surge protector?

No, the surge protectors are not meant for Air Conditioners as they require a 3-prong outlet on the wall as they require high initial current for starting.

Do power strips use more energy?

Not exactly, but the best power strip surge protector makes an effort to save energy. The devices connected to the power strips will consume energy unless they are removed from the outlet. But it will cut off the power to the devices that are in standby mode and do not require the power supply. 

Final Words

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