Best Cordless Jobsite Fan To Buy In 2021

Looking for the best job site cordless fan 2020? Here are the best cordless Jobsite fans reviews, comparisons, and buying guide. Read on this post to buy the best cordless rechargeable fan for the workplace.

When you are working outside, you will feel exhausted very soon. Especially in summers, one needs some constant source like a fan for keeping the body cool. Those who are working on job sites, know the importance of the best cordless Jobsite fans.

Unlike offices, job sites are not fun places. You had to face severe heat, direct sun, and you are working at a place that has probably no power lines. You can’t fit any fan there, and the best solution to beat the heat is to buy a cordless rechargeable fan.

So, that’s all with the basics related to cordless Jobsite fans. Let’s now start exploring the top 5 best cordless Jobsite fan reviews and comparison with pros and cons. Also, to read the cordless jobsite fan buying guide first, please skip the jobsite cordless fan reviews section.

Top 5 Best Cordless Jobsite Fans

Best Cordless Jobsite Fan Reviews And Comparison

You can get a quick overview of all the products from the best cordless Jobsite fan comparison table attached below:

Please read the detailed review and comparison of the best cordless fans for Jobsite in the section below:

#5. Metabo Cordless Jobsite Fan.

Metabo Jobsite Cordless Fan
This Metabo fan is one of the best fans available for job sites. The fan has been designed and made especially in Germany and hence comes with some world-class technology. World-class production techniques and processes have been used in the manufacture of this fan, making it one of the most trusted products available in this segment.

The fan utilizes one of the most advanced battery systems, named Ultra-M. This battery system has been designed keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the end consumer and can help provide users with the power to tackle even the most demanding of applications.

The fan also utilizes silver-plated copper power rails which help the fan much more power than many of its competitors. It comes with various mountings options which make it easier to install on the job site. In case you want to use the fan as it is, you can just lay it down on its support and switch it on. Alternatively, you can also hang it from a hook or a nail on the wall in case you wish to do that.

Besides being used indoor, the fan can also be used outdoors very easily. Since it is cordless, there is no need to worry about plugging it into any socket. It is powered by 18V Li-ion batteries that are supplied by Metabo itself. It has 3-speed controls which can be used to vary the speed as per your requirements. Also, it can continuously run for 7 hours on a single battery pack.

  • It is very sturdy and strongly made
  • Comes with multiple hanging options
  • Variety of speed controls
  • Amazing battery life
  • A little heavy with the battery inserted
  • Can give off a continuous grinding noise

#4. CRAFTSMAN 20V MAX Cordless Jobsite Fan.

CRAFTSMAN 20V MAX Cordless Fan

This cordless rechargeable fan comes with the capability to run on a V20 battery. You can also plug it into an AC socket in your wall and use it continuously without the need for having any battery whatsoever. It comes with up to 650CM and has speed adjustment settings of up to 3 levels so that you can better manage the fan according to your cooling requirements and have the power and airflow adjusted according to your will.

Also, the head of the fan is pivoted so that it can be rotated and moved easily to provide air where it is needed the most. The unit is compact and can easily be placed where you want on your job site. Also, its lightweight design of 4.4 lb makes it super easy and convenient to move and store according to your will.

The fan can work on both AC as well as DC power. Hence it can be plugged in almost anywhere. The different settings of high and low speed can also provide different durations of runtime. In a high setting, the fan has a runtime of up to 8 hours while on a low setting, it has a runtime of over 24 hours.

The head of the fan can be pivoted to up to 240 degrees and can be used to provide airflow in almost any desired direction. The product comes in red color and also contains a hand slot on the top backside of the fan for easy handling and movement.

  • Works great on job sites as well as camping trips
  • Doesn’t drain the batteries too quickly
  • Very lightweight and convenient
  • Comes with multiple speed settings

  • The power of this fan is a bit on the lower side
  • Price can be a bit high for actual performance

#3. Makita DCF201Z 18V LXT Cordless Jobsite Fan.

Makita DCF201Z 18V LXT JOB Site Fan

The Makita DCF201Z makes for a great cordless fan for the job site. It is cordless and makes for a powerful cooling solution for painters, contractors, and a lot more. The fan comes with two different speed settings that can be adjusted for optimum air velocity control. The fan is powered with the help of 18V Lithium-Ion batteries which can also be provided by Makita.

Besides using a battery, you can also operate it using an AC power adaptor. The fan has a durable design and is studded with protective bumpers which help it to withstand the harsh conditions that might prevail on the job site. The fan comes as an extension in the ever-expanding range of Makita’s 18V Li-ion systems. In fact, the company boasts of having the world’s largest cordless tool system that is powered by 18V Li-ion batteries.

The 18V Li-ion batteries from Makita can easily beat the other batteries in the same category. They also have a superfast charging time. This means that they spend more time actually working and providing the airflow than charging themselves.

Makita has also created Star Protection Computer Controls to improve the overall performance of the fan along with extending the battery life. This technology also allows the equipment to exchange information in real-time that ultimately helps to prevent overloading, over-discharging as well as overheating. For a more versatile application, you can power the fan using Makita 18V LXT and compact Li-ion batteries having the star symbol.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • just enough airflow to be useful in extreme heat
  • Provides a cool and quiet breeze similar to a living room set
  • Decent battery life

  • Not the most durable fan out there
  • Cannot be pivoted much

#2. Milwaukee 0886-20 M18 18V Cordless Jobsite Fan.

Milwaukee 0886-20 M18 18V Cordless Jobsite Fan
This is a cordless fan for jobsite that gives you the most powerful airflow with an unbeatable run-time. This fan is also very compact in size and you can carry it with you to your workplace. The air circulation reaches up to 40 feet of distance which makes it ideal for different kinds of job sites.

This fan is powered by M18™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries. On a single charge, it can run up to 17 hours on low. This jobsite fan is extremely tough and sturdy but also not that heavy. The design has been made in such a way that it fits wherever it is taken to.

The head of the fan is adjustable to a full 120° and there are 9 stopping positions with 3 different speed settings: low, medium, and high. It also provides you good control over the airflow at your convenience. This fan can also operate on power from an AC adaptor if you want to use it for more than 17 hours per day. It is also lightweight making it easy for transportation.

There are hanging holes in the fan in case you want to hang it somewhere on your jobsite, giving you various options as per your requirement. Even on high settings, the fan is not loud and won’t be a hindrance during your working hours. There are 4 keyholes that allow multiple hanging orientations.

  • 3 different speed settings
  • Adjustable head and 9 stopping positions
  • Circulates air over 40 feet
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Difficult to replace batteries
  • Not great for larger work area

#1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Fan for Jobsite.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Fan for Jobsite
This Dewalt cordless fan is the best job site cordless fan available on Amazon right now. Besides acting as a cordless fan, it can also be used as a corded jobsite fan. The extension cord though doesn’t come along with the fan and can be obtained separately. The fan comes with multiple hanging options so that you never have any problem while installing the fan.

The fan can be stood freely on its supports to provide airflow. It also comes with hanging hooks which can be used to hang the from a wall, grill, or any general hook. The wall mounts included in the product makes it very easy to install it as a wall fan on the job site. This flexibility in position means that you can avail of superior quality airflow at any place on the job site.

The fan comes with variable speed control that can be used to alter the speed of the fan, thus altering the rate at which it pumps out air. A wide range of speed controls means that you have more control over the speed of air coming out of the fan. This also helps to change the settings of the fan with respect to the changing weather conditions. The Airflow 500 technology ensures that you get the best quality of airflow possible.

The fan has been tested for use using the IP54 batteries. These batteries are sold separately and can easily be obtained from the market. The blade diameter of the fan is 7 inches which is big enough to pump out the air powerfully and in the desired direction. It can operate for up to 7 hours at full speed with the help of a 4.0 AH DEWALT 20V battery.

  • Made up from strong and durable material
  • Comes with a wide range of speed controls
  • Can be hanged or placed easily
  • Creates a nice breeze

  • Not the most powerful fan out there
  • The increased runtime comes at a cost of weakened airflow

Best Cordless Jobsite Fan – Buying Guide

Best Cordless Jobsite Fan - Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we are going to discuss every aspect of Jobsite cordless fans that will help you in buying the right fan from the above-reviewed list of products. So, please read this guide.

Do You Need A Cordless Fan For Jobsite?

• The first thing to decide is to analyze whether you need a cordless fan at Jobsite or not. If it is summer and you are working in heat, then you may prefer a fan. However, if your job needs you to move from time to time, then a fan will be useless. You can’t move it all the time with you. Even still, some small fans are easy to carry. So, you must decide if you need it.

• Some people can’t work properly in heat and sweat. They need something to cool themselves before they can work well. If you are one of them, then prepare yourself for the summer with the best cordless fan for Jobsite.

• Indoor fans mostly come with an AC adapter because you have access to a power supply. But you need a cordless outdoor Jobsite fan if you have no power source nearby. Thus, you can power your fan even without any power source.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Cordless Jobsite Fan Or Rechargeable Jobsite Fan?

We saw what is a cordless fan and why you need the best job site cordless fan. Now let us explore some of the key factors before you buy it. When you consider all these factors, you will end up buying a fan that meets your needs

Speed Of The Best Cordless Jobsite Fan :

The first thing to consider in your fan is the speed. Along with speed, you should also monitor how many speed variables are available for you. The more variables mean you have better control over the speed of the fan. You can fast or slow it as per your need.

You should also look for the motor strength of the fan. A light motor can’t play at a fast speed for a longer time and will start making high noise. So, it is better to look at a powerful motor. Thus, you can power your fan at top speed for a longer time.

Battery Type Of Best Cordless Rechargeable Fan :

We often see AAA or AA batteries in cordless electronics. However, these fans usually use lithium-ion batteries. These are the ones that we often see on our smartphones and are the best. You can recharge them as much as you want without losing the quality of the battery. They have more energy, and never discharge easily. They last longer and will keep your fan on for a longer time.

Battery Life per Charge Factor Of Best Cordless Jobsite Rechargeable Fan :

We know that the speed of the fan is a direct variable when it comes to the life of your battery. If your fan gives you four hours of use at full speed, it might work for eight hours if you power the fan at a slower speed.

However, battery power also plays a crucial role. The producer might claim some working hours that you can trust. If you have an eight hours work shift, then you must buy a fan that gives you at least twelve hours on battery. Thus, you will ensure that the fan will work for most of your job.

Ac Adapter Of Best Cordless Jobsite Fans :

Some people are not aware of how helpful it is to have an AC adapter in your fan. We think that a cordless fan is just meant to power on the battery.

However, what will happen if you can’t charge the fan well at night? Will you spend the next day in heat? An AC adapter will make sure that you won’t face such a situation.

Some of the best cordless fans give you the feature to charge and play at the same time. Thus, even if you forget to charge the fan at night, you can use it at your Jobsite by keeping it plugged in. Once charged for an hour or two, you can again unplug and use it. Hence, you have more control over your fan.

Durability Of Best Cordless Jobsite Fans :

We are here trying to find the best job site cordless fan. Job Sites have a harsh environment, where there are chances of breaking. The fan must be durable with a solid metallic cover. This will save your fan even if any mishap happens. Jobsite fans have a supportive design to allow them to stand the harshness.

The cages are durable and won’t allow any sharp object or dust to damage the blades. Buy the most durable fan if you want to do a one-time investment. Most people buy a strong fan but forget to care about dust. We know that job sites have a lot of dust. So, you need a fan that also comes with a dust protector.

Size Of The Best Cordless Jobsite Fans :

This factor is somehow difficult to manage. When you go for a smaller fan, you know that the fan will be easy to move. Thus, you can take it with you anywhere you go for a job. However, being small in size, it may give less wind at less speed and provide less comfort.

On the other hand, we know that large fans are usually more powerful. They will give you more wind, faster speeds, and more comfort. But if you are someone who moves a lot during the job, it will become difficult for you to take the fan every time. So, you must take a balanced decision to support both benefits and avoid both cons.

The Ease of Use Factor :

One of the most important factors in your Jobsite fan is its ease of use. We know that there are extreme conditions in your Jobsite. Sometimes you may have a table to place your fan and in other cases, you may need to hang it in a window. A back bracket will be an added advantage to allow you to mount the fan on the wall easily.

When you are ready to buy a model, make sure it provides diverse using options. You may even need all three methods some day or other. So, when you have all three with you, you will never worry about the use.

Weight Of Best Cordless Jobsite Fans :

People go to purchase a cordless fan because they are easy to move. You don’t have to carry a long cord and an extension board to power it on. However, it will become useless if the fan is heavy. When you can’t move it, you can’t use it easily on the Jobsite.

So, we know that weight plays a very crucial role in the best Jobsite cordless fan. Some fans are heavier while the producer will claim that it has a strong motor. However, a powerful motor is useless if you can’t move the fan as per your need. So, we will recommend you check the weight of the fan first before buying. Some fans come with a top handle to allow you to move the fan easily.

What Makes The Best Cordless Jobsite Fan?

Many different factors make the best cordless fan. If you are buying a fan for a jobsite, make sure that it has multiple fans, weighs lower and is easy to move, comes with a strong battery and long battery life, and comes with an AC adapter. All these factors will make sure that you purchase the best jobsite cordless fan.

Which is the best cordless Jobsite fan?

Craftsman and DEWALT make some of the best cordless fans that are ideal for jobsite. These fans have all the features that allow easy working on the jobsite. Indeed, the best jobsite cordless fan will be one that has all the best features. These fans are easy to move, have a strong fan, and are smaller in size.

Does Jobsite fans help?

If you are working on a jobsite, then you know how worse it gets at noon. Workers sweat a lot while the heat is so much that we need water constantly. In most cases, we don’t have access to a power plug, so we can’t set normal fans.

In this case, we need the best jobsite cordless fan. These fans come with a battery and allow you to move the fan with you anywhere you go. Thus, they are very helpful if you have to work for hours without rest on a jobsite.


In this article, we discussed a lot of issues related to the best cordless jobsite fan. Firstly, we cleared those who needed a cordless jobsite fan on jobsite. We saw that these fans are useful for a specific group of people.

We then checked various features that make the best cordless fan for jobsite. When you follow these features before buying a fan, you will end up buying the best. The FAQ section will clear some common questions that people ask from time to time. Hope this article has helped you in buying the best jobsite cordless fan. Stay tuned with for more such product reviews and buying guides.