Top 9 Best Electric Erasers 2021

Exploring internet to find the best electric lasers? If yes, here are the top 9 best electric erasers that makes the erasing task easier than ever. We have also added an ultimate buying guide for the electric erasers to help you make a better buying decision.

So, read this post till the end and rest assured that you will be buying the best eraser for your purposes today. Before we jump to the reviews section, here is a quick introduction to help you get familiar with the electric erasers.

Quick Introduction To Electric Erasers

Best Electric Erasers Reviews

An electric eraser is a tool that looks like a sharp pencil or a marker. It is specially used to erase the darkest graphite or the untidy work done by a pencil or charcoal. These erasers have precise edges and that’s why they perform very efficiently. Electric erasers can be used by both right and left-handed people to make their task easier. Electric eraser draws its power via batteries or sometimes via an adapter and is the portable equipment for home, office and personal use.

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There are plenty of electric erasers available in the market but not all of them offers the best value for the money. Nothing to worry – we prepared a list of the top nine best electric erasers for your convenience so that you can select the best as per your need.

We know there is a lot of buzz in the online market, but you will explore the best of the best products worth every penny of your investment on this web page. So, without wasting a minute, let’s quickly move towards the best electric erasers reviews in the sections below.

Top 9 Best Electric Erasers 2021 Reviews


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Derwent (Battery) Eraser

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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

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#9. Art-N-Fly Battery Operated Pencil Electric Eraser

Art-N-Fly Battery Operated Pencil Electric Eraser

Art-N-Fly Battery Operated Pencil Electric Eraser is one of the lightest and compact electric erasers on our list. It is the ideal tool for drawing, drafting, architectural plans, art and craft. It is one of the best equipment for artists who love to play with colors, pencils, and other tools. This pencil eraser is very small in size – you can take it anywhere.

Moreover, it has strong erasing capabilities as it cleans every edge and adds charm to your work. Thanks to its strong motor sensors that allow you to erase the targeted areas quickly. It is effortless to operate; just push the button and erase the mistakes you want to remove. Its long-lasting battery is enough for long term use. Overall, it’s a one of the best electric erasers for personal, home and office use.

  • Neatly remove colored pencil, graphite and charcoal
  • Easily fits into every tiny area
  • Remove the excess pigment
  • Handy product
  • The battery compartment is hard to open
  • It does not do an excellent job of erasing painting projects.

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#8. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

If you are looking for professional electric erasers for artists, students and teachers, AFMAT Electric Eraser is the best option to buy. This newly designed eraser comes with 2 eraser holders of 2.3mm and 5mm. The bigger eraser compartment is used to erase the thick highlights, and the smaller one is used to erase smaller mistakes.

The ergonomic design of the eraser is best for gripping, and the circular shape is comfortable to hold. The process is simple; just push the button and enjoy erasing. You can quickly erase the targeted areas thanks to its strong erasing capability. What’s in the kit? The kit includes 40 big refills, 160 small refills and a brush.

  • Awesome highlights
  • The battery lasts for long term
  • Works best in both tiny and thick areas
  • Worthy investment
  • Do not erase heavy lines properly

#7. Mont Marte Electric Eraser

Mont Marte Electric Eraser

Mont Marte is one of the leading brands in the art supplies industry. The Mont Marte electric eraser makes the erasing process fun. It cleans every detailed area with pinpoint precision and makes it suitable for drawing, drafting, architectural and other projects. Thanks to its 5mm tip through which you can easily erase small areas of your work.

Its ergonomic handle is very comfortable and steady to control. This battery eraser is also perfect for technical drawing and art projects. The compact design of the eraser allows you to erase the small mistakes like a pro. This eraser is cordless and requires batteries to work. All in all, it’s one of the best battery operated erasers under $10.

  • Perfect size and button coordination
  • Durable
  • No noise while work is in the process
  • Needs extra pressure to clean thick areas

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#6. Artecho Electric Erasers

Artecho Electric Erasers

Want to buy something to make your erasing process fun? If yes, add Artecho Electric Erasers to your tool bucket. This compact and lightweight drawing eraser comes with two eraserheads. The thick eraser head is ideal for erasing thicker and heavier areas, and the small eraser head is ideal for cleaning delicate and tiny spaces.

This technical art eraser is perfect for artists, drawing and drafting work and gives a new way to correct and control your work. You can easily remove the marks you want; just push the button, and you are done. This battery-electric eraser is great for long term use.

  • Comes with USB charging cable
  • Ergonomic design with a superior grip
  • 2- head eraser
  • Best gift for family and kids
  • On/Off switch is a little clumsy
  • Not durable

#5. AFMAT Electric Eraser With 180 Refills

AFMAT Electric Eraser With 180 Refills

The coolest design of this AFMAT Electric Eraser attracts a lot of customers. It is the professional electric eraser for an artist who loves to make their art erasing process enjoyable. It is ideal for drawing, drafting, art and craft, colors etc. The kit includes 80 big and 100 small refills with a brush.

This electric eraser comes with 2 eraserheads that are convenient to erase both tiny and heavy areas. The 2.3mm grip is best for erasing small parts like hair, and 5mm is ideal for removing thick highlights. The circular shape of this automatic eraser is convenient to hold. You can easily target the incorrect areas with strong motor sensors.

  • Powered by 2AAA batteries
  • Did a great job on both thick and thin areas
  • The interchangeable eraser refill is a pro advantage
  • Sometimes it fails to rotate on paper

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#4. Ogrmar Electric Eraser

Ogrmar Electric Eraser

Want a lightweight and compact design eraser? Ogrmar Electric Eraser is a true hero on this list. The cordless eraser is powered by 2AAA batteries, which is suitable for long term purposes. The weight of this battery operated eraser is little more than one ounce. It has got compact design and can easily be fit into your pockets.

It is the ideal tool for drafting, drawing, art and craft and other projects. It can easily erase the graphite and charcoal without any hassle. The strong erasing capability makes it useful – it can easily erase the targeted areas. It provides plenty of torque to remove thick and harsh stains. All in all, it is the budget friendly electric eraser on our list.

  • Convenient to use
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Works well on both thick and thin areas
  • Remove harsh to harsh marks easily
  • The looks are not cool

#3. Ohuhu Electric Eraser

Ohuhu Electric Eraser

Ohuhu Electric Eraser is one of the most demanded electric erasers on our list. This eraser makes your task fun. It comes with fast rotating tips that erase the target area completely. It is very easy to operate; push the button and see the magic. From drawing to art and craftwork, it is ideal for all the projects.

Moreover, this lightweight eraser can easily be fit anywhere in your bags and pockets. It is suitable for personal, home and office use. The strong erasing capability makes it more convenient to use. The prolonged-lasting refill and battery are simple to remove and replace.

  • Easy to hold
  • Works well with tiny and fine lines
  • Handy
  • Works excellent on colored pencils
  • Little bigger than other erasers

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#2. Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

If you are looking for a premium quality electric eraser, Tombow Mono Zero Eraser is the best companion in your journey. From small to large, this electric eraser corrects all the imperfections with ease. The premium quality of this eraser allows you to erase all untidy art without damaging your paper.

It is the perfect choice for artists, crafter, students, kids and adults. The rounded edges of the eraser make it ideal for continuous and ongoing projects. It not only removes colored pencils but also eliminates the pen marks and other stains. This graphite eraser is made with a soft plastic material that easily cleans pencil marks without pressure.

  • Perfect for small areas
  • Highly recommended for artists
  • Perfectly works with colored pencil, graphite and charcoal
  • Not great for students as you put extra pressure while erasing thick lines

#1. Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser is best of the best electric erasers on our list because it has everything that you always wanted to have in an eraser. This eraser is an artist tool – it erases every fine line and sharp details with ease. It not only erases the darkest graphite but also works well with pencil and charcoal edge.

The operating function is very easy; simply push the button and start using it. It is suitable for both right and left-hand users. It is operated by 2AAA batteries. Overall, it’s the best battery operated eraser 2021 to buy.

  • Budget-friendly eraser
  • Easy to operate
  • Good functionality
  • Trigger works well
  • Sometimes it leaves white color bits on paper.

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Best Electric Erasers Buying Guide

Best Electric Erasers Buying Guide

What Are The Factors To Consider While Buying Electric Eraser

There are several factors to keep in mind while choosing the best electric eraser for your purposes. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:


The most crucial factor to look at while buying a battery operated eraser is its Length and width. If you are an artist or crafter, it is essential that the eraser can fit perfectly in your hands like an ordinary pen. Choosing right dimensions will help you hold the eraser for maximum time without cramping your muscles.

Electric Motor

The electric motor plays a vital role in battery operated erasers. If the electric motor is powerful enough, it is easy for you to spin the eraser’s head without any pressure and vice-versa. The speed of the motor prevents the potential damage to the paper and save your wrist from pain.

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Left and Right Handed Users

It is essential to keep in mind that your eraser is ideal for both left and right-hand users.

Number And Types Of Tips

Make sure that the refill can easily be removed and replaced. It means you don’t need to put much pressure on the refill while replacing.

Battery Powered Eraser

Always opt for a battery-powered eraser as it is handy and keeps you free from tangled wires and cords. Moreover, if you are an artist, student or architect, it’s easy for you to use the eraser anytime, anywhere.

Final Words

So, those were the top 9 best electric erasers of 2021. We hope you found the best eraser for your purposes. Whether you are an artist or architect, adding an electric eraser to your supplies is always a great deal.

Now you are loaded with enough information about the erasers; we hope it will be easier for you to choose the best one. Thanks for reading this post on To explore more cool items with genuine reviews and buying guides, do follow and stay tuned with us.