Top 12 Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Want to have fun on wheels? Thinking of buying the best outdoor roller skates for fun? If yes, your search ends here on the right web page. In his article, we will review and compare the top 12 best outdoor roller skates to start having fun on wheels again.

One of the most favorite activities time is roller skating. Fitness or fashion, roller skates are the perfect match for both. Roller skating gets a big push during a pandemic, and sales of the skates are around 700% that year.

Skating freely around the streets, in the park, or in societies is the best alternative to going to a gym. Skating is the best exercise to get your heart pumping. Whether you live in cool weather or the area where the sun is on the head, heading outside with a pair of skates keeps you healthy and active, especially in this pandemic. Skating not only helps in improving your cardiovascular strength but also helps in building your endurance.

Parks, Gyms and other fitness centers are closed we are always looking for an opportunity to maintain our health. Yoga, electric biking is always great for a healthy lifestyle, but skating is something different. It not only breaking a sweat for overall health but also refreshes our body, mind, and soul. That’s why we shared and assembled the list of the top 12 outdoor roller skates so that you become more enthusiastic and active during this pandemic. Let’s jump towards the list below.

Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Best Outdoor Roller Skates

#12. Kandy Luscious Kid’s Outdoor Roller Skates

Kandy Luscious Kid's Outdoor Roller Skates

Take the joy of skating to the next level? If yes, Kandy Luscious Kid’s Outdoor Roller Skates for a funky and fun-loving skating experience. This skate pair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is constructed with durable PVC leather that gives extra comfort to your foot. The roller skates are adjustable that comfortably fit according to your size.

Thanks to its high-quality foam padded tongue that provides a comfortable fit. It offers a smooth skating experience whenever you wear it. Also, the skates are made with safety that provides a tight fit on the ankle for support. These cool roller skates come in vibrant colors like ruby red, pure passion pink and purple, disco diva black and pink, and more. You can select your favorite color combo accordingly.

  • Long-lasting
  • Supports well
  • Sturdy
  • The boot is made up of good material
  • Not for a wide foot
  • Size is small; better go for 1 upsize

#11. XUDREZ Outdoor Roller Skates

XUDREZ Outdoor Roller Skates

If you are looking for skates for beginners and professionals, XUDREZ Outdoor Roller Skates are a great option to buy. These high-quality PU leather skates are comfortable and breathable, radiating heat when you use them for a longer period. It keeps your feet comfortable and dry every time. The wheels on the skates are also made up of good quality material, which offers a strong grip and comfortability.

Thanks to its ABCE-& bearing feature that provides stability and safety. The sole wireless stitching makes the skates more beautiful and attractive. These double-row roller skates are safe and stable than inline roller skates. Overall, it’s an excellent skate for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Lining is cozy
  • Wheels light upon moving
  • Smooth leather
  • Comfortable
  • The trucks are not responsive
  • Not sturdy

#10. WiiSHAM Outdoor Roller Skates

WiiSHAM Outdoor Roller Skates

WiiSHAM Outdoor Roller Skates are the most adjustable skates on our list. These lightweight skates are sturdy and best for everyday use. It offers the best support to your ankles, and you can skate freely on any surface. What’s including in the package? The package consists of all the necessary accessories like helmets, knee pads cones to practice the challenging situation.

The tight wheels support your ankles and protect you from mishappenings. The skates are constructed with a good quality material that offers comfort and jots simultaneously. This pair of skates are best for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, it’s a fantastic product for those who want to start their skating journey.

  • Great for beginners
  • Sturdy
  • Best for all surfaces
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bad quality
  • Not worth for money

#9. Exgingle Outdoor Roller Skates

Exgingle Outdoor Roller Skates

Want stylish and classic boot roller skates to enjoy a skating experience? If yes, Exgingle Outdoor Roller Skates is for you. This roller skate is made up of high-quality materials that offer outstanding skating fun. The skating boots are made up of durable PU material, which gives extra comfort while you are on the way. Thanks to its four solid wheels that provide great traction against the wear and tear of skating.

This stylish boot skate supports your ankle well, and its lacing system is best for adjusting. The skates are perfect for all surfaces and situations. The quick starts and sudden stops make it ideal for everyday use. These skates are the best gift for those who want to take their skating experience to the next level. All in all, it is a fabulous roller skate that is a perfect combo of both style and performance.

  • Solid performance
  • Ankle support
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Good for beginners
  • Cheap quality
  • Not for wide feet

#8. Lenexa uGOgrl Outdoor Roller Skates

Lenexa uGOgrl Outdoor Roller Skates

Lenexa uGOgrl, as the name suggests, is specially designed for girls. These outdoor roller skates are the perfect combination of style and comfort. The skate boots are available in funky colors, which is the ideal match for your outfits. The semi-soft padded material not only gives you comfort but also helps your kid to slide here and there comfortably.

Your kid loves the stylish look of the skates; they never want to take them off. The wheels are made with perfect material and are safe for both indoor and outdoor skating surfaces. Thanks to its lightweight nylon plates through which you cannot feel the weight on any pavements. The skates come with ABEC 5 rated chrome steel bearings that provide a smooth rolling experience whether you rink or sidewalk around the city.

  • For beginners
  • Vibrant colors
  • Lots of padding
  • Cute
  • Not safe
  • Not for regular use

#7. Sure Grip Outdoor Roller Skates

Sure Grip Outdoor Roller Skates

Sure-Grip Outdoor Roller Skates is for you to look for glitter roller skates for indoor and outdoor use. This fantastic shiny boot is full of glitters and eyelets. The rock nylon plate makes it safe and perfect for everyday use. The wheels of the skates are super fast so that you can roll, rink, or sidewalk in all environments. Show off your style with this fabulous outdoor roller skate.

This fantastic glitter skate takes you to another world, and you can roll in the streets or on wood surfaces with remarkable comfort, style, and performance. Overall, it is the best combination of performance and style.

  • Comfortable
  • Great wheels
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive
  • No ankle padding

#6. GVDV Double Roller Skates For Girls And Boys

GVDV Double Roller Skates For Girls And Boys

GVDV Outdoor Roller Skates are pretty better than your expectations. The roller skates come with 4 illuminating wheels that light up automatically when you start skating. It looks fabulous when the light flashes in the dark and you walk around the streets, roads, and parks. The best part of these skates is they are washable. Thanks to its breathable mesh fabric that not only gives comfort but reduces the burden of skating. It transports the gas and smells out of the interior of roller skates.

The rounded wheels are wear-resistant and smooth, suitable for an indoor, outdoor, skating rink, and other occasions. It is an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, and special events that wake up their joy and excitement. Above all, enjoy a smooth, quiet, and confident ride with these fantastic skates.

  • For beginners
  • Illuminating lights
  • Adjustable skates
  • Durable
  • Customer service is not good
  • Not long-lasting

#5. Gets Women Outdoor Roller Skates

Gets Women Outdoor Roller Skates

Let’s the fun begins with Gets Women Outdoor Roller Skates. With ultra-comfy skates and smooth interior lining, you love to slide and slip on different surfaces. The sizeable front brake is ideal for quick starts and sudden stops. This high-quality skate boots provide extra comfort and reduce ankle pain so that you can roll for longer hours.

The premium design of the skates makes them perfect for everyday use and for those who just know how to skates. This four-wheel skates are sturdy, safe, and reliable. The skate comes in vibrant colors and is the perfect gift for children, boys, girls, etc. It gives you a fabulous indoor and outdoor skating experience. Overall, the bold style of the skates makes them durable and long-lasting.

  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Comfortable skates
  • Break support
  • Wear-resistant wheels
  • Wheels are slippery somewhere
  • Expensive

#4. Otw-Cool Adjustable Outdoor Roller Skates

Otw-Cool Adjustable Outdoor Roller Skates

Otw-Cool Outdoor Roller Skates are the adjustable skates on our list. You can easily switch the size and length of the skates according to your requirements. The eight illuminating wheels light up automatically when you start skating. The buckle, strap, and lace system help you to adjust the feet properly into the skates.

The skates are best for those who just learn how to skate and want to improve their skating skills. This outdoor roller skate has an integrated shell and frame system that gives skaters more stability and control. The wheels are wear-resistant and smoothly slide and roll in the streets with these fantastic skates. The triple protection system of the skates makes it best for everyday use. If safety is the priority, this skate is the best choice.

  • Durable and smooth
  • Safety and comfort
  • High quality
  • Triple-layer protection
  • Wheels broke off after sometime
  • Not long-lasting

#3. XUDREZ Cowhide Outdoor Roller Skates

XUDREZ Cowhide Outdoor Roller Skates

XUDREZ Cowhide Outdoor Roller Skates look stylish when wearing. This roller skate comes with high bounce attractive wheels that are suitable for all pavements. These skates are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. The top design and the gorgeous colors can attract more attention between friends and in the sports ground. The ABEC 5 bearings are more stable and safe for long-term use. The classic dual row and four wheels are suitable for beginners and professionals, and you can give better performance on the way.

The shoe body is made up of PU leather which is comfortable to wear. For safety purposes, the company adds buckle closure, hook, strong belt, and shoelace. Also, skates are always the ideal gift for friends and sports lovers.

  • True to size
  • Safe wheels
  • Good for beginners
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sizing issue
  • Quality could be better

#2. Pacer Outdoor Roller Skates

Pacer Outdoor Roller Skates

Pacer Outdoor Roller Skates got all the attention when you skate with your friends, even on the sports ground. The skates are like comfortable boots with lots and lots of padding in it so that you can roll, slide or glide for long hours. The wheels are wear resistance and offer ultimate performance on the way.

Thanks to its solid racing bearings that allow you to roll fast on the streets and roads. The lightweight plates and double action trucks keep you safe from daily wear and tear. The skates are best for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, these roller skates are perfect for those who are looking for budget-friendly skates without sacrificing their quality and performance.

  • Super comfortable
  • Great quality
  • Worth for money
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Hard wheels
  • Cheaply made

#1. C-Seven Outdoor Roller Skates

C-Seven Outdoor Roller Skates

If you are looking for excellent quality skates for indoor and outdoor use, C-Seven Outdoor Roller Skates are hands down the best option for you. When it comes to comfortability and safety, these skates are the best in all. These skates are perfect for a boardwalk and downtown area so that they can withstand all environmental conditions. The wheels of the skates are wear resistance and can ideally give you a smooth and seamless ride for long hours.

These comfy skates are a perfect fit for both kids and adults. The soft faux leather gives you extra comfort when you skate for a longer period. These skates are the ideal entry-level skates and are best for beginners. Whether you are in the crowd or skate near your house, these skates withstand all weather conditions. Overall, it’s a high-performance case in more stylish colors.

  • Highly recommended
  • Good quality
  • Amazing wheels
  • Customizing option
  • Plastic truck

Buying Guide – Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Buying Guide - Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Factors To Consider While Buying Outdoor Roller Skates


Most of the roller skates come with four wheels in pair, which are best and stable to stand on. But the quality of wheels depends on their hardness and softness. The harder the wheels, the longer the lifespan. But harder wheels are not safe because of less grip and shock absorption technology. While on the other hand, softer wheels are safe and have shock absorption technology but have a shorter lifespan.


Bearing is the essential factor to consider when you look for high-quality skates. Bearings help the skates in their performance and avoid water and moisture. Select the skates that offer high bearings.

Hard Boot Vs. Soft Boot

If you want stability and support, rugged boots are always the right choice because they are specially designed for fitness purposes. While soft boots are the right choice for those, who want to skate, roll, glide or dance. Soft boots are better ventilated and light in weight.

Trucks And Plates

Always choose the outdoor roller skates that come with a truck and plate feature. Trucks that are made up aluminum is always the right choice because it makes the skates solid and heavy. While plates that are constructed with nylon make the skates light and comfortable.

Final Words

So, here is the guide ends for the best outdoor roller skates. Roller skates are not only for fitness but also for enjoyment and fun. So, choose the best skates from the above list and start rolling, sliding, or dancing all around the street.

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