Best Gaming Routers For Xbox One

Are you interested in boosting your Xbox One gaming experience? Well, here are the three best gaming routers for your Xbox one, followed by a detailed buying guide.

We can’t ignore the fact that good gaming on Xbox One is a result of good Internet, and good Internet is a result of a good Wi-Fi router. Buying the best Wi-Fi router for Xbox One becomes more important when you play multiplayer—and where most routers give up.

That’s why top router’s companies, such as Asus, Tp-Link, and Netgear, make gaming-focused routers. These gaming routers are designed to handle dozens of devices simultaneously that require lots of bandwidth. Since these dedicated gaming routers are gamer-centric, they help optimize your entire network and offer Dynamic QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize devices according to their bandwidth requirement.

Best Gaming Routers For Xbox One

Even though the QoS feature is very common and any good budget router can offer, they won’t provide gamer-focused settings and optimizations. However, It’s not all about the QoS feature; there are tons of other features—You can read these essential factors in the buying-guide below. — as well, that play a crucial role while deciding the best Wi-Fi router for your Xbox One.

Therefore, I reviewed many gaming routers last week and have picked the top three out of them. Take a look at them,

Best Wi-Fi Gaming Routers For Xbox One Reviews And Comparison.

Best Wi-Fi Gaming Routers For Xbox One Reviews And Comparison.

Read the detailed reviews of best wifi gaming routers for Xbox One. We are sure that you will buy the best gaming router today, offering best value and experience for the money.

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#1. TP-Link AC5400 C5400X.

TP-Link AC5400 C5400X

This gaming router has plenty of features perfect for Xbox One, or typical gaming for that matter. It features MU-MIMO technology and tri-band configuration, which is purposely designed for serious gamers. When it comes to design, the AC5400 has an exceptional one that will draw your attention. It has eight black and red antennas and a crown-shaped build. Also, it has a WAN port, a power jack, and power buttons.

The other fantastic thing I love about it is the eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and the incredibly easy-to-use parental controls, which allow you to monitor what your kids are playing and regulate the time they spend on the Xbox One. Besides, it comes with security features such as anti-malware, intrusion deterrence system, and content filler. With a remarkable design, parental controls, exceptional security, tri-band configuration, and easy optimization, this is the ideal product for your X-Box one.

  • Impressive anti-malware features
  • MU-MIMO technology lets you link several gadgets at the same time
  • The crown-shaped build and black and red antennas offer it a matchless look.
  • It has a compact and portable build.
  • It has a WAN port and several gigabit LAN ports.
  • It has parental controls that allow you to monitor your children’s gaming and Internet use.
  • It lets you specify the apps and gadgets you wish to utilize and work.

  • It is expensive

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With this notable gaming router, you can optimize your gaming network utilizing a perfectly-designed Duma-OS management console. Also, you will get to enjoy the advantages of the most-recent Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Besides the WPS buttons, the router has LED indicators for internet usages such as the 5GHz and 2.4GHz activity, USB, and LAN activities. The power LED glimmers white once the router is switched on, and it turns yellow when updating the firmware. On the back are 5 Gigabit ports, 4 LAN ports, and one WAN port. Also, there is a USB port and a power button.

On the other hand, it does not have a 2.5GB LAN port, and it doesn’t support link aggregation. It features dual-band configuration, the most recent Wi-Fi 6 technologies (802.11ax), and MU-MIMO technology, simultaneously sharing data to several devices. Even though it does not have free-malware and parental controls, I love that it offers you continuous protection from cyber threats and viruses once you pay for the NETGEAR Amor subscription.

  • Easy to set up
  • Fast internet speeds
  • Consistent throughput performance
  • The operating system is perfect for your X-Box One

  • You have to pay for NETGEAR Armor to be shielded from cyber threats

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#3. ASUS AX6000 (RT-AX88U).

ASUS AX6000 (RT-AX88U)

The ASUS RT-AX88U is perfect for efficient X-Box one gaming. It provides reliable and receptive Wi-Fi 6 signals to every corner of your home. Also, it features several ports for wired gadgets like PC, desktop, X-Box, and NAS gadgets. It offers 6Gbps internet speeds and 8 LAN ports. Moreover, it has a dual-band configuration. It also operates with an aiMesh system, which can connect to several routers simultaneously for better and enhanced coverage when necessary.

Furthermore, this great router also has OFDMA and MU-MIMO, which allow me to link several gadgets for improved stability and enhanced data streaming. When it comes to gaming, the AX6000 has an Adaptive QoS, which prioritizes your X-Box one to guarantee there are no slowdowns. Like most Asus routers, this one has its network protected by Ai-Protection Pro, a security feature to aid in keeping your cyber presence safe.

  • Adaptive QoS is perfect for X-Box one.
  • Ai-protection Pro keeps your data safe.
  • The Ai-mesh system lets you link multiple routers for improved coverage
  • MU-MIMO technology allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously
  • Has multiple ports to connect wired devices

  • It is expensive

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Buying Guide: Factors That Are Important While Choosing Best Gaming Routers One For Your Xbox One.

Factors That Are Important While Choosing Best Gaming Routers For Your Xbox One

With the wide gamut of products in the market, it might not be easy to know what to consider before purchasing a router for X-Box one. But, worry no more; this buying guide will make the buying process easier for you.

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 Standard: Which one? 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11g.

The X-Box one typically works perfectly with a router featuring 802.11ac standards. This links wireless technology to unique heights. Naturally, it is faster than the 802.11n, and it supports beamforming and MU-MIMO technology. It would be best for your X-Box one to buy ac standard routers and enjoy the session with a stable and reliable internet connection.

 Ethernet Port: Ports to look for?

For the ideal gaming experience, a wired connection is better than a wireless one. Usually, wireless is not reliable since it is an indirect connection from your X-Box one to the Wi-Fi router. On the other hand, a wired connection allows for direct connection, ruling out any possibilities of interruptions. The wired connection makes all the difference while gaming.

 Quality Of Service.

QoS is vital for the perfect gaming session, primarily if you are not the only one using the Internet connection. At times, you have friends or family at your place who would like to use your Internet connection for various uses. QoS allows you to prioritize your traffic, so if your X-Box one is on the priority list, QoS will direct the traffic there first. This translates to an enhanced gaming session.

 Firmware: Installing a third-party firmware can boost my Xbox One performance?

Every router features standard firmware that might not take advantage of what it has to offer. Setting up a third-party firmware lets you customize your firmware to modify the settings; therefore, you can get a well-run network in terms of QoS, security, and so much more!


With the NAT Open features, you can harbor traffic from your X-Box one when utilized together with UPnP. This translates to more comfortable gaming without any interference.

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This feature usually is built-in for most routers, and in case your router does not have it, you should upgrade the firmware. This is perfect for your X-Box one since it allows you to link it to the X-Box live servers with reduced limitations. This is utilized in tandem with the NAT Open feature.

 Wi-Fi 6 Protocol.

The perfect routers for gaming operate Wi-Fi 6 protocols; this is the fastest speed Wi-Fi protocol. It’s better than the Wi-Fi 5 protocols. It is faster, supports plenty more users, and is backward compatible. The other thing that makes it’s perfect for X-Box one is that the network features reduced congestion.

Network Coverage.

Typically, coverage is the maximum area your router can cover uninterrupted. If you have a larger home, you should go for one that offers strong signals. Besides, it would be best if you also considered buying a router with more antennas.

FAQs: Most Common Questions About Xbox One Router.

Q.1 Why is there Packet Loss on my Xbox One?

Ans. The main reason for Packet loss is nothing but your Internet connection itself. Yes, such things (Packet loss and bandwidth) take place due to slow Internet connection. I suggest you go for the best ISP in your area.

Without a solid and reliable connection, you’ll never be able to enjoy your gaming. Therefore, I advise you to switch your ISP to the faster one and check the number of devices in your home using the same network. In this way, you’ll be able to choose an Internet plan as per your needs.

Q.2 Renting a router for my Xbox One from my ISP is a good option?

Ans. It’ll never be the best option for you. You can’t expect your renting router to be gamer-centric at any cost. They usually provide only basic level routers, not gaming router.

In other words, if you want to avoid common issues while gaming, such as reduced latency, less bandwidth, traffic packet loss, and many more, buying your own dedicated gaming router will be the best option for your Xbox One.


So, those are the best gaming router for Xbox one. I hope this article helps you in choosing the best router to enhance your gaming experience. Thanks for reading this article on To explore more cool gadgets do follows and stay tuned for fresh products and information.