Best Krill Oils | Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best Krill oils available in the market? Here are the 10 best krill oil supplements that TheReviewedBest has hunted exclusively for you. 

What is krill oil? Is krill oil the best omega 3?

Best Krill Oils

Many people prefer taking krill oil because it’s a great source of fatty omega 3 acids and also it’s the best alternative to fish oil for individuals who are concerned more about PCB and mercury contamination. 

Furthermore, krill oils also have a better absorption rate than fish oil.

Krill is the more sustainable and ethical source for fatty omega 3 acids. However, there are factors like harvesting techniques and others on which it depends. 

There are a lot of benefits associated with Krill Oils and mostly the benefits you are going to get depend on the quality of the oil. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose the highest quality krill oil supplement to get all the health benefits. 

Is it the first time you’re buying the best krill oil supplement?

Don’t you have an idea what to look for and consider when choosing the right krill oil for your health purposes? 

If yes, then read the bottom section of this post. We have added the best krill oil buying guide section right below the best krill oil supplements reviews section. The buying will answer all the questions that you have in your mind related to buying the best krill oils. Some of the common questions we will be answering in the best krill oils buying guide section includes the following;

  • Should I take krill oil? Is krill oil a good supplement? Which is better krill oil or fish oil?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Using Krill Oil Supplements?
  • What Are The Side Effects Of Krill Oil Consumption?
  • What Are The Recommended Dosage For The Best Krill Oils? How much krill oil should I take daily?

So, read the buyers guide and best krill oil supplements reviews to pick the best for you from the below top 10 best krill oils. 

Enough Jargons… Time To Start Exploring The Top 10 Best Krill Oil Supplements Reviews …

Top 10 Best Krill Oil Reviews

#10. Kori Krill Oil

Kori Krill Oil 

The reason that this product stands different from other krill oils in the industry is, it is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. This is something concrete for people looking for PCB-free oil assurance. Also, this product holds each and every benefit associated with high levels of Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA & DHA.

Moreover, these ingredients are higher than fish oil. One more reason that you can look at for buying this product is, it doesn’t affect your throat’s taste, and it is burpless. Additionally, which makes your day in and out schedule more convenient. Plus, Kori Krill Oil aims to support your body in fat burning process, healthy heart & skin with improved brain health.

  • High Absorption Rate
  • Non-GMO & Burpless
  • Affordable
  • Contains Gelatin

#9. Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

If you are looking for a product that assures you superior sourcing and manufacturing practices, then this is made for you. The firm producing this oil is more than 40 years old with a worldwide distribution network and innovative processes. They deliver 1200 mg of krill oil, which is divided up into two capsules. Because as suggested, two pills are best for one-time intake, which means only 600mg per capsule.

Apart from all the benefits associated with krill oil, this very product is less in astaxanthin. That means a lesser number of antioxidants; it is suitable for people dealing with lower oxidation levels. Moreover, this product has the right concentration of Vitamin A & Vitamin E, which can be an additional factor for you to buy.

  • Vitamins are add-on
  • Superior quality & sourcing
  • Its size makes it easy to swallow
  • Not suitable for people targeting only arthritis

#8. Pure Label Nutrition Krill Oil 1000mg

Pure Label Nutrition Krill Oil 1000mg

It is another high-quality & pure Antarctic krill oil that is claimed to be absolutely free of Mercury, Gluten & GMO. Additionally, this krill oil is purified further to make your after-taste less of fishy burps. Each dosage makes up 1000mg of rich krill oil. Going by the mainstream, this product focuses on supporting your immune system for better health & also raising the bar of health for your skin & eye.

Additionally, the Omega 3 oil-abundant capsule assists you in boosting metabolism while reducing swellings in the joints. Furthermore, this very benefit also leads to lowering fat or basically a healthy way of losing weight. Moreover, Pure Label Krill Oil also enhances your brain health with increased concentration power and memory. Furthermore, it serves best for people aiming for a sharper mind and quick learning skills.

  • High quality & pure krill oil
  • Assists in weight loss & fat burning
  • Enhances brain health
  • Can make your stomach upset

#7. ONNIT Antarctic Krill Oil
ONNIT Antarctic Krill Oil

For the people who are in love with fitness & are athletes, this product is what you can rely on. As Onnit itself is a fitness-focused company, they aim to let people achieve their total body value during or after/before training and workouts. One more factor associated with this krill oil is that they are certified by Friend of the Sea, which shows purity and a sustainable source of krills.

These capsules are packed with high Omega-3, astaxanthin, EPA & DHA. Moreover, these soft gel capsules are easy to swallow and smaller in size. All in all, Onnit Antarctic krill oil is studied for being supportive of healthy joints, brain & for cardiovascular too.

  • Certified by Friend of Sea
  • Gluten free, Soy free & Non-GMO
  • Made for athletes
  • Contains additives

#6. Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil

Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil

The name Dr. Mercola is taken from the practicing physician named Mercola. His mission is to provide the best up-to-date natural health information with the best products to use for maintaining the same. One such product falls in the krill oil category. Dr. Mercola Krill Oil capsules are made from 100% pure Krill Oil, which all are harvested using the latest marine technology.

Furthermore, this technology ensures that the krill species thrive for future generations too. Moreover, this supplement is made in a GMP-approved facility. Being able to promote a healthy heart and boost memory, these capsules are totally pure, Gluten-free, GMO-free, and Soy-free. Moreover, they are made with fusion technology that ensures no smell and is free from oxygen means they can be kept longer with the same freshness.

  • Ethical way of sourcing
  • GMP approved facility
  • Best for Heart & Mental Health
  • Unpleasant taste

#5.  Purity Labs Wild Antarctic Krill Oil

Purity Labs Wild Antarctic Krill Oil

The best & pure Krill Oil delivered by Purity Labs Wild Antarctic capsules has around 2,000 mg per serving. This quantity of serving makes it almost double the value of servings, which are majorly prevalent in the market. All of this comes with the manufacturer’s claim of high quality, toxin-free (including Mercury & PCB), gluten-free, solvent-free & GMO-free pills.

Moreover, Purity Labs has declared the product to be risk-free after proper tests. Furthermore, the difference of power in the pills are shared with Astaxanthin & Phospholipids, which mark your heart, brain, joint & immune system health and recovery.

Plus, this krill oil blend supports balanced hormone production and good cardiovascular functions. Additionally, it can also help the absorption of all the healthy nutrients more easily and effectively.

  • Good for Cardio-muscular health & blood pressure
  • Supports balanced hormone production
  • Extra mg per servings
  • Bigger pills make it difficult to gulp down the throat

#4. Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

Viva Naturals Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

Viva Natural is another potent Krill Oil-based capsule available in the market. Although they are not relatively old in the field of supplements, they ensure that the proper, transparent & qualitative process is to be followed, which is also detailed on their own website.

The formulation of these pills contains a good proportion of EPA & DHA. Why should you buy this one? Because they are more effective on Knees, Hips & Shoulder joint pains. Furthermore, they contain a good proportion of DHA, assisting in maintaining a healthy brain, including much-needed support for your memory.

Moreover, they have formulated unique & innovative Caplique Capsules. These special kinds of capsules limit fishy burps and additionally decrease the rough aftertaste of the oil base.

  • Suited best for knees, hips & shoulder joints health
  • Special kind of capsules for less fishy feeling
  • Pure sourcing maintained & qualitative process
  • A young company without any proven long record

#3. NOW Neptune Krill Oil

NOW Neptune Krill Oil

SInce 1968, ‘NOW’ has been in the industry with well-made name in natural supplements. If you are strict on the terms of scientific research protocols, then Neptune Krill 1000mg Krill Oil Capsules are the exact supplement you should opt for.

The firm strictly follows the GMP quality process under US FDA & NPA regulations. Moreover, they are highly focused on being consistent, highly reproducible product quality & safety. Additionally, the pills are enteric-coated and known for their unique fatty acid profile, including EPA & DHA & phospholipids.

Furthermore, the product is clinically tested for results in joint comfort, healthy blood lipid levels. Plus it is also tested for maintaining a healthy feminine balance.

  • Strict on US FDA & NPA regulations
  • Good for feminine balance
  • Old brand name to associate with
  • Stay away if you have the seafood allergy

#2. MegaRed Omega 3 Krill Oil

MegaRed Omega 3 Krill Oil

One of the most popular and high in EPA & DHA content krill oil is MegaRed. One serving of MegaRed Krill oil provides 1000mg of 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil, which is a bit different from other competitors having the same quantity in at least two pills for intake.

In-depth, these Krill Oil capsules carry the nutrients in phospholipid form in the body, which are easily recognized & absorbed. Why should you get your hands on this one? This product is suited well for reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. Plus, they are also formulated to give no fishy odor or aftertaste, which can be one of the key factors to make you choose this one.

  • Popular brand
  • Easy to absorb for body
  • Best suited for coronary heart diseases
  • The bigger size of pills

#1. Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil

Reaching at the top-most choice for the best Krill Oil supplement, this is what we suggest. Sports Research Krill Oil is made up of an advanced formula, ie. Superba2 is clinically proven and ensures an increase in the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body. If you are inclined towards sustainable harvesting, then this product occupies the top space for that too.

Additionally, it is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and IKOS 5 star certified. All in all, an easy resort for digesting krill oil down your stomach, which further gives superior results in supporting brain, heart & joint health. Furthermore, this product genuinely performs well in each of the benefits associated with Krill Oil usage.

  • Non-GMO, GMP-certified, MSC-certified, Kosher and Clinically proven
  • More comfortable to digest down with an advanced formula
  • Third-Party Tested
  • It contains additives

Krill Oils Buying Guide 

Krill Oils Buying Guide
Krill Oils Buying Guide

Here in this section, we will help you in making the right decision by exposing some essential facts and answering a common question that strikes every first-time krill oil buyer’s mind. So, let’s start exploring the facts and answers one by one.

Should I take krill oil? Is krill oil a good supplement? Which is better krill oil or fish oil?

Yes, krill oil is good for your health. Krill oil supplements are perfect for people who want to reduce heart disease risk, joint inflammation pain due to arthritis, and improve overall mental health. 

Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with the results after using fish oils, you can give krill oil supplements a shot. Krill oil supplements come with active natural ingredients that can boost the bioavailability and absorption of fatty omega 3 acids. 

Moreover, the benefits associated are similar to what we expect from the concentrated source of fatty omega 3 acids. Well, for your information, omega 3 fatty acids provide both physical and mental health benefits. 

How To Buy The Right Krill Oil Supplements?

How To Buy The Right Krill Oil Supplements
Close-up Natural Krill Oil Capsules isolated on white background.

Check The Brand And Reviews

It’s not that tough to buy the best, but it’s not easy as well. To start your hunt for the best, first of all, you should check out the krill oil brands and then reviews. Not all krill oil supplements are the same, and the reviews are best to know the product-specific facts. So, always check reviews of any particular krill oil supplement brand before making any final buying decision. 

Check Omega 3 Fatty Acid Content In Krill Oil Supplements

One can easily measure the content of Omega 3 fatty acids by the DHA and EPA levels. Well, some krill oil supplements available in the market don’t mention DHA or EPA levels on their package. This is nothing but a trick to obscure the low concentrations of ingredients, so better you avoid buying such products. 

Furthermore, always go with the one that uses krill oil with high DHA and EPA concentration rather than low-quality krill oil with low DHA and EPA concentrations.

To rank these top 10 best krill oils, we have included only those krill oil supplements that have appropriate DHA and EPA levels. We haven’t any such supplement in the list that hides the details related to omega 3 fatty acid contents. 

Look For Phospholipids And The Levels Of Astaxanthin In Best Krill Oil Supplements 

Phospholipid content is secondary, but another Important Factor that you should consider when selecting the best krill oil supplement from the above list. Phospholipid enhances the ability of the body to absorb omega 3 fatty acid more efficiently. 

On the other hand, Astaxanthin is responsible for the deep red colour of krill oil. Also, as in other deep colour Ingredients like coffee, Astaxanthin too has the dominant antioxidant characteristics. So, buying krill oil supplements with higher Astaxanthin levels will be really a great decision. 

What Are The Benefits Of Krill Oil Supplements?

Benefits Of Krill Oil Supplements
Krill oil pills on a spoon, closeup

Krill oil comes with a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the key physical and mental health benefits you can expect to see by using the best krill oils. 

  • Krill oil supplements reduce heart disease risk. 
  • Regular use of krill oil improves mental health. 
  • It offers more benefits than fish oils. 
  • Krill oil reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Krill Oil Consumption?

Just like fish oil supplements, krill oil supplements are exceptionally well-tolerated, and there are no significant side effects associated with their use or consumption. However, some users have reported that they experienced mild gastrointestinal discomfort and a fish-like taste in their throat. 

What is the recommended dosage for the best krill oils? How much krill oil should I take daily?

At least 300mg of krill oil dose per day is optimal. However, considering krill oil’s excellent safety profile, you can choose between 800 to 1200 mg of krill oil dosage per day for the best results and broad-spectrum health benefits. You can do so by either taking one high-dose supplement or by taking smaller doses multiple times per day. 

Final Words

So, those are some of the facts that you need to consider when choosing the right supplement from the above top 10 best krill oils on the list. 

We hope this guide has explained everything really well to you and you have found the best krill oil from the above list.  Drop your comment below and let us know which out of the above top 10 best krill oils you’re going to buy.

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