Best Smart Curtains to Make Your Life Easy

I’ve wanted to replace my old curtains for a while and went looking for a good one online. When I came across smart curtains, I realized they would provide great convenience and aesthetic value to my home.

But choosing a smart curtain was no piece of cake. These products are relatively less reviewed in the smart home market. On top of that, I had no clue as to what features I should look for.

However, after spending hours researching this, I have compared all the pros and cons of all the best smart curtains available in the market and have narrowed them down to the best choices for you. I have gone into detail about each of the options so that you can draw your own conclusions and understand which curtain will be the best choice for you. I have also compiled a comprehensive buyers guide at the end of this post to help you make your choice.

If you want a smart curtain that gives you a good overall performance and ticks all the right boxes, I recommend the Quoya Smart Drapery System for its clean look, convenience, and smooth and quiet operation.

Reviews Of Best Smart Curtains.

Reviews Of Best Smart Curtains

Read the detailed reviews of best smart curtains in the section below:

1. Quoya Smart Drapery System- The Overall Best Smart Curtain.

Quoya Smart Drapery System-

When it comes to motorized curtains, Quoya’s Smart Curtains has the perfect blend of all the requirements you would need from a smart curtain. Not just does it have a classy look that will add to your home’s aesthetic look, but it comes packed with all the features you would need from a smart curtain.

Quoya has made their smart curtain very customizable. It can fit a window of width up to 3.2 meters, support a weight of up to 70 kilograms, and has eight hooks per meter. Ceiling and wall brackets are included for any installation type, so you won’t have to worry about installation problems in your window.

Speaking of installation, it is a breeze to set up this curtain. It’s got everything you need right in the box it comes in. I was able to set this up within an hour and didn’t even need Tech Support. Quoya has a detailed, step-by-step installation video guide with about 16+ in-depth videos to make matters easier. This covers topics from different types of installation, whether it be side-to-side or center-to-side installation, all the way to setting up schedules and voice commands. Quoya also has 24-hour tech support, so if you encounter difficulties even after seeing the instruction videos, they will provide the help you need.

The Quoya Smart Curtain is feature-packed. You can synchronize the curtain with local sunrise and sunset timings giving full automotive control. It’s also motion-activated, so If the curtain detects an opening or closing motion of your hands, it automatically closes/opens the curtain. This feature can become extremely useful for the elderly as simple hand motions are enough to trigger motion, and you don’t have to slide the curtains all the way manually. You can set up voice command activation as well.

The motor mechanism of the curtain is extremely quiet. All you will hear is the usual sound of the drapes being moved. The absence of the buzzing motor sound adds huge value to this curtain.

It is compatible with home automation systems like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. So you can use voice commands to operate them, giving you hands-free control. Alternatively, you can use the remote control provided or the phone app to set a custom schedule to close and open the curtains automatically.

Overall, Quoya provides a complete package in the smart curtain department. With handy features, elegant looks, complete automation, and easy installation, it takes the cake for the best overall curtain in 2021.

2. SwitchBot Smart Electric Curtain – Best Retrofit pick.

SwitchBot Smart Electric Curtain

SwitchBot Curtain is a small device that motorizes your conventional curtain and makes it a smart one. This saves you the time and money to buy a whole electric curtain and the effort needed to set that up.

It takes just about 30 seconds of installation and requires no nuts, bolts, or screws. All you need to do is attach the Switchbot Curtain Motor on your curtain track, and you’re done! This works on the U-rail, I-rail, and also the rod rail.

One of the main advantages of the SwitchBot curtains is the degree of control you have. You can use the switchbot app, available on Android and iOS, to control the opening and closing of curtains. You can check your curtains’ status and control them remotely from your app when you’re not at home. So if you forgot to close the curtains when you left home, you can do so from the app, or even better, set automation to close them as you leave home.

Another way to control it is using a virtual assistant like Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. This allows you to integrate it with your home automation ecosystem and leverage its advantages like voice control activation and set custom scenes for opening and closing curtains.

Like the Quoya Smart Curtain, you can draw the curtains using small hand gestures, using a feature called ‘Touch-and-Go’. If SwitchBot senses you trying to pull open the curtains, it does the work for you.

SwitchBot also has a built-in light sensor that detects sunrise and sunset. You can set it up to automatically close during the day to keep your room cool during hot summers. Conversely, you can have it open when it detects sunlight to warm your room during cold winters.

One drawback of this curtain is that it doesn’t support as much weight as its Quoya counterpart. It supports only up to 10kg weight. But overall, its ease of installation, degree of control and automation, and the ability to make almost any curtain a smart one make SwitchBot a great value-for-money product for you.

3. Curtain Call Motorized Curtain – Most Convenient Curtain.

Curtain Call Motorized Curtain

The Curtain Call motorized curtain is designed to give you maximum comfort and convenience at a slightly higher price. This has a 3-channel remote that allows you to control three separate curtains with a single remote. This also enables you to open a curtain from the left, right, or center, thereby giving you full control.

The installation process is fairly simple. You would require below an hour if you want to set it up by yourself. It is designed to fit even long and wide windows. However, that would require assistance from another person to hold the motorized track in place. It can be either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, with mounting brackets for the latter option provided within the package. If you want wall mounting brackets, you would need to place a special request for them to be included.

If you’re wondering what types of curtains will be compatible with this rod, the answer is pretty much any pleated curtain that has hooks. There is no need for special ones. This gives you a plethora of options to choose from, and you can have a curtain of your liking that fits your specific window.

One major drawback of this is that you will need to get the Wi-Fi Smart Plug and Curtain Call Adapter Cable 1450 to enjoy smart home features. These bring on an additional cost, whereas in the Quoya models, it comes with the package. However, on purchasing these two, you can integrate Alexa, Google Home, or Siri with your curtain, and that, as I mentioned earlier, brings you a lot of convenience and automation.

You can use the remote that comes with it to control the curtains. It has a radius of about 100 meters, within which you can simply tap a button to open or close the curtains. It also allows for manual operation in the case of a power blackout, which can be extremely useful.

While the curtain price is about $400, which is slightly more expensive than its competitors, it can support heavier weights. It has more customizability, a quiet and reliable motor mechanism, and maximum comfort. So if you’re willing to put in the extra money, then this curtain is ideal for you.

4. Simple Smart Smart Wi-Fi Motor Remote Control Smart Motorized Electric Curtain – The Most Durable Curtain.

Simple Smart Smart Wi-Fi Motor Remote Control Smart Motorized Electric Curtain

This curtain is on the list for the best smart curtains because of its durability and versatility. It is a long-lasting, heavy-duty quiet curtain that provides you with a wide range of control and automation.

It is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Smart Life, IFTTT, and Tuya, allowing you to add it to your home ecosystem. In addition to this, you can control it using a remote control or a smartphone app. You can give your preferred distance setting and position that the motor can remember. This is an amazing feature that is not present in the other models mentioned above.

Like the Curtain Call Smart Curtain, you can operate it manually in the event of a power blackout. It also has a touch trigger, where a simple motion of pulling the curtain will automatically open or close the curtain for you. You can also enable the automatic opening or closing of curtain according to a schedule that you can set.

The one drawback with this curtain is the instruction manual. While the installation process is fairly easy, the instruction they have provided could be a little clearer.

It can support up to 45kg, guaranteeing control for long curtains. The remote control has a working radius of about 160 feet. All of this makes the Smart Curtains the strongest and most heavy-duty curtain there is. So if you want a long-lasting curtain for a wide window, then this is the choice for you.

Buyers Guide – Best Smart Curtains

Buyers Guide - Best Smart Curtains

Now, if you’re still confused about which curtain to buy, then I’ve got you covered. I shall list out what features you need to look out for while buying a smart curtain.


This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a smart curtain. The last thing you want is for your newly purchased curtain to get worn out within a few weeks. You also need to make sure there is no annoying sound of the motor while opening and closing the curtain. This can be a disturbance if you are sleeping or are busy working or studying.

The four choices we’ve listed for you have quiet and efficient motor mechanisms. If you want the most durable curtain that will last for a long time, then the Home Supplier smart curtain and the Quoya smart curtain will be good choices for you.

Smart Home compatibility:

This feature is such a necessity that almost all leading manufacturers provide smart home compatibility in their curtains. Integration with virtual assistants like Google Home, Siri, or Alexa can allow us to use voice control activation and set up various automation and scenes.

It is a good idea to look if there is an app that controls the curtain. Using your phone for controlling the curtains is a lot easier and more convenient than using a remote control. The Curtain Call Motorized curtains require an additional purchase to enable smart home integration, but the other three recommendations we have for you do not need that.


Even though the quality is of utmost importance while buying a curtain, it is equally important to look for its warranty. It is always better to keep yourself covered in case of failure of the curtain. Look out for curtains having a 3-5 year warranty.


The whole point of buying a smart curtain is reducing hassle and making it easier and convenient to use them. If your curtain can be controlled remotely even when you are outside your home, that is a must-have feature. Not to mention this has added security benefits.

Automatic curtain timers that allow for the opening and closing of curtains based on a custom schedule, or even at sunrise and sunset, are another aspect to look for when it comes to convenience. In addition to this, make sure your curtain can be opened or closed with simple hand gestures. This can also be helpful for older people or people with any disabilities.

If convenience is your top priority, then the Quoya smart curtain and the Curtain Call motorized curtains are the best buys for you.


Like with all products price is one of the most important features. You can get a smart curtain for around 100-400 dollars. But a higher price need not always assure quality. It is up to you what your budget is and what features you want and what you can sacrifice.

If you have a limited budget and just need to use your existing curtain as a smart one, look no further than the SwitchBot smart electric curtain. They are cheaper than their competitors and are easy to install, and can be used on almost any curtain.

If you are willing to go a bit pricier than the Quoya or Curtain Call smart curtain is for you. They have a wide variety of features, can support great weights, and are extremely convenient to use.

Keeping these in mind, you can choose a smart curtain that is best suited for your needs. Rest assured that any of the four curtains we have recommended for you will go a long way in improving your smart home experience.


Choosing the right smart curtain is essential for optimal performance. The four curtains we have shortlisted for you will add value to your smart home.

If you need a curtain that ticks all the right boxes and gives a good overall performance, then the Quoya Smart Drapery System is the pick for you. If you are on a budget and just want to make your current curtain a smart one, then the SwitchBot Smart Electric Curtain is a real value for your money.

If convenience is your top priority, then look out for the Curtain Call smart curtain system.  Thanks for reading this post on IF you’re just looking for something to last you a while and must be able to endure heavy-use, then go for the American Homesupplier Smart Curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smart Curtains?

Smart curtains are regular curtains, except fitted with a motor. They also allow for remote access within apps that control the curtains

How do you install motorized curtains?

It is the same process as installing your conventional curtains, except here you will need to fix the motor along with your curtain track and power it as well.

How long do smart curtains last?

In terms of remote control lifespan, they last for about five years on average when the blinds are used twice each day, decreasing with extra use.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned with Reviewed Best for more such amazing product reviews and buying guides.