Top 5 Best Pizza Peels Reviews, Comparison And Buying Guide

Looking for the best Pizza peel 2020? Here are the top 5 best Pizza peel reviews, comparison, and pizza peel buying guide.

Are you a pizza fanatic just like billions of others across the globe? If yes, then its time to buy the best pizza peel. You need all the tools in your kitchen to bake the perfect pizza without much hassle.

Pizza Peel is one of such essential tools without which baking a pizza would be quite difficult. The design of Pizza Peel is structured in a way so that it helps the baking hands safe from burn injury while putting the pizza dough in and out of the oven.

Usually, people use gloves, but after the origin of some best pizza peels, gloves are not anymore the first choice.

What Is A Pizza Peel?

What Is A Pizza Peel -

The basic work of a pizza peel is to help the bakers transfer the pizza dough with all the toppings from the working area to the oven and vice versa.

There are two surfaces of a pizza peel, namely surface, and handle. The carrying surface of the peel is usually the part where you hold the pizza. Most of the top brands offer either metal or wood carrying surfaces to make it easy for the bakers to slide in and out the dough easily.

Secondly, the handle of the pizza peel is yet another important part that is used for giving you a good grip and extending your reach. The handle will help you stay at a little distance while you operate with the oven.

Hence, it will prevent accidental burns. The handles are also made sturdy so that they give a good grip while you handle heavy pizzas.

That’s what pizza peels are. Let’s now start exploring the top 5 best pizza peels reviews and comparisons.

Top 5 Best Wooden And Metal Pizza Peels Reviews And Comparison 

>> Best Inexpensive Wooden Pizza Peel: Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel

>> Best Metal Stainless Steel Pizza Peel: The Checkered Chef Store Pizza Peel

>> Best Expensive Wooden Pizza Peel: The Frederica Trading Store Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel

>> Best Aluminium Pizza Peel: The Love This Kitchen Store The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

>> The Best Pizza Peel: Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

Read the detailed best pizza peels reviews and comparison below:

#5. Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel

Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel
Eppicotispai is a trustworthy brand that has a lot to offer you with its natural birch wood. It is Italian made pizza peel that has a 30*30cm surface for easy peeling off the pizza.

Moreover, it is one of the most important tools you must have in your kitchen if you love making pizzas at home. If you are a homemaker and pizza lover at the same time, buying the best pizza peels is not just a requirement but is mandatory.

Hence, this product also has a 12-inch-long paddle attached to the base that helps you keep your hands off the heat while doing the needful.

In addition to that, this pizza peel is also available in larger variants that are wider and thicker than this variant. As per your needs and convenience, go for the variant that suits your pizza-making habits. It is a good deal at affordable pricing.


  • 100% Italian manufacturing trust.
  • Birch Wood replicates quality and durability.
  • Well sturdy for better holding of pizza.
  • Avoid Accidental burns with a 12-inch-long paddle.


  • Handle bends when the paddle is loaded with a heavyweight.
  • Food sticks onto the pizza peel base.
  • Handle length is small and trouble holding at times.

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#4. The Checkered Chef Store Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter, Pizza Peel, and Dough Mat Set

The Checkered Chef Store Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter, Pizza Peel, and Dough Mat Set
Checkered Chef stainless steel Pizza Peel is yet another popular product that is a must-to-buy for pizza lovers. People who make pizzas at home usually make use of gloves to handle the pizza from the oven. But with the best pizza peel offered by Checkered Chef, you can get rid of accidental burns at once.

Moreover, you do not have to get your gloves dirty while handling such pizzas. It is available in three variants regular, cutter & peeler and cutter, mat & peeler set.

Dough mat is an interesting add on to this product that helps you add toppings and do the necessary stuff without letting your dough stick on it. There are certain measurement figures on the mat as well to help you roll out the dough in perfect shape.

The pizza peel and cutter are blended together into one tool. You can use the same tool as pizza peel, and pizza cutter as the edge of this tool is thin steel that is best for cutting the pizza.


  • Dough Mat available for kneading and rolling out.
  • High-Quality stainless steel with rust and corrosion protection.
  • Folding handle for easy storage.
  • Available in Different Variants.


  • The price is slightly high for these features.
  • The clamp is not as durable as the entire product.
  • The design could have been better.

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#3. The Frederica Trading Store Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel

The Frederica Trading Store offers one of the best wood pizza peels that has a premium look and is a great assistance for handling pizzas in and out of the oven.

It has a slight bump on all its edges to avoid pizza from falling off the peel. Hence, it will help you keep the pizza in the center for adding your extra toppings and seasonings at ease.

The best aspect of this bamboo wooden pizza peel is that it can also be used as a cutting board. Not just that but the look and design of it allows you to make it a serving tray for your pizza that adds a raw look to the dish, and your guests will probably love it.

The material used in the making of this bamboo pizza peel is non-toxic and is eco-friendly. This pizza peel wood is sturdy to give you a good grip to prevent accidental dropping of the pizza.


  • Made up of sturdy material for better help.
  • The size is extra-large for better spacing.
  • Eco-friendly and no toxic materials used.
  • It can be used as a cutting board.


  • Not recommended for a cold water wash.
  • The price is quite high for a wooden pizza peel.
  • Too thick that makes it difficult for easy sliding of pizza.

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#2. The Love This Kitchen Store The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Love This Kitchen Store The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel
If you were looking for one of the best pizza peels for making your pizza-making sessions more comfortable at home, then this is the best product that you can avail of. Love This Kitchen Store offers the ultimate aluminum pizza peel that has a 14-inch paddle embedded with ceramic coating.

The handle is of 10 inches to help you keep your hands off the heating surface to avoid accidental burns. Moreover, it can also be used as a spatula for baking bread and pizzas conveniently on the grill and oven.

There is a bump on either side of this pizza peel that will help you prevent falling off the pizza from the sides. In addition to that, the silicon coating prevents the pizza dough from sticking on the base.

Maintenance needs are also less as you just need to clean it with warm water along with soap. You do not need to go for hard washing the aluminum pizza peel.


  • Silicon base makes it non-sticky
  • Unique and vibrant design.
  • Less Maintenance is required.
  • Angled handles for preventing accidental fall of pizza.


  • It has a very sharp front-edge.
  • The usage instructions are not clear.
  • The price is pretty high for a pizza peel.

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#1. Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel
Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel is the best on this list. It is made up of superior metal, and the wooden handles used with it are foldable.

This metal pizza peel has a 14-inch-long and 12-inch-wide paddle with a thin edge on the front for easy sliding into the base of the pizza. The 10-inch handle is to keep you away from the heating oven base while you are taking out the pizza.

Not just pizzas, but you can handle pastries, cake, bread, and other delicate bakery items to/from the oven. With the foldable design, storing this aluminum metal pizza peel is quite easy anywhere in the kitchen.

Commercial-grade aluminum is used for the making of this pizza peel and has a pinewood handle that ensures durability and sturdiness. If you are a pizza lover, then this is a must tool that you must possess at all costs to make your cooking and pizza baking task easier.


  • Strong aluminum head with wooden handle.
  • Thin front-edge for easy lifting of pizza.
  • No storage and maintenance hassle.
  • 10-inch-long handle to avoid accidental burns.


  • The wooden handle has a musty smell.
  • Not safe for washing with dishwashers.
  • No hinge for folding the handle, bolt-attached movements recommended.

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Best Pizza Peel Buying Guide

Best Pizza Peel Buying Guide -

To help you choose the best pizza peel amongst the listed ones above, here are some of the additional details that you must consider before placing your order.

How To Buy The Best Pizza Peel And What Are The Factors To Consider?

Many top brands are offering the best pizza peels to meet the diverse needs and requirements. But, choosing one amongst the several top brands is troublesome. Therefore, you will find the best 5 pizza peels shortlisted after comparing the best pizza peels of top brands.

They are all good and are quite efficient in helping you with your easy pizza baking. But you need just one for the time being. Hence, you need to consider the important factors that will help you decide which is the best amongst all.

Here are the considering factors for better guidance to help you place an order for the right pizza peel:

Material: Wooden Pizza Peel And metal Pizza Peel?

There are two types of pizza peels, metal and wooden. Both have their perks. You need to get the one that meets your diverse needs and requirements above all. Wooden material is highly preferred because there is a very tiny chance of dough sticking onto it.

All the brand products listed above that have wooden peel are non-sticky. Hence, this makes it easy for you to transfer the pizza to/from the oven.

The metal pizza peel, on the other hand, is easy to clean and is durable to ensure longevity. Another best thing about metal pizza peel is that they are thinner than wooden peels and make it even more convenient for handling the pizza with it.

So, make sure you check on both types of products and buy the one that meets your diverse needs and requirements.

Carrying Surface Type

The carrying surface also comes with different types that are solid & perforated. The solid peels do not come with grooves or holes in it, whereas the perforated ones have holes and grooves in it so that the extra flour can exit the peel through those holes.

It is better to prefer the perforated carrying surface as it will prevent your pizza from getting a flour-burnt smell and taste. The perforated type carrying surface is mostly found in metal pizza peels, which is also responsible for the non-sticking behavior. Check on the type of carrying surface as well before you decide on making your purchase.

Thickness Of Best Pizza Peels

The thickness of the pizza peels needs to be thin. The thinner the pizza peel would be, the better will be the pizza handling. The peel wood cannot be beaten down to make it much thinner, whereas the metal ones can be amended with tools to make it thin.

Even though wooden peels are not as thin as that of the metal or aluminum pizza peel, they are great when you want to transfer the pizza onto the oven. Choose either one based on your convenience.

Handle Strength

Check on the length of the handle as well while you are looking for the best pizza peels. You need to check on the material used for the making of the handles. Thus, it will help you get an idea about the strength and durability of the handle.

Along with that, you will also know about how much distance it can keep you away from the oven while putting the pizza in and out. So, check on these aspects before you finalize your purchase.


Pricing is yet another important factor to consider. Some of the products listed above are expensive as they give you features as no other brand would. All the products mentioned above are truly commendable in what they commit to the offering.

So, pricing is slightly varying, but every penny spent is worth it. Check on the quality products before you invest in it to get a quality product at all costs.

How To Use The Wooden/Metal Pizza Peel?

There are many different types of pizza peels available in the online market. The list mentioned above has the best ones that will meet all your needs and expectations.

The basic definition of a pizza peel is to transfer the pizza at different baking stages. The professional chefs make use of different types of peels for different stages. But if you are making it at your home, only one would do the necessary work.

For using the pizza peel, you need to learn about its application stage by stage. Firstly, the pizza is required to be placed into the oven. Use whether your wooden or metal pizza peel to place the pizza dough into the oven after doing all the assembling work.

Put all the toppings while it is one the countertop so that you do not have to keep it over the pizza peel for a longer time.

When you are ready, slide in your pizza peel and lift your pizza on the carrying surface. Now, take it to the oven and slide out your paddle.

When you put it inside the oven, prefer giving light shakes to the pizza peel to ensure that it is not stuck. If you find the pizza dough sticking onto the paddle, use a scraper to free it before you put it inside the oven.

After you have done that, you need to keep a periodic check on the pizza to distribute the heat evenly on all the surfaces. Not all the oven has the feature of distributing the heat evenly to use the pizza peel to turn the pizza when it is inside the oven. Without the use of a pizza paddle, doing this is quite difficult with the use of gloves.

The final step is the removal of pizza from the oven with the help of the peel. There is no fear of pizza sticking onto the peel after it is baked. You can use either wooden or metal pizza peel to slide in the base of the pizza and lift it to bring it out. Now, it is ready to serve.

Pizza Peel: Wooden Pizza Peel Vs. Stainless Steel Metal Pizza Peel

Both wood pizza peel, as well as metal peels, possess strength as well as weaknesses. They both are good at what they are capable of doing. People prefer to have both wooden as well as metal peels for their pizza baking needs.

Wooden peels are good for both handling the pizza and can act as a serving plate. Metal or stainless steel pizza peel, on the other hand, is useful for easy sliding in and out of the dough. Metal with perforated holes is quite preferable over the wooden ones for loads of benefits.

A wooden pizza peel is considered the best type for transferring the pizza onto the oven. Moreover, the thickness of the wooden peels is troublesome at times, but the non-sticky property of wooden peels is much higher than that of the metal peels.

With Wooden peels, you need to spend some time and effort lifting the pizza, whereas the metal peels are easy to help you do the needful without much hassle and time.

But with metal peels, you need to be careful as they usually don’t have bumps or grooves on their ends to support the pizza from side-fall. So, you need to be extra careful while you use metal peels.

Both have their pros and cons, so you need to decide which is the best suitable one for you. If you have the budget, you can surely go for buying both wooden and a metal pizza peel. But if you are planning on buying only one, check on all the specifications and make sure that it fits your needs.

How Can You Use Pizza Stone Without The Help Of A Pizza Peel?

A pizza stone is highly essential for baking delicious pizzas at home. But it is quite difficult to place the pizza dough on the stone and take it off without the use of a peel as you all know that pizza peels are just like the shovel for a pizza to pick it up and place it almost anywhere. But what can you do if you do not have pizza peel?

Do not worry as you can still plan on making pizza at home without using the pizza peel. You might have some spatulas in your house that have flat ends. You can use a couple of them with the pair of gloves on for lifting and handling the pizza on and off the stone.

Serving platters are most preferably an ideal alternative for the pizza peels. They are not the best but can help you do the work for the time being.

Check on the size of the pizza that you are baking and choose the alternatives accordingly. You can also use cardboard to lift some big pizzas off the stone. Apart from that, you can also use rimless cookie sheets, baking sheets, and others.

So, if you do not have a pizza peel with you and you want to use the stone for baking your delicious pizza, do not worry as these alternatives would help you in the process.

FAQs Related To Best Pizza Peels

FAQs Related To Best Pizza Peels -

Are The Handles Of Pizza Peels Durable Enough For Handling Heavy Pizza Doughs?

The pizza peel handles are made up of diverse materials to help you get a sturdy grip on the paddle. Moreover, they are also embedded with the strength to withstand heavy pizza doughs without falling off from sideways.

Check on the handle properties mentioned in the description before you can place your orders. All the products mentioned in the list above have sturdy and long handles to help you do the needful work at ease.

Do not worry about them not being able to handle your large-sized pizza doughs as they are tested to do the same job efficiently.

Why Are Some Pizza Peels Too Expensive?

Some of the pizza peels are made up of quality material, while some are manufactured with classic and conventional materials. Hence, this is that it plays a major role in varying prices.

All the five products mentioned above truly justify their price tags, and you need to check on their specifications to know their worth before you invest in it.

So, go and take a look at these products mentioned above in the list to find the ideal one that fits your budget and meets your requirements as well.

Which Pizza Peel Is Better? Wooden Pizza Peel Or Metal Pizza Peel?

Both wooden, as well as metal pizza peel have their benefits and drawbacks. You need to check on the things that you need. Whether you need convenient handling of pizza dough with a thin metal peel or a non-sticky and durable wooden peel, the decision is yours.

That’s all with the buying guide. If you want to buy the best pizza peel, check the best pizza peel reviews added above the buying guide. Thank you for reading this post here at