Best Routers For CenturyLink In 2021

Looking for the best Routers For CenturyLink? Your search ends here. A high-quality router that meets your CenturyLink Internet and wireless requirements will surely bring you a better connection, faster speed, and an excellent experience in general. Here are the three best Wi-Fi routers for CenturyLink;

Top 3 Best CenturyLink Compatible Wi-Fi Routers To Buy In 2021.

Best CenturyLink Compatible Wi-Fi Routers

You can read the detailed review and pros cons of best CenturyLink compatible routers below:

1. NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK R7000 Router For CenturyLink.

This great Wi-Fi router has coverage of 1800 square ft. as well as a strong connection. Besides, it can be connected to 30 devices, together with the Ethernet ports, which is very impressive. The R7000 is among the fastest routers I’ve had. Moreover, its throughput is at 5GHz, which is among the best speeds on the market currently.

This fantastic range coverage is thanks to Beam-forming+. This is a wireless technology that guides a wireless signal from the router to the user, enhancing throughput and the signal’s strength. Beam-forming+ is a better version of beam-forming modernized by NetGear and added to the 5GHz band of this Wi-Fi router.

The dual-band networks offer numerous speed limits at various frequencies. The connection is smooth, and the speed is breakneck. Again, this spectacular router has the NETGEAR armor that helps to make your online access safer. It guarantees no cyber threats, which means I can enjoy a safer network and parental controls.

What We Like.
  • User-friendly and has parental controls.
  • NETGEAR armor shields your devices from cyber threats.
  • Links with four wired gadgets simultaneously.
  • Can connect to a maximum of 30 gadgets at the same time.
  • 1300 and 600 Mbps speeds offering dual bands.
What We Don't Like.
  • It often generates a buzzing noise.

2. TP-LINK ARCHER AX50 Router For CenturyLink.

If you’re considering buying an affordable Wi-Fi 6 router, the Archer AX50 is the way to go. This remarkable gadget is evidence that great devices can have an economical price tag. It offers maximum coverage of 2,000 square ft. It can be linked with multiple devices, from smartphones to smart locks to laptops.

For those of us who love gaming like me, the high Wi-Fi 6 speeds and the dual-band make the gaming experience unforgettable. This also makes it well-suited for 4k resolution, streaming high-quality videos, and video chatting.

With four antennas and a somewhat humble quartet of Ethernet jacks, this notable router does need a few upgrades, though the Wi-Fi 6 translates to faster speeds on all my gadgets. What’s more, I never feel like I sacrificed for its extremely affordable price.

What We Like.
  • Affordable.
  • Wide range coverage.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices.
  • Dual-band means faster speeds.
What We Don't Like.
  • Moderate port selection.

3. ASUS AC2900 RT-AC86U Router For CenturyLink.

Whether you love gaming or video streaming, 4k resolution, or you prefer having a potent MU-MIMO-enabled Wi-Fi router that will secure your clients` and your cyber presence; this great router fits the bill. Its dual-band delivered consistent throughput whenever I used it, and it also provided embedded network defense against ambiguous activity and malware.

I like that it offers numerous ways to guarantee that my online games access the network priorities required for the ideal gaming experience. Additionally, it provides sturdy parental controls and an easy-to-use management console. It is the perfect mid-range router.

What We Like.
  • Impressive wired performance.
  • Adaptive QoS and WT-Fast for enhanced online gaming.
  • Quartet stream 5GHz radio.
  • Buttons for LEDs and Wi-Fi.
  • Ai-Mesh compatible.
What We Don't Like.
  • Absence of mounting options.

CenturyLink Compatible Router Buying Guide.

Best Routers For CenturyLink

Whenever you have to buy something new, there are various things to consider, and Wi-Fi routers are no exception. Here is what to look for when buying a Wi-Fi router for your CenturyLink;


Make sure the Wi-Fi router you purchase is compatible with your ISP. There are several kinds of DSL, such as SDSL, HDSL, VDSL, and ADSL. Make sure you confirm with your Internet Service provider (ISP) and buy one that’s suitable.


The other thing to consider is the Wi-Fi standard that your router will come with. The current standard is the 802.11ac, which exclusively utilizes 5 GHz. The two different standards are the 802.11ad and 802.11ax. The ac standard is the one that’s used in most Wi-Fi routers since it is fast and reliable. The 802.11ad does not support backward compatibility.


The most recent 5GHz band usually is less cluttered, and it offers a more secure and faster connection. On the other hand, a dual-band offers 5GHZ and 2.4 GHz, frequently utilizing both bands at the same time.

Selecting between these two bands is straightforward. If you live in a densely populated region, a dual-band router will meet your needs. If you don’t require faster speeds and you live in a scarcely populated area, where your neighbor’s Wi-Fi will not interfere with yours, you’re better off with the single-band 5GHz router.


The Wi-Fi speed of routers varies widely. The rate you need depends on your wireless network needs. If you’re using your router to visit a few pages online or check your e-mails simply, a router with reduced speed will meet your needs.

However, if you need it for gaming or streaming 4k resolution videos, you should go for a router that will offer high speed and a secure and stable connection. You have to be keen on your needs because if you buy a router with reduced speed, and you’re a gamer or need higher speeds, it would be a waste of funds.

On the other hand, purchasing one with high speeds, when you don’t need it, will be spending more money which could be used to do something else.


Beam-forming is fundamental to support MU-MIMO, which has grown in popularity as ax standard routers roll out. MU-MIMO involves numerous users that can communicate to various antennas on your Wi-Fi router.

MU-MIMO utilize beam-forming to ensure that communication from your router is effectively targeted to every linked client. Buy one with these two technologies since they enhance your router’s throughput and the Wi-Fi signal strength.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES To Look For In Best Routers For CenturyLink.


If you don’t use your router a lot, you only connect it to a few gadgets, like your TV, gaming console, or laptop, simultaneously. However, if you use many gadgets, ensure you buy a router that offers multiple ports for several wired connections: a multi-core processor and a USB port for external hard drives.


Parental controls can limit how much the children spend on the internet. This is achieved by setting a time when your child will access the internet. When the set amount of time lapses, the network will automatically withdraw the internet connection.

Final Words.

Hopefully, this guide will help you buy the best router for your CenturyLink. Stay tuned with Reviewed Best for more such amazing product reviews and buying guides. Thanks for reading this post here.