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Recently I’ve been spending a lot more time at home, catching up with family. This has also given me time to play with my dog and give him the attention he deserves. My folks complained about how all sorts of critters, from rats to snakes, were getting into the house through his doggy door, a standard door flap. Being the tech nerd that I am, I took this as the chance to get him a little upgrade.

Introduction To Electronic Dog Doors.

Introduction To Electronic Dog Doors

I’m talking about electronic dog doors. Electronic dog doors are lovely as they allow your pets the opportunity to let themselves in and out as they like and save you from having to let them out. However, the added benefit is that an Electronic Dog Door coded specifically to your pet will only give access to your pet and keep the critters out.

The pet market is currently booming with several smart door options, and they’ve been flying off the shelves quickly. I had to do quite a lot of research to find the right fit for my buddy. After hours and hours of research, I wrote this article to save you the trouble of researching all of the different features and mechanisms that come with smart dog doors.

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The smart dog door I went with was the PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door. My dog’s neither the biggest boy around nor the smallest, he’s just right, so this fits him perfectly. It was easy to set up and worked like a charm. The warranty gives me peace of mind.

Best Electronic Dog Doors For Your Furry Friends.

Best Electronic Dog Doors For Your Furry Friends


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#1. PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door.

PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door

PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door is the go-to pick for all pet owners in the electronic dog door category. This smart yet straightforward flash system of the dog door is a fantastic blend of comfort and advanced technology. This comes up with the Smart Key tag (uses RFID technology), giving your pets exclusive access for Entry and Exit.

Setting it up was a breeze, and my dog was able to use his new door in no time at all. Pet Safe Electronic Smart Pet Door is reasonably priced and comes in two different sizes: Small (5 ½” x 7 ⅞”) and Large (11″ x 16″). The PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door can be programmed for up to 5 pets, a definite plus for owners who have more than one dog or cat. My family has been thinking of getting another pet, so this allowed for that.

The battery-operated device has a red light indicator that flickers when the battery is low. This let me know when to change the batteries. This electronic dog door offers three modes of functionality:

Locked Mode: Doesn’t allow entry or exit for any pets.
Automatic Mode: Allows only the pets with SmartKey access to enter the exit door.
Unlocked Mode: Permits pets without SmartKey to enter or to leave the door.

The fact that several of the world’s top dog care technology professionals have developed and tested this dog door for consistency did a lot to ease my mind. It also received leading scores from many animal welfare organizations.

The method of installation is rapid and can be completed within a few minutes. Experts have designed this smart door to fit the pets into a regular panelled, wood, metal, or PVC door-sized between 1 1/2 and 2 inches thick.

Also, they offer a year of warranty. The latest PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is, for all these factors and much more, one of my favorite Electronic dog doors.

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#2. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This Flap system device ranks better on the tech side, as it is an app-controlled pet door, which responds to your pet’s microchip (yes, you have to insert a microchip in your pet with the help of the vet). If microchipping isn’t an option, you will still have the option of using the SmartKey collar, which uses RFID technology, which is what I went with.

But this is one of the smaller pet doors available, so I recommend you to skip this segment if you have a bigger animal. This is because the most extensive model they have is of size dimension: 7″ x 6 3⁄4″. So, this device is ideal for cats as well as small breed dogs. My bundle of fur is a medium-sized dog, so this was a bit of a tight fit for him.

This one is also battery-powered and will notify the owners with a red blinking light if the batteries are about to get low. Well, it has been seen that the device can operate quite comfortably for about a year, with only 4 AA batteries.

This device can be programmed for an astonishing 32 pets. All the jokes aside, this single feature of the device could save you a lot of money without having to invest in additional equipment to accommodate a more significant number of pets. No other device in this market offers this kind of massive programmability.

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door offers five different modes of functionality:

Mode 1: Lets your pet move in and out as it pleases.
Mode 2: “IN only”. This would let your pets enter the house but deny moving out of the house.
Mode 3: “OUT only”. This would let your pet leave the house but deny moving back into the place.
Mode 4: Fully locked. More or less like a curfew. When curfew mode is turned ON, the pet is only allowed to exit during set times.

Installation is relatively simple, and it also comes with a three-year warranty. Compared to other options, the Sure Flap Microchip Pet Door is medium-priced. Even though it is more expensive than the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door, with the implication of having no potential additional cost along with a three-year warranty, I would think that it is worth the price.

#3. High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door.

High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door

High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door is the kind of dog door where the manufacturers have emphasized the idea of “one size fits all” while manufacturing it. These huge dog doors are among the best smart dog doors available today in the market.

The critical thing here is the dog door’s construction; it is covered up with a transparent resin that has toughened to be nearly bulletproof. It is meant for wall installation rather than door installation.

Design-wise, this sure does stand out from the other competitors with its door panel moving up and down using motors. This e-Dog door has a well-acclaimed direction sensing system powered by a digitally-coded signal received from the ultrasonic transmitter embedded in the battery-powered pet collar. Thus, the system recognizes that the pets when it approaches the door but will only open the door when the pet makes a motion to enter, unlike other electronic dog doors that open every time your pup passes.

It is not battery powered but is plugged directly into a power outlet, and it also comes with an optional battery backup and a battery charger kit if the power goes out. There is also the option for using the battery as the primary source of power on the door panel.

This PetPower Electronic Door offers five different modes of functionality:

Mode 1: “IN only”. This lets your pet enter the house but deny moving out of the house.
Mode 2: “OUT only”. This lets your pet leave the house but deny moving back into the place.
Mode 3: Lets your pet move in and out as it pleases.

Mode 4: Fully locked. More or less like a curfew. When curfew mode is set ON, the pet is only allowed to exit during set times.

The door also does come up with dual-range controls. It is specially designed to allow users to set up an independently determined system inside and outside activation distances. Thereby keeping the pet door from opening every time your pet or another animal is in the vicinity.
High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door is one of the more expensive options available in the market. For pet owners with budget constraints, I wouldn’t recommend this option. But if money is not an issue, the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door ranks highest for safety and utility.

#4. Plexidor Electronic Dog Door.

Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

This electronic dog door also features an automatic sliding door, door moving up and down, compared to the flap systems available. But the premium look it offers sure does make this product stand out.

The Smart Door identifies pets by the RFID tag embedded in their collar, and this collar doesn’t require a battery to function.
Moreover, I could adjust the range at which the door needs to respond to the pet’s presence. The field is adjustable up to 3 feet.
It can be programmed for up to 10 dogs.

Since it is not powered by a battery, you can directly plug it into the power outlet.
You can regulate the timer on the Plexidor Electronic Dog Door to monitor how long the slider stays open, a right touch for those dogs who want to spend their time in and out of the home.

This topic often poses a traditional safety concern usually held with electronic dog doors. What if the door shuts on my dog? The Plexidor Electronic Dog Door also includes an anti-close mechanism so that the dog or cat won’t be injured if they are trapped beneath it.
The sensors are waterproof and come with a solid 5-year warranty and highly rated customer service, a testament to the quality.

Electronic Dog Door Buyer’s Guide.

Electronic Dog Door Buyer's Guide
Two boys with a dog in doorway of their house

What are the things you should keep in mind while looking for an electronic dog door?


Security should be your primary concern. The device must be airtight. This would protect them from being opened from outside by an unauthorized creature or a malicious domestic intruder. This also makes sure that these devices are weather-proof. So there’s no need to worry about the climatic condition at your place.


Efficiency is the next thing you need to bear in mind. The whole idea of buying this kind of dog door is to save some amount of energy. Also, note that most electronic dog door models come with a handy motion sensor. The motion sensor can even be controlled using radio frequency. This will keep the door from opening and shutting at the drop of a pin. This also ensures that the device will not function until your dog or cat is deliberately running towards it to get in or out of your house.


Another useful suggestion to bear in mind is the importance of getting access to customer feedback. The feedback given by former customers will let you know about energy efficiency and reliability.


Measure the dog before deciding the size of the dog door as each dog is different. Make sure that your dog can move in and out of the door quite comfortably. If you’re considering a puppy, you also need to figure in extra growth allowances.


It would be ideal if you have an idea about where you need to install the dog doors. Several electronic versions are not explicitly meant for sliding glass doors but instead are designed to be mounted in more conventional doors or other places in your home. If you plan to mount your dog door in a sliding glass door, be careful when making your order and make sure you find a compliant model with sliding glass doors.

Electronic Dog Door Frequently Asked Questions.

Electronic Dog Door Frequently Asked Questions

How do Electronic Dog Doors Work?

Electronic dog door systems operate using sensors. The pet door device detects the Radio Frequency signals generated by a sensor mounted in your pet’s collar or a microchip inserted into the skin and automatically opens the dog door. As a result, your electronic dog door will not extend to any other animal it does not identify. This prevents the annoying street animals from invading your house.

Are Electronic Dog Doors Safe?

Most dog owners believe that electric dog doors are safer and more efficient. Most dog doors are in-built with an airtight seal. This means other stray animals or burglars won’t be able to open it from outside forcefully. This also makes the door weather-proof. And because the device is attached to the sensor on your pet’s collar, it can also guarantee that the door is not opened for any other animal that might enter it.

Will Electronic Dog Doors let in snakes or mice?

Many dog doors have an airtight seal that straps down very quickly once your dog or cat has used it. The seal helps and saves power as well as providing continuous protection against attackers.

Many E-dog door units are often designed to be motion-sensitive. This ensures that the device will not work until your dog or cat is deliberately running towards it to reach or leave your house. The device will not work if your pet is playing around or resting or sleeping near the entrance.

And since the unit is connected to the sensor on your pet’s neck, it will also ensure that the door is not opened for any other animal, including snakes, that don’t have such sensors.

Do Dog Doors affect insurance?

While there are no overt mentions of dog doors in most insurance agencies’ policies, there have been reports of insurers with cancelled insurance because of dog doors. And, once you find that you have a dog door built, you risk losing your no claims incentive and other benefits.

In this case, you can go for the safest solutions available in the market, such as an app-controlled or collar-activated electronic dog door. And also, don’t forget to shut the doors entirely at night or when you’re not going to allow your dog out of the house. RFID and Microchip doors are all excellent safety choices.


I have to say that electronic dog doors have made things better for me and my furry friend. Based on the cost, reliability, simplicity of handling, energy consumption, and, most significantly, reviews from happy pet owners (including myself), I think PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door is the best on the market. Even though it is smaller in size, it delivers the right price to performance ratio.

An electronic dog door is safe to own and use. As they work off of batteries, there is usually little need to worry about electrical overload. Almost all automatic dog doors are designed to be quite energy-efficient and will let you know when it’s time to replace the batteries. Besides, you can also purchase an adapter to eliminate the need for batteries. These dog doors are often engineered to be incredibly secure, so you won’t have to worry about unwelcome visitors.

Having an electronic dog has definitely taken a weight off my shoulders as I no longer have to worry about my pupper not being able to leave the house without assistance. Thanks for reading this this post on For more updates stay tuned with us