Malai Kulfi Recipe With Homemade Ingredients

Craving for Kulfi? Don’t worry; I am here to help you. Today we will discuss simple Malai Kulfi Recipe with only 3 ingredients.

Malai Kulfi is the loving desert in these hot days, especially in the Coronavirus PandemicCoronavirus Pandemic

If you go back to your childhood memories and remember Kulfi Wallah (Kulfi vendor) selling kulfi at your doorstep. He pulls out the kulfi from the molds, put it in the milk, and gives it to you. Have you remembered the taste of that kulfi? Well, I think, of course, because it is your best childhood memories. 

Everyone is fond of kulfi bestso, I thought why this recipe is limited to my home only. The preparation process of the kulfi is straightforward that not only moms but also children can do it. Let’s cut all the jargon and dive to the main contents below:


Ø 2 liters full-fat milk

Ø 3-4 Tablespoon Sugar

Ø 2 teaspoon Milk Powder (optional)

Ø Dry Fruits (as per your choice)

Malai Kulfi  Preparation Process

Let’s start with the preparation process of Malai Kulfi recipe.

Step 1: Put the milk in the pan and heat it on low flame for at least 30-40 minutes.

Step 2: After 10 minutes, milk starts reducing, and you noticed the milk’s thick texture.

Malai Kulfi Recipe-Step-1

Step 3: Dissolve the milk powder in 2 or 3 tablespoons of milk and keep it aside for some time. Milk powder is not an essential ingredient; I prefer it because it gives a creamy texture.

Step 4: After 18 to 20 minutes, add the sugar in the milk and stir it well.

Step 5: When the sugar dissolves appropriately, add milk powder paste after 3 to 4 minutes.

Step 6: Stir all the contents well so that no lumps are formed.

Step 7: After 10 minutes, when the mixture gets thick, add grated almonds, pistachios, saffron (Kesar) and other dry fruits in it.

Malai Kulfi Recipe-Step-2

Step 8: Stir well until the milk comes to it 1/3 quantity. 

Step 9: Once done, turn off the flame and keep it aside for some time.

Step 10: Once the mixture gets cold, put them in the molds, serving bowls or in the tray.

Step 11: Cover the molds with the foil paper and freeze it until it sets.

making malai kulfi recipe

Step 12: Once it freezes, rub the mold and put the kulfi in the plate. You can also use a butter knife for this purpose.

Step 13: Garnish the kulfi with some dry fruits or serve it directly.

Tips To Remember

·       Take a wide pan or kadhai for making kulfi.

·       You can also add cardamom powder for better taste.

·       Stir the mixture often and frequently.

·       You can also add Khoya instead of milk powder.

·       The Freezing time of the kulfi is at least 6 hours or overnight. I recommend freezing overnight for better texture and taste.

·       Scrape the milk from the sides so that it does not get brown from the bottom or the sides.

·       The process may take longer time, it totally depends on pan, intensity of flame and quality of milk. 


So, those are the simple steps of making Malai kulfi. It tastes really well; you can enjoy this delicious malai kulfi recipe with your friends and family. You can also enjoy this delicious kulfi with faluda too.

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