20 Minute Fingerlicious Butter Chicken Recipe

Wanna cook fingerlicious butter chicken recipe for dinner? But don’t want to spend too much time in kitchen? if yes, then quickly explore our delicious 20 minute butter chicken recipe.

Chicken has been a wide source of protein and carbohydrates for years. They have a large variety now that it’s challenging to decide which one I should taste today, but one thing common among all is ‘Fingerlicious Butter Chicken’ or ‘Murgh Makhani.’

It is a very famous dish all over India and was idealized in Punjab. The curry with a splendid taste of butter and spices relives the taste bud.

So today, we are presenting the fingerlicious recipe of Butter Chicken to make at home easily and have a wonderful dinner.


  1. Chicken Boneless (700 gm or 1 kg as per requirement)
  2. Ginger-Garlic Paste, Salt, Red Chili, Garam Masala
  3. Onions (4-5) & Tomatoes (6-7) for 1 kg
  4. Fresh Water
  5. Cashew nuts
  6. Butter and Cream

Process Of Making Fingerlicious Butter Chicken


Step 1: The first step of this recipe is to wash the chicken with boiled water.

Step 2: Let’s start the marination process carefully. For this, take all the chicken pieces in a medium-sized container and add the ginger-garlic paste with a little salt and red chili.

Step 3: Mix it softly using one hand so that chicken absorbs all of this. Besides, you can use yogurt with the marination to make your chicken tastier.

Step 4: Now, after mixing them, keep the batter in the fridge for at least 45-60 minutes so that chicken absorbs the paste completely. The more you let it absorb in the fridge, the more it will become tastier.


 Step 1: Now, as our chicken is marinated, we will start frying it. Take it out from the fridge and set a frying pan on medium flame on the gas stove.

Step 2: Add Ghee in the pan and let it come hot and then add all the chicken pieces.

Step 3: Let it fry for 15-20 minutes until the chicken becomes soft and has gained little brownish/black color.


Here comes the main step to make that tasty curry.

Step 1: Cut the onions and tomatoes either into the smaller pieces or in the 2 halves.

Step 2: Now take a Kadhai and place it on the gas on medium flame (Remember flame shouldn’t be high for any process).

Step 3: Add little Ghee/Refined in the kadhai and let it be hot and then add onion pieces let it fry until they get little golden-brown and add the ginger-garlic paste with them, remember to add it a little more.

Step 4: Now, when they turn golden-brown, add tomatoes in the same kadhai and let it fry for 4-5 minutes.

Step 5: Now add red chili, salt, and garam masala according to your taste and mix it well.

Step 6: Now add 1 or 1 and a half tablespoon of sugar in it. Sugar is the main ingredient for that taste but remembers to use only the amount mentioned above.

Step 7: Add 2 spoons of butter in it because it’s the butter chicken recipe, which is incomplete without butter.

Step 8: Then add a little amount of water in that and then add cashew nuts in it and let the mixture cook for 15 minutes on low flame.

Step 9: Grind them until we get a smooth paste of orange color. We will strain our pulp using a teapot (use steel teapot for this purpose) and get this fine paste in the kadhai. Here our gravy is ready.

Final Steps

  • Again, light the gas on low flame and then put our kadhai or pan containing that paste onto the flame.
  •  Add 2-3 spoons full of Amul Butter into the kadhai and let it melt. You can also use cream or both ingredients as a substitute.
  • Add a little bit of freshwater if the gravy is thick.
  • Transfer the fried chicken pieces in the kadhai and cook for 20-25 minutes on low flame and covered from top.
  • Our delicious butter chicken is ready to serve. You can also garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it to your family and friends. I am sure you will like the taste and the recipe too.

Final Words

So, this is the process of restaurant-style butter chicken at home. We hope now you can enjoy fingerlicious butter chicken at home.

If you have any queries or questions in any step comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your valuable time. Do like our page and stay tuned with us on Reviewed Best Website.