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Looking for the best 100-inch projector screen reviews? Here are the top 7 best 100-inch projector screens tested reviews and buying guide.

Want to play games or watch movies on a projection screen [1] that covers your room’s wall? Entertainment is a vital part of everyone’s life, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. One of the most valuable sources of entertainment is Television. But are the TV screens large enough to view your favorite content? Well, we think no, because TVs are TVs and you can not expect much from them. Projectors are trending these days in the entertainment market and so are projector screens. 

Introduction To 100-Inch Projector Screen

Introduction To 100-Inch Projector Screen -

The 100-Inch projector screen provides crystal clear and smooth looking pictures and videos with amazing sound quality. The best 100-inch projector screens not only enhances the viewing experience but also includes theater feel. With the 100-inch projector screen, you get truly lost in the world of entertainment. It also offers a theater-like feel while sitting at home. 

The large projection screen allows you to view your favorite shows while sitting in a large room. There are so many varieties of projector screens available in the market. Choosing the best from dozens of options is a daunting task.

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However, we searched and reviewed the best 100-inch projector screens from We prepared and compiled the lists of best projector screens models in the sections below. Let’s cut all the jargon and start with the best 100-inch projector screen reviews.

Top 7 Best 100-inch Projector Screen Reviews

#7. Silver Ticket 100” Projector Screen

Silver Ticket 100" Projector Screen
Silver Ticket is one of the most famous brands that consistently work to meet the needs of the customers.

The Silver Ticket 100” Projector Screen is made up of high-quality materials that offer smooth, crystal clear, colorful, and bright images.

This 100-inch projector screen offers amazing display quality, which is excellent for both 4K ultra-HD and active 3D projection. Its 1:1 gain ratio is perfect for a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees without any resolution loss.

It takes a minute to assemble the product. It gives the cinema hall like feel in just a minute. Above all, it’s a fantastic product to buy in 2020.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Supports full 1080p HD, 4K Ultra-HD, and active 3D projection


  • Cannot roll again after use

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#6. Elite Screen Manual B 100-inch Projector Screen

Elite Manual B !00-inch Projector Screen
If you are looking for the best product under $100, Elite Screen Manual B 100-inch Projector Screen is a great option to buy without any hassle. The elite screen offers 4K ultra-HD and active 3D projection.

Its ezFrame is perfect for 180-degree viewing experience. Once fitted on the wall, the screen retains black/white contrast, image color reproduction, and offers crystal-clear, crisp picture. 

Moreover, it comes with an auto-locking system so that you can easily adjust its height settings. It is simple to install on a wall or ceiling. Its 1:1 gain ratio is suitable for 8K ultra-HD and HDR display.

Its transparent screen is suitable for rear and hidden speakers. All in all, this elite 100-inch projector screen offers phenomenal picture quality and is the budget-friendly product of our lists.


  • Gold-certified compatible with both HD/UHD projectors
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2-inch interval auto-lock system


  • Customer care service is not good

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#5. P-Jing 100-inch Projector Screen

p-Jing 100-inch Projector Screen
If you are looking for both outdoor and indoor projector screens, P-Jing 100-inch Projector Screen is the best option to buy. This projector screen is ideal for the backyard, living room, media room, office, etc.

It is very portable you can take it when you go camping or hiking. It gives you a theater-like feel anytime anywhere and provides a fantastic movie viewing experience.

Furthermore, it is uniquely designed to provide sharp and clear images in better and HD resolution. This foldable movie screen is the best solution for all outdoor adventures.

It offers 16:9 aspect ratios for impressive viewing experience from all angles. Above all, you can enjoy a great movie experience in 4K ultra-HD projector.


  • Unique and clear corner design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable


  • The frame is little flimsy
  • Expensive 

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#4. Chalpr 100-inch Projector Screen

Chaplr 100" Projector Screen
Want a high-quality projector screen under $100? If yes, try Chalpr 100-inch Projector Screen for your convenience. The chalpr projector screen comprises natural, thick, durable polyester fabric, which is easy to fold and wash.

This movie screen provides the best and clears viewing experience and gives you a theater-like feel at home.

Moreover, this projector screen is light in weight and portable means you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy your favorite movies anytime.

The assembling process is straightforward; it takes less than a minute to set up. This projector screen is suitable for home theater movies, gaming, education, outdoor movie, etc. 


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Support double-sided projection
  • Perfect wide view angle


  • Hooks are of bad quality

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#3. Artlii 100-inch Foldable Projector Screen

Artlii 100-inch Projector Screen
Artlii is the best projector screen company specializing in making affordable, high-quality projector screens and accessories. With the Artlii 100-inch Foldable Projector Screen, you can enjoy bright and crisp pictures.

This projector screen is suitable for all LED, LCD, or DLP projectors. Its 160 degree wider view angle is best for enjoying clear images.

The Artlii projector screen is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It provides vivid colors and sharper images, even in bright and dim light. It is easy to wash and clean.

It takes less than minutes to set up the whole process. All in all, it’s a great projector screen under $50.


  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Fantastic picture quality
  • 3-year warranty


  • No hi-tech or advanced feature

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#2. SKERELL 100-inch Projector Screen

Skerell 100-inch Projector Screen
The SKERELL 100-inch Projector Screen is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its 16:9 ideal ratio is perfect for a wide-angle view.

This projection screen supports rear and front projectors, which offer sharp and high-resolution pictures. It takes 5 minutes to complete the whole set up process without any hassle. 

This foldable movie screen is perfect for camping, hiking, or family trips. You can carry it anywhere you go. This projector screen is ideal for backyard movies, large commercial activity centers, media centers, offices, etc.

It also features 4K ultra-HD and active 3D projection. Overall, it’s a great product to buy in 2020 with all advanced features.


  • Durable Stake frame
  • Convenient to set and carry
  • Outstanding picture quality


  • Difficult to get perfectly straight

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#1. Abdtech 100-inch Projector Screen

Abdtech 100-inch Projector Screen
Abdtech 100-inch Projector Screen is ideal for backyards, theaters, classrooms, and offices. It means it is the best projection screen for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you want to spend precious moments with your loved ones, Abdtech 4K projector screen is great to add more fun to your life. Its 1:1 gain ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for 160 degrees wide viewing angle. 

Just project the screen on the wall without worrying about wrinkles and waves. This movie screen comes with many accessories like a travel bag, hooks, poles, etc. This projection screen is light in weight and easily foldable, you can take it anywhere you go.

Moreover, it is the perfect gift to friends and family on festive. With this home projector screen, you can enjoy 4K ultra-HD and 3D active projections by sitting on the sofa. Overall, it’s a fantastic product with high picture quality.


  • Easy to install in 5 minutes
  • High-quality accessories
  • Convenient to use and carry


  • Expensive than other models in the list

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Best 100-inch Projector Screens Buying Guide

Best 100-inch Projector Screens Buying Guide -

What To Look While Buying A 100-inch Projection Screen

There are many factors that you keep in mind while selecting appropriate projector screen models. Well, the whole outlook depends on your budget and purpose. But still, we prepared shortlists of the factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing projector screens.

Screen Size

The screen size is the main factor to review. Before opting, the product must check the space where you put the projector. The ideal size of the projector for homes and offices is 100-120 inches. Always select that screen size that will perfectly fit in your environment. [2]

Fixed vs. Moveable

The first and the main thing you want to know is how you utilize your screen projector. If you hang the projector screen on the wall or put it at the fixed place, opt a fixed projector screen.

But if you want to carry the projector screen as your companion or want to take it anywhere, you go. Then selecting the movable screen projector is a great option.


All projection screens are made up of different materials. Some projector screen displays suitable for 4k ultra-HD contents while other projector screens suitable for 3D active resolution. The final choice is yours we recommend you opt for that product, which is ideal for both 4K and 3D active resolution display. Also, the product is easy to clean and fire and water resistance. [3]

Final Verdict

So, those are the best 100-inch projector screen reviews and buying guide. We hope you choose the best product from the above lists according to your preference and budget.

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