Top 10 Best Paper Shredders Reviews And Buying Guide

Want to shred your private documents? Here are the top 10 paper shredders tested reviews with buying guide. Read on this post to destroy all the confidential documents that you want to!

In today’s era, it is imperative to destroy your private and sensitive documents so that no one can steal your personal data. Whether it’s for personal or business uses, you have to dispose of your private information like documents, CDs, and even credit cards. Destroying the documents by hand is an easy task, but disposing CDs and credit cards are challenging. So, a paper shredder machine is the best inventory for your homes and offices.

What Are Paper Shredders?

What Are Paper Shredders -

Paper shredders are a tool to destroy all the essential documents, contracts, magazines, old paperwork, and old credit cards. It is the best way to destroy all types of documents that are accumulating in the office. There are many types of documents that contain personal information, and you want to shred them. For this purpose, most of the homes and offices add paper shredders in their inventories. 

In today’s cyber crime world, it is effortless for the hackers to hack and steal essential details just by phone number and address. So, general tearing and throwing your confidential stuff which is loaded with information can lead to severe issues. But with the paper shredder machine, your documents are finely chopped and cannot be joined back again. 

There are dozens of paper shredder machines available in the market, but choosing the best for your needs is difficult. But the reviewed best team has searched and hunted the best products from We compiled the list of top 1o paper shredders reviews along with the buying guide for your ease. Let’s cut all the jargon and quickly move towards the main content in the sections below.

Top 10 Best Paper Shredders Reviews And Buying Guide

#10. Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Paper Shredder
Aurora paper shredder is the most affordable and best shredders in our list. Its grey and black design attracts the customer and enhances the looks of your office. Its durable steel blades are perfect for cutting credit cards, staples, and even small paper clips. Its crosscut design turns the documents into confetti. The paper shred rate of the shredder is 8.36 pages per minute, which is quite faster than other models.

Moreover, it is light in weight, which means it is a perfect fit for all homes and offices. Thanks to its manual reverse option, which helps in clearing paper jams. The auto-start mode of the shredder helps in destroying bulk documents on time. Overall, it’s an excellent paper shredder to buy.


  • Low Price
  • Big basket for collecting waste
  • Power saving mode

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#9. Bonsaii 18 Sheet Paper Shredder

Bonsaii 18 Sheet Paper Shredder
If you are looking for advanced technology paper shredder for convenient use, Bonsaii 18 Sheet Paper Shredder is a great option to buy. It not only shred your documents but also shreds CD/DVDs, credit cards and staples. It allows you to destroy 18-sheets in a single round. This paper shredder’s amazing feature is that you can quickly view how much space is left in the basket. 

Its 63dB low noise motor provides smooth and quiet shredding experience especially at busy workplaces. Its 4 casters wheels also help in moving the machine here and there according to your convenience. Thanks to its auto-start and auto-reverse function, which protects your device from paper jams, overheating and overloading. Overall, it’s a great product with 18-sheets capacity.


  • Patented cooling system
  • Noise-free and quiet motor
  • Jam protection system

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#8. Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Paper Shredder

Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Paper Shredder
This Amazon Basics Paper Shredder is perfect for chopping papers into smaller pieces. It also destroys staples and small paper clips and can shred 6-papers in a single run. It is best suitable for both homes and offices. Its manual reverse function helps in clearing paper jams. Above all, it also shreds CDs, DVDs, and credit cards so that no one can theft your personal information.

Furthermore, its auto-mode is impressive. The machine starts when you put the documents and stops automatically when there is nothing to shred. With the help of reverse function, you can also retrieve un-shred or partial shred documents. It comes with a 3.8-gallon bin, which can easily remove from the shredder when it’s time to empty it. All in all, it’s the best paper shredder in our lists under $50.


  • Thermal protection with auto shut off
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 7-inch paper entry width

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#7. Fellowes LX21M Paper Shredder

Fellowes LX21M Paper Shredder
Fellowes LX series paper shredder is the most advanced paper shredder on our list. It comes with IntelliBar responsive technology, which provides 100% security and jam-free operation. It is best suitable for schools, offices, and homes. It shreds up to 16-sheets in a single run and also shreds debit/credit cards, staples, and paper clips. It automatically detects all the tough situations and clears it within no time.

The machine will stop automatically when your hands and paws touch the shredder. Moreover, it also alerts you when the time is running out. Thanks to its efficiency meter, which optimizes how many sheets are shred at one time. It also has integrated safe sense technology, which is ideal for secure and accident-free shredding. Overall, it’s a solid, rough, and tough product to buy.


  • 20 minute run time
  • 100% jam-proof with maximum security
  • Efficiency meter and run-time indicator

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#6. GBC Paper Shredder

GBC Paper Shredder
Looking for high-security crosscut shredder? If yes, GBC Paper Shredder is a great option to buy. It is the only shredder in the lists which comes with P-4 level security, which sliced your documents in two ways. The red and green LED indicator indicates when it’s time to empty the bin. It also prevents inserting too much paper into the shred area.

It destroys up to 12 sheets in a single run and provides 4-minutes continuous run time. The 5-gallon bin is enough for collecting shredding waste. This machine also shreds DVDs, credit cards, CDs, staples, and paper clips along with the papers and documents. Along with safety, it also provides a 1-year warranty on its quality and durability. All in all, it’s an excellent product with more advanced features.


  • Versatile shredding
  • 12-sheet capacity
  • Pull out container is easy to empty

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#5. Boxis 70-Sheet Paper Shredder

Boxis 70-Sheet Paper Shredder
If you want to dispose of dozens of documents in a single run, Boxis 70-Sheet Paper Shredder is the best option. The Boxis paper shredder is light in weight, and you can easily move it here and there with its casters. It’s auto- paper feeder mechanism shreds the documents into unreadable microparticles. 

The basket of this paper shredder machine is large enough, which means no need to empty the bin again and again. This micro-shredder is perfect for both homes and offices. This fast micro-shredder machine shreds 70-sheets documents with speed up to 11.2 feet per minute. It also has automatic forward and manual reverse modes to avoid jamming. Overall, it’s a fantastic product with easy to use options.


  • 10-minute auto-feed mode
  • 6-gallon basket
  • Light in weight

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#4. Automax 100M 100-Sheet Paper Shredder

Automax 100M 100-Sheet Paper Shredder
Automax 100M 100-Sheet Paper Shredder is versatile and shreds up to 100 documents in a single period. This micro-shredder also shreds credit/debit cards, paper clips, and staples by using manual slots. It comes with the P4 security level, which shreds your documents into 6X smaller particles. It is best suitable for both homes and offices.

Furthermore, this silent shred offers quiet and calm performance, especially at the busy workplaces. The manual auto-reverse mode prevents jamming risk. Thanks to its sleep mode, which not only saves the power but also shuts down automatically after 2 minutes when not in use. All in all, it’s an excellent product with a large basket.


  • 15 minutes of running time
  • Flex shred capability
  • Auto-reverse and sleep mode

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#3. Royal Sovereign 120 Sheet Paper Shredder

Royal Sovereign 120 Sheet Paper Shredder
If you are looking for the paper shredder under $150, Royal Sovereign 120 Sheet Paper Shredder is a great option. This paper shredder machine has the efficiency to shred 120-documents in a single run. With the patent auto-feed shredding technology, it provides a shredding speed of 13.12ft per minute.

Don’t worry about the shredded documents, as its P-4 level crosscut technology destroys documents into 4X mini particles. If the motor gets too hot, the machine will automatically shut down after use. This paper shredder also comes with 3 different modes i.e., auto-reverse, which prevents jamming. Auto-start automatically starts the machine when you insert the paper and stops automatically if the shredding process is completed. 


  • Shred maximum 120-sheets and minimum 5-sheets
  • Continuous run time of 60-minutes

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#2. Go Eco Life GMA120p Paper Shredder

Go Eco Life GMA120p Paper Shredder
The design of the Go Eco Life paper shredder adds glory to your homes and offices. Its contemporary design is suitable for busy places. It can shred up to 12-sheets in a single run. It destroys your confidential documents in small tiny unreadable particles. The size of the bin is large enough, which means you empty less often.

Moreover, it not only shreds papers and documents but also shreds credit/debit cards, DVDs, CDs, staples, and other things. It automatically switches off if the device is too hot. Its huge bin is very easy to pull out and empty. All in all, it’s the best paper shredder under $200.


  • Pull out waste bin
  • 3.0-gallon basket
  • It runs smoothly and perfect for both home and office use.

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#1. Sentinel Paper Shredders

Sentinel Paper Shredders
The final product on our list is Sentinel Paper Shredders. It shreds up to 10-sheets in less than a minute. This micro-shredder shreds your personal documents into micro mini unreadable particles. It’s auto-start/stop mode is perfect for cutting the documents and credit cards on the run. And its manual reverse function prevents the machine from jamming.

Furthermore, Its 3.5-gallon bucket is easy to empty when full. Simply dump the waste into dustbins or dumpsters. With the 4-casters, you can easily move the shredder here and there for convenient use. Overall, it’s a fantastic product that shreds 72 pages per minute.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to move
  • Continuous run time of 2-minutes

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Best Paper Shredders Buying Guide

Best Paper Shredders Buying Guide -

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Paper Shredder

We recommend some factors that you keep in mind while buying paper shredders. There are not so many things to remind, but the only thing to remember is how well the machine works and their functions. Let’s explore some necessary factors with us.

  • Number Of Sheets

The main factor to remember is that how many sheets you shred in a single run. The expensive shredders offer a higher number of sheets shred in a single run and vice-versa. The job done by expensive shredders is quite faster than an inexpensive one. Expensive shredders are best suitable for bulk work, while paper shredders under $100 are a great choice for homes and offices.

  • Jamming

All paper shredders have auto-reverse option to prevent interference. But the risk of jamming is higher in inexpensive models. And most high-end shredders provide a guarantee against paper jams.

  • Credit Cards

Credit cards are hard to shred because it is made up plastic, not paper. Some models, especially inexpensive ones, do not do their job well. If you are a banker or working in a bank, make sure that this feature is available in a paper shredder machine.

  • Type Of Cut

Most of the branded models come with a crosscut method to shred documents. But other kinds of cuts are also available like micro-cut which cut the papers in micro-mini particles. 

  • Motor

The critical parameter to keep in mind while buying a paper shredder is the motor run and refreshing downtime. The motor run time differs in all models like basic models can carry 5-10 minutes, whereas professional shredders can continuously run up to 30 minutes without needing a break.

  • Safety

Paper shredders have some sharp blades, which is dangerous for the user as well as kids. That’s why safety is the primary feature to remember. Some paper shredder models come with safety lock and sensor features, which is best to protect you from serious hazards.

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Final Verdict

So, here the list ends for top 10 paper shredders reviews with buying guide. We hope the above list helps you in choosing the smart product according to your needs. 

That’s all for now and thanks for giving your valuable time. We hope the buying guide adds more convenience while selecting products. Thanks for reading our article on Do follow us for the latest posts, and explore more such products with us.