Best SmartThings Garage Door Opener

Arriving home after spending a tiring day at work just to find that you left your garage door opener for the intruders, stray animals, and inquisitive children to peek in is nothing less than a nuisance. I’d been thinking of getting a garage door opener for a while, but this was the push I needed. I’ve also been trying out the Samsung Smart Things platform, so this was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

I have an overhead garage door, and all the smart products in my house are integrated into an ecosystem through the SmartThings V3 hub. Hence, when I went online to look for what garage door opener will be compatible with my connection hub, I was surprised at the numerous options that I could choose from. It took me a while to decide what SmartThings garage door opener would work best for me, so I wrote this article for others in my situation.

My recommendations:

  1. Meross Smart Garage Door Opener for SmartThings.
  2. GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener That Works with SmartThings.
  3. Nexx Garage Smart Wi-Fi SmartThings Garage Door Remote Controller.
  4. iSmartGate Pro.
  5. Chamberlain Hub.

This article has all the pertinent information you need to choose a garage door opener that will seamlessly integrate with your SmartThings hub and will allow you to set schedules or control the door using Bixby.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best SmartThings Garage Door Openers.

Best SmartThings Garage Door Openers

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#1. Nexx Garage Smart Wi-Fi SmartThings Garage Door Remote Controller – Best premium option.

Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200 - Remotely Control Existing Garage Door Opener with Nexx App, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri


The Nexx garage smart door opener is a wireless system that consists of two main components – the door opener and the sensor. To check whether your existing garage door opening system is compatible with the device, visit the Nexx Garage Compatibility portal. If your device is compatible, it will give you detailed instructions on setting the device up. If your existing system is not compatible with the smart door opener, it will instruct you about what extra components you have to invest in.

My garage system was not compatible, so I had to purchase a separate adaptor that cost 25 bucks. Moreover, even though the instructions are quite clear, the setting up process is taxing. I had trouble with the hardware installation process, but the customer support was very responsive and helped me throughout the process.

The Nexx garage door opener can integrate with your already existing SmartThings hub, but it also comes with its own application that is well-designed and quite responsive. Using either the Nexx app or the SmartThings hub, you can program the door opener to send push notifications whenever the door is opened. The device also keeps an activity log of when the garage door was accessed. You can remotely control the app as well. This can be especially useful if you have any packages that are being delivered.

  • It has a broad range of garage door opener compatibility.
  • The integration with SmartThings and other smart products is easy.
  • The Nexx app is easy to use.
  • The construction of both the opener and the sensor is sturdy.
  • You might have to purchase extra components if your existing system is not compatible.

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#2. Chamberlain Hub – Best Automatic Garage Door Opener.

Chamberlain Hub Upgrade Your Existing Garage Door Opener with MyQ Smart Phone Control


If you are ready to spend some extra money on automation, this door opener by Chamberlain has nailed the automation process. It is equipped with a neat automation system that uses your smartphone’s location and your car’s Bluetooth connection to open the door as soon as you park outside the garage. It is a wired door opener that is backed by a reliable security system.

Whenever I come back home from work, it is a delight to see the door open seamlessly every time. While the SmartThings integration and Bixby support gave me the convenience of opening the garage door just by asking for it, the TailWind system went the extra mile and stopped me from even having to think about it.

For me, this garage door opener checks all the boxes of convenience and automation. While the setting up process was a headache, it was a one-time effort that prevented future headaches, and since then, I have had no issues with the system.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the device also has a proximity sensor incorporated, and the hardware construction is solid.

  • The automation process is very convenient.
  • It has a proximity sensor.
  • The device uses your smartphone’s location to know when you park outside the garage.
  • The hardware construction is solid.
  • The setup process is very taxing.

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#3. Meross Smart Garage Door Opener for SmartThings – Best budget option.

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener for SmartThings – Best budget option


The Meross smart garage door opener,t in addition to being reasonable, is a sturdy and performance-driven garage door opener that works well with most chain and belt openers. Since it is a wired device, you have to manually set it up on your existing system with a wire. While attempting to set this up with my overhead garage door that uses a conveyor belt system, I found that since my current system was newer and more secure, I had to install another gear-like accessory that was not included in the box.

The company sends you the accessory for free if you email them regarding the issue. Nevertheless, the setting up process was quite tedious. It took me a whole day to set up the wiring. However, once it was set up, the performance was seamless. It took no time to integrate with my home’s existing SmartThings hub. The door opener comes with its own app that is very well designed and lets you control the device remotely.

The Meross garage door opener also has an overtime and overnight notification system that notifies you if the door is left open for a long time or opened at night. Once integrated with the SmartThings hub, it can be controlled via Bixby. You can also make it a part of your Good morning or Goodnight routine in the hub.

  • It comes with support for features such as overtime and overnight notification.
  • It will not dent your pocket.
  • Seamless SmartThings integration.
  • The performance is top-notch.
  • The setting up process is a headache

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#4. GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener That Works with SmartThings – Best all-in-one door opener.

Linear GD00Z-4 GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller, Small, Black


This garage door opener by GoControl comes with support for Z-wave instead of Wi-Fi, which means it can only be used if it is connected to the Samsung SmartThings hub. The device comes with everything you need to set it up in the box, including a mounting board for placing it and zip ties for fastening the wires.

The door opener has two parts, the main device and the tilt sensor. While installing the system, I realized that the main part is quite bulky and almost double in size compared to other door openers. Hence, due to its size, it cannot be tucked away behind something to hide it. The sensor is attached to the garage door using sticky tape, and it communicates with the device via Z-waves.

In terms of connectivity, the device is super easy to set up with the SmartThings app. It does need calibration, but all you have to do is manually open and close the door once after turning the sensor on. Apart from sending you alerts via the SmartThings hub, the opener also has an alarm and light system that flashes if the door is moved manually. You can control the door opener using the Samsung assistant and integrate it with a security camera connected to your hub for accurate alerts.

  • The setting up process is rather easy.
  • The sensor is wireless.
  • It seamlessly connects to the SmartThings hub.
  • The door opener has its own alert system in place.
  • The main device is quite bulky.
  • You have to change the batteries of the sensor every few months.

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5. iSmartGate Pro – best garage door opener with a built-in camera.

ismartgate 02WNA102 Wi-Fi Standard PRO Garage Door Opener


The iSmartGate Pro is a wired garage door opener that comes with a built-in camera for added security. You bet the camera adds to the cost, but if you look at it from a security perspective, it acts as a door opener and a surveillance camera at the same time. The main device is quite small and can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

It looks like a small Bluetooth speaker with LED lights around it. The setting up process is similar to other wired door openers. Hence, it is not exactly easy. It also depends on the model and the make of your existing system. However, if you set it up with your SmartThings hub before you attach it to the door, the process will become slightly easier. Integrating it into your ecosystem after you connect it to the ceiling can be inconvenient.

Just like the other SmartThings garage door openers mentioned, you can also connect this device to other products in the house. You can view the live stream from the camera on your phone, but it cannot be viewed on your TV, like with other SmartThings compatible surveillance cameras. Moreover, the system supports three garage doors at a time.

  • Comes with an in-built camera.
  • The device is backed by multi-door support.
  • It has a smaller form factor.
  • If you don’t want multi-door support, you can go for the Lite variant that costs less but has similar features.
  • I found that the main device sometimes disconnects itself from the hub.

Buying Guide – Garage Door Opener

Buying Guide - Garage Door Opener
Garage door PVC. Hand use remote controller for closing and opening garage door.

Some of the factors you should weigh in before investing in a garage door opener are:


Not all SmartThings compatible garage door openers will work with your existing system. Hence, before buying a smart door opener, make sure it is compatible with the installed system.


Most garage door openers use the 2.4 GHz signalling. Hence, you might have to buy a Wi-Fi range extender or run an ethernet cable to your garage to ensure a stable connection at all times.

Installation process

Most wired smart garage door openers have a tedious installation process. However, some come with whacky instructions that make it harder. Hence, before buying a garage door opener, look into whether you will be able to set it up or whether you will need professional help.


Although not all garage door openers come with Geofencing, it is a real benefit, and it eliminates the need for using your phone, voice, or remote controls to open the door. The sensor automatically senses your car and opens the door for you.

SmartThings Garage Door Opener – Frequently Asked Questions

SmartThings Garage Door Opener - Frequently Asked Questions
driver opens the garage with remote control from the comfort of a car

What are the benefits of SmartThings compatible garage door openers?

The garage door openers compatible with SmartThings can be controlled using the Samsung assistant Bixby. Moreover, they are connected to your ecosystem of smart devices, which allows you to keep a check on it using the main SmartThings app. You can also control the garage door opener remotely if it is integrated with SmartThings.

Can smart garage door openers be hacked?

If your smart garage door comes with Wi-Fi, it can be hacked, but most of them come with reliable security standards in place.

Does SmartThings require the Internet?

All SmartThings devices are connected over the internet, and so require a working internet connection.

Does SmartThings work with Bluetooth?

SmartThings also supports Bluetooth devices now, but the support is only available on Android.


There are many SmartThings compatible door opener options available on the market. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, while looking for one, you have to keep your requirements in mind. I wanted something hassle-free and efficient, so I decided to go for the TailWind iQ3, although it is slightly towards the expensive side. If you want something low-cost yet efficient, the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener might work well for you. I did find the installation process for it taxing, but that is a one-time effort.

However, if you want to go all out and invest in something premium, you might like the iSmartGate Pro. It is ideal for houses with more than one entrance. Thanks for reading this post on To explore more cool products do follow us and stay tuned with us.