Best Leather Watches For Men (2021 Picks)

Want leather watches? You are on the right webpage. Today we will discuss 10 best leather watches for men to buy in 2021.

Watches with leather bands have always attracted interest from men wishing to showcase their sense of style. Probably the best characteristic you can have with this type of wristband is the possibility to combine it with other clothing accessories, such as shoes, belts, and shirts.

Best Leather Watches

Also, the universality makes a leather watch a perfect companion for everyday wear, as well as for more festive events. However, the looks of a leather timepiece is one thing. Another essential factor equally crucial to the appearance is also the quality and sturdiness of the leather. Not all of them are the same as they differ quite extensively.

In order for you not to end up with a low-quality model, we’ve brought you the best leather watches a man can buy for less than $300.

In addition, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to buying durable genuine leather at the end of this post.

Top 10 Best Leather Watches That Will Last.

Top 10 Best Leather Watches That Will Last

Since the array of leather watches is tremendous, we’ve decided to bring you as versatile a selection as possible. That’s why our list is made up of watches from different brands, with different powering methods, and with distinct styles.

An assuring factor that they will last much longer than a typical leather timepiece is the positive feedback from verified owners – all the watches come with an Amazon rating of at least 4.4 out of 5.

Without further ado, here are the top watches with leather bands.

#1. Fossil Grant Chronograph Watch.

Fossil Grant Chronograph Watch

Fossil is unique in the watchmaking business for making their own leather bands rather than outsourcing them. In fact, leather production, which also involves handbags, wallets, and belts, is one of the quality trademarks of this fashion accessories conglomerate. Therefore, it’s no wonder we start the list with one of the Fossil timepieces.

The Fossil Grant Chronograph is a bestseller from Fossil. Loved by thousands because of its fashionable appeal and decent durability, the watch can freely compete with the industry’s big guns. So, what specifically makes it sought-after?

First of all, it’s the combination of elegant Roman numerals and sporty chronograph function. The well-placed sub-dials inside the classy numbers’ ring provide the opportunity to wear the watch for a plethora of occasions without any concerns about its unsuitability.

Secondly, the leather strap is of top-grain calfskin, providing softness and longevity likewise. Also, the 44mm stainless steel case with crown protectors and nicely shaped lugs make the Grant Chronograph watch not only a sturdy piece but also very eye-catching due to a sleek, streamlined design.

And the last factor that lures so many into buying this watch is a very affordable price tag, just around a hundred bucks.

Considering the high-quality leather, appealing looks, and quartz chronograph movement the Fossil Grant comes with, it’s a true bargain for the money without any doubt.

2. Timex Expedition Field Watch.

Timex Expedition Field Watch

The following leather watch comes from an American brand that produces the best cheap leather watches on the market. The majority of Timex watches sell for less than a hundred dollars while offering the reliability that many other timepieces costing several hundred don’t.

The Timex Expedition Field Watch comes in a matte brass case and is of decent size at 43mm in case diameter. The leather band has a rough texture and is somewhat thin but is long-lasting and provides a convenient wearing experience. However, the best features of this timepiece lie on the dial.

First of all, you’ll find a 1/20-second stopwatch function on two upper sub-dials and the chronograph’s seconds counter on the primary time ring. The bottom sub-dial belongs to the main seconds’ hand. Then there are minute and hour hands that are filled with luminosity. And the icing on the cake is the world-famous Indiglo backlight that starts up with a simple push of a crown.

Although the Timex Expedition Field Watch is rated 100m (330ft) water-resistant, it is firmly advisable to swap the leather band to nylon, rubber, or stainless steel if you intend to wear it during showering or swimming.

All in all, a Timex piece is one of the best bets if you’re after a top watch costing less than $100.

3. Bulova Precisionist 96B158.

Bulova Precisionist 96B158

Another legendary American watch brand Bulova is our next representative among the best leather watches for men.

One of the standout models from the company, the Bulova Precisionist 96B158, does not only distinguish with its quality leather band but is also super accurate and very pleasing for an eye to glance.

The ultra-high frequency quartz movement ticking inside this watch can hold an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a year, resulting in one of the precisest watches currently available. A neat extra and a compelling sales argument is the smooth motion of the second’s hand when an astonishing 16 ticks are accommodated into one second.

The overall aesthetics of the Precisionist watch is also noteworthy. The charcoal grey dial is textured and lies on multiple layers, surrounded by lume-filled hour markers and a silver stainless steel case. The black leather band may be a bit stiff initially but will adjust to the wrist quickly, providing not only visual pleasance but also convenience.

All in all, the Precisionist 96B158 is one of the best Bulova watches on the market due to its price-quality ratio. And if you add the luxurious sweeping second’s hand, it’s not rare for others to mistaken it to a multi-thousand luxury piece.

4. Tissot Swiss Quartz Brown Leather Watch.

Tissot Swiss Quartz Brown Leather Watch

Tissot is a respected Swiss watch manufacturer with an impeccable reputation. However, the notation Swiss made on the dial doesn’t necessarily mean that some of its wristwear can’t be affordable. Quite the contrary, Tissot is among the best providers of affordable Swiss watches.

One of the Swiss-made leather watches that is accessible for many is the Tissot Quartz Chronograph watch. For the sub-$300 price tag, you’ll get features that are typically missing from similarly priced timepieces.

The watch runs on an accurate and reliable Swiss quartz movement and is equipped with a stopwatch function, along with a unidirectional tachymeter bezel. A genuine pro of this timepiece is a sapphire crystal that covers the subtle face. It is the best glass you could wish for in a wristwatch.

Besides the acknowledged Swiss quartz and sapphire glass, the Tissot piece comes with a classic brown leather band that can be combined with the same-colored belt and shoes for various occasions.

5. Movado Gold Museum Watch.

Movado Gold Museum Watch

We continue with another famous brand from the Swiss manufacture.

The Movado Museum Watch is as minimalist as a wristwatch can go, comprising of only the golden dot at twelve o’clock and a pair of golden hands. Its singular appearance has made it hugely popular, even earning itself a permanent place in several exhibitions worldwide.

But what else has the Museum watch to offer besides the unique looks? First of all, it is powered by a renowned Swiss quartz caliber that keeps fantastic accuracy and is guaranteed to last. Secondly, the timepiece is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. And lastly, the black leather band provides comfort in wearing and beauty with its smooth looks.

The Museum Watch that also features on our list of affordable sapphire crystal watches comes in a decent size of 40mm, thus fitting to the majority of wrist sizes and shapes.

6. Vincero Chrono S Italian Leather Watch.

Vincero Chrono S Italian Leather Watch

The Vincero brand causes mixed emotions from both watch aficionados and typical wearers of fashion timepieces. Whatever the standpoint, one thing is clear – the top-grain Italian leather used in Vincero watches is top class, making their tickers sought-after for anyone wishing to acquire a top-notch leather watch.

The Vincero Chrono S timepiece is no exception. It has a calfskin leather band that withstands the test of time. In addition, the bands are interchangeable with an easy-to-release button.

However, the band is not the onliest feature making the Chrono S so popular. As such, you’ll find a high-grade 316L surgical stainless steel case, a sapphire-coated mineral crystal, and a marble case back. To be fair, for the price point the watch is sold, there couldn’t be anything more you could ask.

If you’re not afraid to try out new watch brands and you value an elegant, dressy appearance, along with a classy brown leather band, the Vincero Chrono S could be a valuable addition to your outfit.

7. Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Watch.

Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling Original is another relatively fresh brand in the industry, but unlike Vincero, it focuses on automatic wristwear with very bold designs. Its leather is also noteworthy when alligator and crocodile-embossed bands are absolute knockouts.

The Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Watch is a spot-on example of the style the brand pursues. There just isn’t anyone who would not be amazed by the appearance the timepiece comes with.

The first thing that instantly catches the eye is the skeletonized dial, which exposes the intricate workings of a complex automatic mechanical caliber. The swirling and turning of wheels and gears is something that could nail you down and mesmerize you for far too long than it would with any other typical timepiece. A flair-adding element is also the lightning blue color of the watch hands and indices – something you won’t find too often.

When it comes to the leather of this Stuhrling watch, it is alligator-embossed. It’s actually a typical top-grain calfskin leather but has been processed to give out the impression of natural reptile skin.

What’s even better is that this visual masterpiece costs only around $150, making it one of the most affordable skeleton watches around.

8. Seiko Solar Leather Watch SNE102.

Seiko Solar Leather Watch SNE102

The Seiko Solar Leather SNE102 we have up next represents the classic line of wristwear from this acknowledged Japanese powerhouse. The brown leather band the watch has is crocodile-embossed, giving the ticker a genuine leather watch appeal.

Seiko is best known for various innovations as well, besides the elegant dress style it is famous for. Therefore, it’s no wonder we find one of them, solar power, combined with classier timepieces.

Due to employing a solar panel beneath the dial and a secondary cell that accumulates the received power over and over, the Seiko SNE102 never requires a battery replacement and can hold a charge for up to six months without any light applied. Also, since solar-powered watches run on quartz crystals, they keep excellent accuracy, losing or gaining only about 15 seconds per month

The Seiko watch is somewhat smaller than other top leather watches on this list, measuring 39mm in case diameter. Therefore, men with slimmer hands will definitely find this ticker better suited to their wrists.

9. Citizen Eco-Drive Brown Leather Watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Brown Leather Watch

The Citizen Eco-Drive AW1361-10H belongs among the best leather watches for numerous reasons. Not only is the raw leather with white stitches appealing, but also the unique dial styling. And if you add the fact the watch is powered solely by light, this sub-$200 timepiece gets even better.

This Eco-Drive piece comes with a charcoal multi-layer dial with a GMT time and date window at a convenient three o’clock position. The hands are filled with luminosity, providing the ease of time capture in dim lighting conditions.

The brown leather strap, which is raw-finished calfskin, is much thicker than many others on this list. During the first weeks, it may be a bit stiff but will quickly take the shape of the wrist. However, being thicker has a considerable advantage over the slimmer ones – it will not wear out that quickly.

Last but not least, the Citizen AW1361-10H is water-resistant to 100m (330ft), enabling it to wear for swimming, showering, and snorkeling. But go for an extra pair of straps that withstand water better than leather does if these activities are part of your life.

10. Orient Bambino Open Heart Watch.

Orient Bambino Open Heart Watch

We finish the list of the best leather watches for men with a true classic from the Orient brand. The Bambino Open Heart is a flashier version of an original Bambino for the open cut at nine o’clock. It is to showcase the magnificent work of the in-house F6T22 mechanical caliber – a specifically developed movement for open heart watches.

The watch comes either blue, black, or white-faced with a brown, black, or blue leather band. Since the 20mm bands are interchangeable, you can go for the one that suits you the most.

A finesse-adding feature is the domed mineral crystal, providing a more luxurious glance on the watch. Also, the Bambino is conveniently sized for a dress piece, measuring 40.5mm in case diameter – neither too large nor too small for the majority of wrists.

The price tag just below the $200 mark is a real value-for-money for a quality automatic watch with a partly skeletonized dial.

Buying Guide For Best Leather Watches.

Buying Guide For Best Leather Watches

Like we already stated earlier, leather watches are not all the same. They differ from one another in terms of colors, quality, finishing, and source. That’s why it is essential to know the different types of leather and the pros and cons in order to end up with a long-lasting leather watch.

The following buying guide covers all the critical information you should know.

Leather Quality Levels:

In broad terms, there are three types of the leather present in watches – full-grain, top-grain, and genuine leather.

The strongest and most durable of them is full-grain leather that has been sourced from animals just below their hair. However, the number of timepieces with full-grain leather is very limited.

The second strongest is top-grain leather. With this type of leather, the top is sanded and polished to take away spots, scars, bites, etc. As such, this leather is the most appropriate for the watch industry due to its smooth and even finishing possibilities.

Finally, there is genuine leather. It not only states that watch straps are of real leather, but it also means it has the lowest quality out of the three. It consists of several low-quality layers glued together and painted over to give a better outcome. Albeit its inferior longevity, this type is widely used and will do the job likewise.

Types of Leather:

The most prevalent and affordable leather watches are made of cowhide and calfskin. Typically, calfskin leather tends to be a bit stronger than cowhide, but the difference is very minimal and does not possess significant discrepancies in overall quality.

Other sources for leather include alligator and crocodile. However, producing genuine reptile leather is not ethical as these animals are not widely used for other purposes, such as for food products. On the other hand, the leather sourced from cows is a natural leftover and does not require specifically killing animals.

Alligator & Croco-Embossed Leather:

You’ll come across these terms when searching for your next leather timepiece. It should be noted that they are not real alligator or crocodile leathers but typical cowhide or calfskin that are processed to give an impression of the reptiles’ natural skin pattern.

Pros of Leather Watches

Leather watches come with significant pros in comparison to other types of watch bands. The most important of them are listed below:

* more comfortable on the wrist

* possibilities for various colors and textures

* hypoallergenic

* perfect for matching with other accessories

Cons of Leather Watches

Despite the overwhelming advantages you get from a leather band, there are still some disadvantages you should take into account before going for a leather watch. They are:

* not meant for regular water exposure

* wears out quicker than other types of bands

So, Which Leather Is The Best?

All in all, the best leather watches are made of full-grain/top-grain calfskin or cowhide and have a decent thickness (avoid too slim bands).

Unfortunately, not many watch brands state exactly the type of leather they use, which leaves too much ground for blind assumptions. The appropriate way, in this case, is to either ask straight from the manufacturer or check the reviews from verified buyers.


A leather watch is almost a must in a gentleman’s wardrobe due to its wide suitability for various outfits and different occasions. Since not all the leather timepieces are the same, it is essential to go for the right one that would not wear out in a matter of months.

These best leather watches we’ve brought you are guaranteed to last you for years. Thanks for reading this post on Whether you prefer a fashion-oriented Fossil or an over-the-top skeletonized Stuhrling piece, you can be sure that not only will you receive compliments for the beautiful dials but also for the classy-looking and quality leather bands.